first time with both

I was young and I had a girlfriend who I confided a dark secret with, which I had never felt comfortable to tell anyone. She asked what I wanted to tell her and the suspense in the air as I told her was quite thick.
"I've always felt like a woman trapped in my body." I casually said.
"Why did you never tell me?"
"you are the first person I have trusted to tell."
She looked at me for a while, but then told me it was cool, and that I really had the body to pull it off. I was so relieved. She brought me sexy lingerie to try on and it fit, except for in the bust. I didn't care though I even shaved off all my body hair. Eventually one day we started getting into it, and she brought a guy over. We started kissing and she sucked our dicks, first mine, then his, and then both. It felt really good her tight lips going up and down; her tongue playing with the tip.
"Oh yeah keep it coming baby." I moaned.
"You come down here and try." she demanded.
I was shaking heart pounding, but I slowly went down. First grabbing then licking the tip like a lollipop.
"Good now suck that shaft!" she advised.
She started making out with him heavy, and I watched as I slid my lips up and down.
"Oh my god your good; have you done this before?" He asked.
"No she's new to this, who is better?" she inquisitively asked.
"I have to say she has her way." he remarked.
I couldn't stop myself, I loved it. She kept pushing my head up and down. After five minutes I stopped to watch my now naked girlfriend heavily drenching this man.
She looked to me, "spit on it honey make it nice and slippery."
As I finished slobbering on his six inch knob. She sat over his dick. I guided him in and started licking his balls. She started fucking fast and I could no longer lick his salty balls.
Moaning and then looking back, "lick my asshole sweety."
"Yes mam," and like an obediant slut I licked all over her sweet hole. She was getting louder then she sat up at what sounded like a climax. I quickly went to pleasing our guy friend.
"Do you like two sexy girls, honey?" she asked.
"I love you both so much." he said.
She pushed my head off and started reverse cow girling him, and motioned to me to stand in front of her. She grabbed my dainty little skirt and pulled my seven inch cock from under the fabric and started going to town on two cocks. I loved it his six inches, her 36c tits. I was ready and she cupped my balls fucking faster, as I blew my load all in her mouth. She still sucked as my dick softened to the point there was no reason. I then went down and licked her clot; after intense moaning, sweating, and screaming she climaxed. After getting off she sucked his dick until all the white was no more, all the while licked her asshole. She then assumed doggy position and he popped it right in her ass. We started kissing heavy as she moaned.
Eventually screaming,"ahhhhhhhhh! Pull it out. Girl go suck him you slut." as she panted.
I obeyed looking him in the eyes as he held my chin. When I started deepthroating he pushed my head up and down. This went on for a while. I was getting tired. It payed off though.
She pulled me away and looked me in the eyes. " you know your eyes are beautiful? Don't be shy say it."
I nervously mumbled, " I want to be fucked."
She pushed my face to him. " ask him," she said.
I hesitated looking into his eyes, "will you give me your cock?"
He didn't even answer. I was turned around and f***ed into doggy, but I didn't mind. His penis I could feel and it hurt. After mentioning this she apologized and licked my ass till there was drool just dripping. He then set it in place and I slowly backed onto it.
"Oh my god! Oh! Don't stop. Don't stop" I yelled.
He then went deep and I bit my lip. My girlfriend then put my face in her cunt and I tried to eat her out, but I was a little preoccupied. After a ten minute period he just couldn't handle it anymore.
"I'm pulling out suck it," he demanded.
As soon as he exited I was back over to him sucking him as my girl furiously made out with his sculpted body. Licking his nipple then jumping to his mouth rubbing him all over. I could feel his dick quiver and cupped his balls. Instinctively I deepthroated as he blew his load.
"Ah, that was amazing." he said.
Adjust snuggled, us two girls around this beautiful man. We've retained our friendship. But you know how girls are. We argue, but one thing we never squabble about is how good of a lay that was.

94% (20/1)
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2 years ago
made me so hard
3 years ago
Someday i would like todo that one of my fantasies thanks
3 years ago
MMM Great... I would love to have a 3some with you and somebody else
3 years ago
Wow now that is a threesome I could always enjoy being part of....Thanks
3 years ago
Thanks, I love threesomes too. We should have some.
3 years ago
hmm this was good. i liked it
3 years ago
Yes three somes are always the best thanks