I Watch As Master Has Melissa Cum Experience L.A.

Master had a treat for his slut I brought him, she was an acquaintance of mine, Melissa. He was taking us away for a weekend of serious cock sucking. A visit to L.A. for the annual spearmint rhino greedy girls night and then onto Partners for more serious cock. We arrived at the hotel and settled in, slutty Melissa was sitting on the bed while they chatted. Master turned to Melissa and said ‘well you had better go for a shower we have a guest arriving soon’, this was a very pleasant surprise for Melissa, this she was not expecting.

Showered, sitting on the floor, back against the bed, dressed in short black pvc skirt and a full length fishnet body stocking and red high heels, Melissa was ready for their guest. Master goes to his bag and pulls out Melissa's collar and chain, ‘put this on Melissa, show them what a real cock loving slut is’. Melissa reaches up for her collar and slips it round her neck, fastening it as tight as she can.

The door goes and master opens it to let her first cock in, sitting there she is wondering what his cock looks like, is it long, fat, small, medium, will he face fuck her, choke her. He strips while she watches expectantly, her face lights up, it is a nice long thick cock, just what she likes. He walks over and Melissa willingly and eagerly opens her mouth, he slips his cock in. It slides down her throat, she loves the feeling in her throat and pussy when her mouth slides down his shaft into her throat. She lets her tongue play with the bottom of his shaft, moving her lips, god I bet it feels so good. She pulls back and slides her mouth up and down his dick, sliding her tongue at the same time, she begins to go deep and starts to gag. it is spilling out of her mouth onto the floor, down her neck, sliding off of her tits. Melissa takes a deep breath without removing the strangers cock, and continues to face fuck herself. Melissa hears the guy expel a jagged breath and as he does he explodes warm cum deep in her mouth. Melissa swallows the spunk and then takes his cock in her mouth and sucks and licks the cock clean.

The guy quickly left and Melissa was sitting very satisfied, master walks over and says ‘ here Melissa choke on my cock while we wait on your next visitor, this will certainly loosen your throat’ Master knows his sluts throat very well, indeed he should he did train her. Master works his sluts throat and his cock slides down her throat as far as it can go. Melissa grabs hold of her masters ass and pulls him in, I could see she wants it all, she is almost as greedy for cock as I am. Melissa gags and starts to pull away, master says ‘ did i tell you you could take my cock out your mouth’ fucking slut, Melissa immediately moves her mouth back over his cock, she does not need to be told twice. Suddenly without any warning he pulls away, Melissa is left wanting more, wanting to choke, gag, swallow cock, feel it in her mouth down her throat, Melissa, as well as I, is horny as hell.

The doorbell goes off, master lets in another new cock, it is a very, very, nice cock, big and fairly thick, Melissa looks as though she can’t wait to get her mouth around it, she has moved onto her knees and is waiting patiently for her new cock. This cock knows what to do, he lets Melissa play with it, sucking it down her throat. He holds her head and begins to face fuck her, Melissa's pussy is soaking, so is mine, she looks as though she can feel an orgasam coming, she slides the cock out of her mouth and cums, she immediately takes his cock and slides her mouth down the shaft, fuck I bet the cock in her mouth feels so good, choke me, gag me, I am thinking, give me all your cock.

Melissa doesn’t realize it but yet another cock is standing next to them, she turns and takes the other cock down her very relaxed throat, this cock is just as big and as thick. he grabs the chain and pulls it, Melissa's head is tilted up and more of the cock is able to slide down, she sticks her tongue out and licks savoring the taste the gorgeous cock that is down her throat. Suddenly she has two cocks in front of her holding onto each cock she takes turn on each one. I am so jealous but know that patience is always rewarded, impatience punished. Each cock takes it's turn face fucking Melissa, slime is running down her face, she is covered in it. she cums again and again. Here it comes the spunk she has been waiting for, cock one shoots his load all over her face, he pushes her face round to face the other cock, he spunks on her face, in her eyes, she is sitting there open mouthed, tasting it, licking it as it hits her face. He finishes and she takes the cock and licks it clean. Both cocks leave and Melissa is sitting there looking sated, ‘your not done yet’ says master and the door goes, in walks a 4th cock, not as big, but it is thick, Oh fuck more she looks excited and shouts "gimme, i need that cock i want his spunk." He grabs the chain and pulls it and tells Melissa to get on his cock. Melissa obliges, he bends forward and makes sure every-last bit of his cock is down her throat, he face fucks her and she is so fuckin hot. He steps back and fires a load on her face, Four loads of jizz and still more to go that night and the following night.

How many cocks did that lucky slut get over the weekend, plenty. 29 in L.A. at the spearmint and 17 at partners, plus masters, oh several times. Cocks had lined up, one after another, in glory holes, Melissa in all her glory, sucking cock on her knees, Melissa on the floor, Melissa laid back on benches, cocks gagging her, choking her, spunking on her face, down her throat, Melissa cumming constantly. That was a fabulous weekend for her and if master wants, lots more to come. Next weekend though, is my weekend Master promised. I can't wait to show Melissa what a real cum slut can do :)
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2 years ago
i loved reading this cause my name Is Melissa and i could totally picture myself in her position!
2 years ago
3 years ago
Sounds fun. I want in next time you are in LA.
3 years ago
cool :)