Learning about sex

I was just a young girl back in the sixties. Going to school and seeing boys and wishing I could someday have a boyfriend of my own. But, well, I wasn't real pretty like my big s****r and it wasn't easy for me to talk to boys. My s****r Kathleen? She had lots of boys! Like every week it was a new guy. They would come over after school and make out with my s****r and then they'd go in our bedroom and Kathleen would make me leave so she and her latest flame could "Go all The Way!"

One afternoon, after Roger left, I asked my s****r how she got so many boys. I know it sounds stupid but I really wanted to know. "Boys all want one thing Carol." She told me. "They want pussy...and plenty of it!"

I laughed at her crude comment but she just smiled at me knowingly. "Tell you what s*s...tomorrow I'm planning to ask my new friend Matt to walk me home from school. When I give you the sign, you go hide in our closet and I'll let you watch how easy it is to get a guy to like you."

I was embarrassed at the idea but I knew I was gonna do it. The next day, sure enough I'd barely got home from school when Kathleen showed up with this curly haired boy, Matt. He was good looking too! Friendly smile and blue eyes, I just sighed when I saw him. The three of us chatted in the kitchen for a few minutes while Kathleen fixed us some hot chocolate. Matt seemed to like me and was asking me what grade I was in and how did I like the latest James Bond movie. Kathleen was watching us talk and kind of nodding her head at me like "See how easy it is?" Then she gestured towards our bedroom and I excused myself and headed down the hall. I snuck into our bedroom and took my place in the closet, the door barely ajar.

Kathleen and Matt soon entered and I watched as my s****r just moved up real close to Matt. Like, her big tits were poking him in the chest! Matt slid his hands around my s****r's waist and then they were kissing. He stuck his tongue into Kathleen's mouth and they were getting hot and heavy right away! I could see Matt's hands feeling up my s****r's butt and she was grinding her pussy right into his groin. Then Kathy moved her hand down and was obviously fondling Matt's penis through his pants. Now I was getting excited watching all of this. My pussy was getting wet and I wished it was me there getting kissed!

Then Kathleen broke the kiss and led Matt to her bed and the two of them laid down. My s****r lifted her skirt and showed Matt her little white panties. He started getting undressed, his eyes locked on my s****r's sexy young body. Kathleen was smiling up at him and she opened her legs wider, giving him an even better view of her panties. Then, with Matt watching closely, she pulled the legband of her panties to one side and showed him her pussy! Now I understood what she'd told me earlier: Boys are really only interested in one thing!

Matt now was sporting a big stiff hardon and was preparing to mount Kathleen. "Matty...take off my panties!" My s****r begged. He was quick to comply with her request and then he was pulling down her panties until her pussy was bare. Matt took a sniff of my s****r's panties which I thought was kind of gross. Kathleen then unbuttoned her blouse and then unsnapped her bra. Matt's eyes got kind of big when he saw my s****r's big firm tits! I found myself thinking maybe boys are interested in a little more than just pussy but there was no time for further consideration. No, Matt was all over Kathleen and then I saw her hand encircle his penis and she guided it to her waiting pussy. She moved his prick salaciously up and down her pink pussy lips and then Matt drove into her real hard. My big s****r gasped when she felt it and then the two of them were just fucking real good!

I watched, feeling a little guilty, as my s****r and her new boyfriend went at it and I could hear the sound of his balls slapping into Kathleen's asshole and he increased the tempo of their fuck. Kathleen started to moan and then she said "Oh Matty! That's so good! Oh...please fuck me! Please fuck me Matty! Oh just like that honey! Get it in there real deep!"

Well, Matt could only take so much of my s****r's trashy mouth and then he started to pull out of her pussy. I was surprised but then I saw all this white liquid spurting from his cock head and I figured out pretty fast that it was his sperm and they were trying to avoid getting her pregnant.

