Blue Lou

I live across the green belt from Lou and Nan. It's about 20 yards from my back yard. Their deck sits up higher than my unfenced yard. I like to sit on the patio and watch the birds, butterflies, joggers and walkers. When Lou and Nan moved in, Nan waved down to me and said, "Hello neighbor!". Both, her and Lou when in their 80's at this point. I thought it was nice that such an old woman would be so friendly. We developed a great back door neighbor relationship. Talking about our families, gardening and basic chit chat. I learned that Lou and Nan had been married for over 60 years. They had a wonderful relationship. Lou was close to 90 years old, but, still golfed every day and had a pretty good body. His smile was always a little mischievious and flirtatious. But, he didn't talk much. Just listened to Nan and I carry on.
One day, Nan invited me over to hear a new CD she had gotten. I had never been inside their house before. She brought me into the living room. Lou said, "Hi", then went to his study. Nan started playing the music, but, came and sat close to me on the couch. She was so loving and kind. Reminded me of my grandmother somewhat. She began telling me that she had recently suffered a stroke and her doctor advised her to refrain from sex. Because it may kill her. We joked about that remark..."Who hasn't thought that some great sex would kill them?". She became serious and stated that she knew Lou was horny, but, would respect the doctor's advice and not have any sex with her. She had tried and he ahd pushed her away saying he wanted her to be alive by his side.
She paused and asked if I could have it in my heart to sl**p with Lou. Give him some pleasure. I was kind of confused. sl**p with my neighbor? sl**p with someone almost 90? What if I killed him?
Nan teared up and I just had to say yes. She was my friend.
Nan called Lou into the room and asked him to make us some cocktails. He did as told and brought back icy glasses of scotch. We all drank, listening to the music. We talked and Lou began warming up. On our second round of drinks, Nan told Lou she had a surprise for him. She was going to dinner with friends and I was going to stay and help Lou with his dinner. She left the room to get ready. Lou asked me to join him in the kitchen to start preparing a salad. He asked if I wanted wine with dinner. I said the scotch was fine. So, he poured another one for me. He decided to drink water, since, he had to cook. We chopped veggies and talked about roses until Nan arrived back from getting set to go. Then, she was gone.
I asked Lou if he wanted to listen to more music as we cooked dinner. He said he did. I put on some jazz, Glenn Miller, I believe. When I returned to the kitchen, Lou was swaying to the music. He asked if I'd like to dance. I accepted without hesitation. I have always liked the way older men hold you while slow dancing. It's like they are already making love to you. We began dancing and by the end of the first song, I could fell Lou's cock bulging under his pants. It felt so good up against me. I rubbed my body up next to him even more so I could feel his growing erection. Lou pulled back for a moment and winked. Then he slid his hands down to my tits. Rubbing them and making them so rock hard. He asked me to take my sun dress off. I wanted to so bad I was shaking.Like a good neighbor, I wanted to please Nan as well as Lou, so I obliged.
Lou looked at my naked body with a lust I had never seen before. He reached down toward my awaiting pussy, which was so wet by now, I just stood there quivering. He took my hand and said let's go in the study. We sat down on the couch and I immediately undid his pants and reached inside to find 9 inches of heavenly cock. And uncircumsized! Wow! Double bonus! I went down on his hard cock, sucking and licking, up and down, up and down. Lou began to groan after about 30 minutes and asked me lay on top of him. I easily slid on to one of the best pleasure rods I have ever known. He felt so good. I was so wet and rocking so nicely. I forgot about time or space or the world. This guy sent me through the roof. I climaxed 5 times and then had orgasms that sent shutters through my entire body. Lou came inside me with a f***eful, slamming power of a teenager. How wonderful Lou was. And how wonderful Nan was to share him with me. We lay together for some time afterward. He carressed my back like I was a kitten or something. I got up to leave, having to forgo dinner, as, I was too exhausted. I dressed. Kissed Lou lovingly and went home. After that day, when I would see Lou on their patio, I would have a mini melted down, wetting myself and gasping for breath. I would have to go back in the house and masterbate. Lou and I continued to have a few more encounters...but, that's a different story! Stay tuned for more!
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1 year ago
First time I read a sex story with a 90 yo my age it gives me hope!
3 years ago
This one is very hot!!
4 years ago
so sexy!! i wish you were my neighbor
4 years ago
thats a very erotic story x
4 years ago
WOW! Your a gorgeous lady and how I wish you would fuck my uncut cock like you fucked Lou.
I would love to fill your pussy with my cum to. xxx
4 years ago
Great story I have a uncut cock too
4 years ago
keep writing
4 years ago
very nice & sweet