Rocky Mountain High

Back in the 70's, I worked, at a restaurant, in a resort town in Colorado. The cook and I became good friends, during and after work. We mostly talked about missing our lovers and school. One weekend, my friend invited me to go camping with him. I eagerly accepted because I love the outdoors and the beautiful mountain scenery. I didn't expect anything much beyond hiking, fishing and relaxing.
We drove to somewhere in the Rockies. We set up our tent, fire pit and decided to take a short walk. We were in a very secluded and peaceful area. He had found this location some weeks earlier and said it was so private, he hadn't seen any people for the three days he was there. He proceeded to tell me that it was so far away from anything that he spent most of the time naked. I wondered what he looked like naked. And, almost as if he could read my mind, he began stripping. His body was amazing. Nice abs, ass and cock. He asked if I would like to take a walk without my clothes on. I had to pause and digest all of this. I had never been naked out in the open before. But, because he looked so free and beautiful, I decided to join him. Natural in nature! We walked around and found a creek to sit by. We were hot from the intense sunshine on our bare skin and slipped into the water. The sudden coolness of the water was overwhelming. We quickly got back out and lay near the creek, sunning our bodies. He turned to ask me if I was enjoying this experience and I noticed his cock was huge and hard. This really turned me on! I missed my boyfriend and was so horny. I looked into his eyes and asked if I could touch his cock. He quickly said,"Yes". It felt wonderful, much bigger than my boyfriend's. I began stroking him from his head to his shaft. I was getting wet and beginning to writhe. He took my hands from his member and began pleasuring me. He was older than me and more sexually experienced. He licked me all over. Sucking my clit, asshole and nipples. I wanted to scream from the ecstasy I felt, but, refrained. This was too much fun and felt so great! I was hot and needed him inside me, but, he made me lay still, as he carressed my clit. He teased me for an hour and I finally exploded into one of the most amazing orgasms I have ever had. At this point, he thrust his hard cock deep into my asshole. I came again almost instantly. He pulled in and out of my tight pussy many times until suddenly he flipped me over and shoved his cock into my juicy, hot, pulsing pussy. He rocked me for some time before cumming all over my breasts. I get hot, right now, just writing about this pleasure. We lay resting for a while,then returned to our campsite, and spent the rest of the weekend fucking and having delicious orgasms over and over. It was an incredible vacation!
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5 months ago
Sweet, i think i will go camping this weekend
1 year ago
Wonderful weekend!
1 year ago
Wonderful one-hand written sexy story!

I vote ***** POET PETER
2 years ago
Oh yes! Great way to spend the time camping. Very sexy indeed.
2 years ago
very hot wanna do that with you too. My cock has been hard all day
2 years ago
Great story! I find stories with arousal cues to be the best. By that I mean the part where there was a description of what trigger completed the arousal. Yes, walking naked with a person of the opposite sex is arousing, but you said "I noticed his cock was huge and hard. This really turned me on!" So in this description it was the size and the fact that he was hard that triggered you to take action.

When I look at your pictures I notice your prominent nipples and that is very erotic to me and would be an instant turn-on for me. When I watch your vids I see your long fingers slide over your pussy, no penetration, just sliding over the supple flesh and I become aroused instantly.

For me the trigger is as important as all the details of the sexual act. Hope this makes sense.
3 years ago
Great story and now I am also horny as hell...Love nature :)
4 years ago
Wow!! What a story!!
4 years ago
fantastic and im now horny as hell x
4 years ago
I wish I could spend a Vacation with you and fuck you long and hard. Like this story! xx
4 years ago
Mother Nature,i love you!
4 years ago
4 years ago
if you know where to look there are places even still like that any place in the world good story
4 years ago
I worked in the Canadian Rockies and fucking in the mountains is girlfriend would blow me in the gondola going up to Sunshine Village...thanks for the story it brought back some great memories.