My mind was spinning now from watching this lewd encounter. My panties were wet and I was horny and wishing I could have an experience like Kathleen had just had. I sat there quietly waiting for them to dress and leave the room so I could escape the closet but they just laid there talking for a while. Then my s****r was whispering something to Matt. I couldn't hear but he got this funny smile on his face and the two of them were looking towards me in the closet! Oh my god! Kathleen was walking towards where I was hiding and then my little hideout was flooded with light!

"So! Who is this spying on us Matty? Kathleen called to her boyfriend. "Carol, how long have you been hiding in there?" She knew the answer and so I didn't say anything. "Matty, this is my little s****r Carol and she's obviously been hiding in the closet watching us. I think she deserves a spanking for invading our privacy, don't you?"

A spanking? What was she talking about? I got up and was trying to leave the room but my big s****r caught me and she and Matt dragged me over to the bed. The next thing I knew I was pulled over Matt's lap and my s****r was lifting my skirt. "Kathy no!" I shouted but I was easily overpowered. Matt was still naked and I could feel his rapidly recovering penis poking me in my panties as I laid there helplessly on his lap. Then my s****r began to pull my panties down!

"No s*s!" I wailed, "Can't you punish me over them?" But my s****r continued to pull off my panties until Matt was treated to the sight of my never before seen little ass! And now his cock was rubbing right on my sparse pussy hair! Slap! Slap! Slap! Matt rained blows down onto my naked butt cheeks while my s****r looked on. I tried to avoid my spanking but only succeeded in providing Matt with even better views of my virgin pussy and asshole. I was mortified.

"Please Matty!" I finally begged, on the verge of tears. "That's enough...I'm sorry...I spied on you!"

Then it got kind of quiet in there. I was laying there on Matty's lap. My ass cheeks were glowing red from my punishment and Matt's hard cock was sticking into my virgin pussy lips. My s****r helped me off of her boyfriend and she moved my to my hands and knees there on the bed.

"This is the final part of your punishment Carol." She told me as she began to remove my blouse and bra. "Just do as I tell you and I won't tell mom and dad about this."

I now was getting this weird feeling inside. Like, as excited as I'd been earlier watching Kathleen and Matt, I was now even more excited! Somehow, the spanking I'd endured had enflamed my young loins and I found myself eagerly awaiting whatever "Punishment" they had left for me. I moved my legs apart and displayed my naked rear to Matt who was now kneeling behind me.

"It's her first time Matt, so go slow." My s****r told him. I felt my s****r's soft warm fingers opening my pussy lips and I lowered my head in shame as I realized how much of my virgin pussy was now on display. Matt took a long leisurely look too! Then i felt the head of his cock touching my little bare pussy. He nudged me softly and I lowered my tits to the mattress. This movement caused my rear cheeks to separate even further and then, with his cock now wet from my natural lubrication, he slid it up to my tight asshole! I looked back in surprise at this development but Kathleen decided maybe they better leave that for another time. She took Matt's penis in her hand and placed him right at the entrance to my waiting pussy.

Without giving me any time to prepare, Matt drove his big cock right into my never before violated young pussy and took my virginity right there in my own bedroom. Yes, it hurt at first but kathleen was there massaging my ass cheeks and whispering words of encouragement to me. Telling me it would be OK and just give it a minute.

And she was right! Oh, it started to feel so good! That fleshy cock sliding right into my excited little pussy while I knelt there completely nude! My butt cheeks were glowing from my earlier spanking and it seemed to add to my pleasure. I was just helplessly being fucked by my s****r's boyfriend while she watched. Then kathleen laid down next to me on the bed and treated Matt to the sight of her naked body while he was busy fucking me. She opened her legs and showed him all of her teen aged pussy and then I felt Matt's cock begin to swell inside of me. He pulled himself free and then moved over towards Kathleen and sent thin streams of sperm all over her tits while she smiled up at him. Quite an experience for my first time.

No, I never made it with Matt again but it wasn't a problem since, with my newfound knowledge of boys I had little trouble getting boys. You see, they're really only interested on one thing: Pussy!
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2 years ago
It's true! Although... nice tits and a willing mouth are well liked too ;)
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Very hot
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Hot story!!! Thanks