Jessica's nasty afternoon

Well the next afternoon I was back at the Thompson house to "Feed the cat" again. Yeah, right! I was there to spy on freshly scrubbed Jessica who I'd seen fucking her boyfriend yesterday! I quietly snuck into the house and the kitty saw me right away. She rubbed my leg and got her reward of canned cat food and then I made my way towards the back of the house. I saw Jessica's boyfriend's motorcycle outside so I figured she would be out by the pool and too busy to notice me. I was right.

Jessica was making out with Kyle on a chaise lounge near the pool and the lanky youth had his hand up under her dark blue skirt. "Oh Kyle!" She gasped, "Take off my panties!" Kyle grunted and moved his hand to the waistband of Jessica's white panties and began to slowly pull them down. The pretty brunette lifted up slightly to allow her boyfriend to take her panties off and soon her completely shaved pussy came into view. Kyle grazed his fingers over Jessica's smooth pink pussy and eagerly stuck his tongue into her mouth. He was whispering into Jessica's upturned ear but she kept nodding "No" to whatever it was he was asking about.

Kyle stood then and reached down to unbutton Jessica's white blouse and she smiled up at him. Her small but sexy little tits then were bathed in the afternoon sun as Kyle finished up by taking her skirt off as well. Jessica laid there, completely nude now, and Kyle drank in the sight of her unspoiled teenage body. I felt my cock harden as I watched, enviously as Kyle removed his bathing trunks and showed Jessica his now hardened cock. He stepped over her reclining body and straddled her, his penis swaying gently in the afternoon sun. Then he took hold of his manhood and touched it to little Jessica's face as she again shook her head "No." Kyle wanted her to take his penis in her saintly little catholic mouth but she kept refusing.

More dialogue ensued which I couldn't quite make out but then Jessica was rolled over onto her stomach. The pretty brunette's ample ass was now on display! I reached for my cock as I saw the salacious sight now before me. Kyle whispered to Jessica and again she shook her head. Then, louder, he repeated himself: "Come on Jess...Do what I told'll be fun, I promise." More giggling and then Kyle, losing patience with his young girlfriend said even louder "Jess...go ahead and rub your pussy and I'll lick your asshole!"

Now I knew why Jessica was shaking her head NO! But Kyle was determined and used his palms to separate his girlfriend's thighs and finally, her bare pussy and asshole came into view. Jessica's fingers magically appeared and she began to tentatively stroke the sensitive lips of her pussy while Kyle, stoking his cock, watched with interest. Then, the lanky youth moved down and, after opening Jessica's butt cheeks, lightly touched his tongue to her tight little anus!

"Oooooo!" The pretty schoolgirl exclaimed as she felt the salacious touch of her boyfriend's tongue on her back hole. She squirmed a bit as if to give him a little better access and then settled onto the chaise, her fingers now working harder to excite her hairless pussy. Kyle stiffened his tongue and drove it deeper into Jessica's asshole and she began to moan in pleasure.

Just then, I heard the back gate open and I watched the driveway as two young men slowly walked into the pool area. They saw Kyle and Jessica and stopped.

"Hey...what's up!" Kyle called to them. The younger fellows approached and Jessica, with a start, attempted to cover up her nude body with her flimsy little panties. They didn't do a very good job! "Kyle..." She hissed, "What are those boys doing here?"

"Oh, they just want to watch a little Jess. No sweat. Jeremy is my little b*****r and the other guy...James? Anyway, he's Jeremy's friend."

Now there was more whispered conversation as Jessica plainly wasn't going for these two guys watching as her boyfriend licked her asshole. I couldn't say as I blamed her either but somehow, Kyle managed to slip his fingers inside Jessica's legs and teased her little pussy until she became sufficiently distracted to allow her boyfriend to continue their lewd sexual encounter. So the two boys watched from nearby as Jessica resumed stroking her naked pussy while Kyle licked her asshole!

I couldn't believe this scene could get any kinkier until I saw the one boy...Jeremy, pull out his cell phone. He looked, I heard the chirp of the focus button, then the shutter sound. Jessica quickly turned her head as she realized she'd been photographed! "Kyle...No!" She complained. But Kyle just assured her that his little b*****r was "Just curious" and he wouldn't show the picture to anyone. Emboldened, Jeremy moved a few steps closer and shot three more photos, each one bringing a wail of protest from little naked Jessica's lips. Kyle then lifted up slightly and yawned open Jessica's ass cheeks so his b*****r could get a really good explicit shot. Jeremy clicked the shutter as Jessica's tight asshole, glistening with her boyfriend's saliva and her bare pussy, glistening with the lubrication she'd produced, were clearly visible.

"Oh Kyle..." Jessica moaned in submission, "Please make them go away and then fuck me good!" She begged, "I'm all wet and ready for you!"

Kyle made no attempt to expel his b*****r and his friend. No, instead he moved to his knees on the chaise and put his throbbing cock right to the quick of his naked girlfriend. Right up to the slippery slot of her cunt. Jessica, her eyes heavy lidded now, looked back at him and seemed to say "Go ahead...fuck your big cock into my horny young pussy!"

Kyle pushed forward and managed to bury half of his stiff cock in Jessica's waiting cunthhole, then scrunched his butt cheeks together and stuck the rest of his come striving penis into her well lubricated pussy. "OH!" Jessica gasped as they both heard Jeremy's camera shutter click again.

I expected to see another ball jarring fuck like I'd seen yesterday but I was again mistaken. Kyle left his cock buried to the hilt in little Jessica's pussy for just a moment and then slowly withdrew it. Every inch of his teenaged cock was covered with Jessica's pussy cream as it slowly exited her excited young cunt. After just a moment to savor the sight before him, Kyle dragged his cock upwards to the still slippery hole just above Jessica's pussy. He settled his cockhead in the tight little dimple of her ass and, with jessica now complaining beneath him, Kyle attempted to stuff his cock right into her virgin asshole!

"Oh Kyle...No!" Jessica wailed as Kyle applied more pressure. Little Jessica's never before violated young asshole struggled and battled, determined to to allow Kyle's thick penis to penetrate it. But Kyle slowly began to work the head of his hard on into Jessica tight asshole.

Realizing her boyfriend was too strong for her to resist, Jessica, in desperation, squeezed her girlish ass cheeks together several times. Kyle reacted to the incredibly pleasurable sensations she'd created in the only way a young guy like him could: He began to come!

"Oh shit!" He called out as he felt the sperm beginning to rise within him. Then, streams of hot come poured from Kyle's cock as he ejaculated all over Jessica's back. Kyle sputtered and gasped as his orgasm overtook him. His cock continued to jerk and twitch for several seconds after his emission was complete as the overpowering orgasm finally began to subside.

There were several more clicks from Jeremy's camera as the two youth, awestruck by what they'd just witnessed, began to slowly retreat from the pool area. They'd seen plenty and wanted to escape before Jessica could make trouble for them.

Yes, Jessica was annoyed at her boyfriend, but, by the time I was ready to split, they were all lovey dovey and kissing and making up. Jessica's parents weren't due home for a couple more days. This incredibly lurid scene couldn't be topped.

Could it?
95% (11/1)
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