Little Peggy...

I always had a crush on my wife's little s****r, Peggy. I knew it was impossible and maybe that's what made her so attractive to me but it was very frustrating. I know she liked me too and we'd even shared a kiss now and then, you know, just fooling around a little. One weekend we went to visit Peggy and her husband John up in their high desert home. John and Patty, (my wife) went to the store to stock up on food and wine for the high end dinner the girls had planned and that left me alone with Peggy.

Of course she was busy cleaning up the kitchen so I just sat back and watched her as she worked. Beautiful young 24 year old girl. Curly red hair, slinky figure with a great ass and tiny little tits capped by big pink nipples! Peggy never word a bra insisting they "Looked stupid" on her so it was easy to look down her shirt when she bent over. You got a great tit shot every time.

Peggy was dressed in a white camisole top and a thin light green print skirt. I could see she was wearing white panties when she stepped in front of the sliding glass door where the sun poured in. A light sprinkling of freckles dotted her pretty little nose and her eyes were sparkling green. I couldn't help but love her.

Unable to contain myself, I walked over to where Peggy stood facing the sink and then embraced her from the rear. I felt her quivering butt cheeks now pushing into my groin as I held her there wondering what she would do. "Bob..." She began uncertainly.

I reached out and began to nuzzle her neck while pushing my rapidly hardening cock into the rear split of her butt. "Oh, C'mon Peg. Just a kiss or two?" I asked hopefully. That said, I reached for Peggy's big firm nipples and succeeded in playfully fondling them a bit through her cotton top.

"Don't!" She admonished me. "I've got work to do here." Not much of an excuse as far as I was concerned. I rubbed my way down her stomach until I reached the hem of her top. There I snuck my hand inside and touched her belly button. "Bob, No!" She repeated. But she made no move to stop me. I stole my hand down inside her skirt and touched the waistband of her panties.

"Bob, please! Don't touch me there." Peggy pleaded. But the next thing we knew my hand had slipped inside her panties and was touching her red pubic hair.

Peggy jumped and then broke free of my embrace. She whirled and, I assumed, was prepared to scold me for my bold assault on her nubile young body but she never got the chance. No, I kissed my pretty little s****r in law right there in her kitchen. I held on for dear life and somehow, Peggy was kissing me back. My tongue broke through the feeble barrier of her lips and then I was tasting the inside of Peggy's sweet mouth!

I pushed my now fully erect penis into the flimsy covering of her skirt and hoped she could feel my hardness right there by her pussy. She could too as it turned out.

"No Bob!" She gasped, "We can't do this. They could be back any time! I...I can't let you fuck me!"

"Peggy please!" I begged. "I've wanted you for so long, you know that. Let me have you...just this one time and I'll remember it forever." With that said, i kissed my wife's little s****r again...and again.

"Oh Bob you know we just can't!" She breathed when our series of soul kisses finally ended. "I'm married...and...and it's my s****r!" Still, she had made no move to escape our embrace, which got me to thinking...

"Could...could I just feel your panties Peg?" I asked hopefully. "Just for a minute and then we'll stop. If we don't undress we won't risk getting in trouble, you know, if they come home." I knew Peggy well enough to know she would never say "OK! great! Go ahead and feel up my panties all you want!"

So I took no answer as a "Yes" and led my pretty little red haired s****r in law over to the sofa. I laid her down on the cushions and then more kisses ensued. While kissing her, I gently began to lift her thin skirt to reveal her white bikini panties! Wow! Look at that! My wife's little s****r with just white panties covering her pussy. Sure I'd seen her poolside with a bathing suit on. But this was different. Now the vertical split of her tight young pussy was actually visible beneath her flimsy panties.

"Love you Peg." I whispered as I lightly touched her panties. "Since the first time I saw you that day at your Mom's house...remember?"

I was attempting to distract her and maybe it worked because Peggy quickly replied "You remember that day?"

"Of course!" I shot back. "You were wearing that pretty green muslin dress and your Mom went back to get you from your bedroom...and it looked like you'd been crying or something." The pretty redhead looked directly at me. "You do remember! And yes, I was crying about something and I didn't want to go out and meet you but my Mom made me."

"And you felt something too...didn't you? Be honest now..." Peggy lowered her eyes and simply nodded her head slowly up and down. I temporarily brought my hand from her panties to her chin. I lifted her face and kissed her again, frenching deeply as I returned my hand to her panties. I stroked them sensuously as we kissed. But, when I tired to move beneath her panties to touch her bare pussy, Peggy whined in complaint.

"No more! You said you would only feel my panties!" She told me. " more!"

"OK, I'm sorry honey." I apologized. "But, well, could you open your legs a little bit So I can feel more of your panties?"

Peggy didn't reply verbally but I felt her subtly move her legs apart and then my fingers were right at her core. I could feel the tender pink labia just beneath the cool cotton fabric of her panties and I slid my finger up and down the vertical division there. Now Peggy was kissing me and we were really heating up.

Sensing the time was right, I took her small hand and moved it to my shorts where she encountered the outline of my hardened cock beneath the fabric. I heard a small "Oooo" as she felt me and she began to softly rub me as I busily felt her barely covered pussy there on the sofa.

I had no idea how long Patty and John would be gone but I knew time was fleeting so I took a bold move and unzipped my zipper, allowing Peggy to get inside my pants. She responded by moving her legs even further apart!

"You never get anything in this life if you don't at least try!" I told myself. I then slipped my finger inside the leg band of Peggy's panties and touched the soft warm lips of her pussy! "Oh Peggy, that's so good honey!" I gushed. I began to tease the slippery little groove of my little s****r in law's pussy as she continued to fondle my cock through my briefs.

Just then, we heard a car pull up outside! The spell was briefly broken and Peggy struggled to her feet to look out the living room window. She climbed up on the cushions of the love seat and then opened one slat of the blinds. She peered out and saw that, luckily, it was the neighbor's car pulling into their adjacent driveway.

As she was looking out, I was also looking! Looking at her panty covered ass! Beside myself with lust now I quickly moved up behind Peggy and, without any further discussion, I pulled her skirt and panties down, baring her luscious ass to my gaze!

Yes, Peggy complained some more as I was pulling off my shorts and briefs but I just told her "Ssshhh! Keep an eye out for them, OK?" I immediately touched my turgid cockhead to Peggy's now completely exposed pussy and began to apply pressure.

"Oh go slow..." She hissed back at me. "You're bigger than Johnny..." But, after all, her husband and her s****r might be driving up at any time so I just pushed hard and, thanks to her abundant lubrication, I rooted myself in to the balls in one push.

Oh, and was it sweet! My entire stiffened penis buried in little Peggy's tight pink pussy! I could have died and gone to heaven right then and I wouldn't have complained. Then I began to withdraw, taking some of the interior flesh of my s****r in law's pussy with me before I jammed it back in. This had happened so quickly. Just like a lightning bolt out of the blue. One minute i was admiring her form from across the room...the next moment I was behind her with my overstimulated cock sawing into her wonderful little girl pussy!

And, yes, goddam it, I was going to come way too soon. I wanted this to last hours, or at least several minutes. But the over the top sexuality of the moment just got to me. The way our sexual heat boiled over when we'd kissed. The way she'd responded when I'd first touched her little panties. How easily I'd entered her soft young mouth with my tongue.

"Oh Peggy, I'm gonna come right in your little pussy honey!" I warned.

"No!" she gasped, and I knew why. We couldn't very well have a baby together now could we. "No," she repeated. "Not in my pussy!"

"Oh, here it comes sweetheart!" I repeated. I didn't know what to do but all of my inner being said "Load your sperm into her belly."

But my s****r in law was too quick for that. Peggy wordlessly pulled her pussy free of my bobbing cock and she fell to her knees before me. I gasped in pleasure as I realized what was about to happen. I was unable to control my already erupting penis so I watched in awe as my wife's little s****r pulled my cock into her mouth!

I moaned with pleasure as my sperm splashed into Peggy's throat and she worked to swallow all of my emission to prevent any "Evidence" from landing on the carpet below. Her face had taken on a pinkish glow from our rushed sexual encounter and I heard her labored breathing as she finished swallowing all of my come.

Of course, Patty and John drove up almost immediately after our desire driven fuck and we had to quickly compose ourselves. I grabbed Peggy's panties and stuffed them into the back pocket of my shorts while she was pulling on her skirt.

Yes, we had a wonderful barbeque that night and the wine was flowing as was the conversation. Every now and then, I'd feel that lumped up wad of panties in my pocket and my mind replayed our lewd sexual encounter there in the living room. I really love Peggy. I really do. I wish we could be together forever. But, more realistically, that brief but furiously satisfying fuck will be all I ever have to remember her by. And I'll never forget it.
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