sl**py Dream/Waking Nightmare: f***ed To Tramp

I was asl**p in my room. It was a hot summers night. I lay on top of the bed in my dark silk short nightdress, the string straps barely keeping the bodice in place over my breasts, as my long dark hair was spread across the pillow.

It had been hot for weeks now, but a cool breeze had made the night a little more bearable, making it easier for me to fall asl**p. my roommates had all gone away and I was alone for the night. It didn't worry me particularly I had been alone before. Maybe this is why I had decided to go to bed so early. It was definitely why I forgot to check all the windows. A window in Katie's room was open.

Three dark figures walked along the path outside my house. The three males had watched the room full of sexy young strippers for some time. It wasn't the first time they had planned such a raid, nor was it the first time they had executed the plan. Now they knew the other two girls were away, so it was only a matter of finding a way in.

Katie's open window provided the perfect opportunity. One of the men approached it; he pulled it further open and peered in. Satisfied that the room was unoccupied he climbed in. It was easy for the window was set less than a full leg-stretch from the ground. Once inside he held the curtain back while the other two climbed in.

They stood quietly together for a moment, looking around their surroundings. The room was obviously one of the other girls. The door to the passage was partly ajar. The first man went to it and placed an ear against it, silence. Quietly he moved into the passage, followed by the other two. He approached the first door. The leader poked his head around the doorway. Another empty bedroom. The next door led to the bathroom, but the one opposite was the one they were after.

I lay asl**p, unaware that the three men had entered my room. They took up positions on each side of the bed, looking down on me, like I was sl**ping beauty. It looks like its the brunette one that was still at home. The leader had hoped for one of the two blondes, but the brunette. i.r. me who is very beautiful and would satisfy him tonight.

The leader gave the signal and all three pounced at once. The leader was smaller than the others and he literally lept across my chest while still sl**ping. The other two grabbed one of my legs each. The leader grabbed my arms, pulling them above my head.

"Argh," I screamed as my sl**p was suddenly interrupted. my body convulsed in an attempt to wrench free from my assailants. "What...who...what..." I said as I struggled to get free.

"Shut up slut," the leader yelled at me, flicking the silver blade of his knife at my face. "Don't try anything. You can't get away from us."

"Who are you? What do you want?"

"I said shut up slut," the leader hissed. "Now, let's get this show on the road."

He let go one of my arms go to reach back to the hem of my nightdress. I went to hit him but he deflected the blow.

"Do that again and I will cut that pretty little bitch face so much that next time you look at yourself in a mirror you'll want to puke," he hissed at me.

He roughly pulled the silky material up to my belly button, exposing my nicely trimmed pussy. Hoots of glee met this action from the two men holding a wriggling ankle each.

My body tensed as I realized what was going to happen. I tried to wriggle free, but he clamped me to the bed with his knees. As he laughed at my feeble attempt I felt my legs pulled further apart by the goons holding my ankles. A hand worked its way up my thigh to my pussy. I squirmed again. A finger probed at my dry pussy.

"Shit, you are tight bitch," one of the men said. Obviously it was his hand that was violating me. He moved his finger in and out of my pussy, slowly and deliberately. Each stroke caused I to groan and look away. my head tossed from side to side and I tried to buck my hips, but they held me too tightly.

The man on my chest slowly unzipped his jeans. I looked at the opening fly with startled black eyes. His huge, pink, swollen cock emerged from his pants. It was big and hard.

"Please, please, don't hurt me, please," I pleaded. "I can give you money, just don't **** me."

"Oh, listen to the little slut, begging for my life," the man laughed. "I like it when they beg...means they want it extra good."

A laugh went through the trio and I began to cry. The big man slid back a little, still holding my hands above my head, the knife still in one hand. The two men holding my ankles yanked them wider still.

"Please, I don't want this. Please, I'll do anything, just don't **** me," I begged as I felt him move his cock head to my opening.

"If we wanted a maid we would have looked in the yellow pages," he sneered pushing his cock deep into me. I recoiled with a scream. His cock was so big, stretching me wide as he pushed it further into me. "Fuck, you are tight."

"No, no, no," I whimpered.

"Just relax slut, and enjoy it. This is going to be the best fuck you ever got," the man was deep in me now. my pussy was still dry as he started to pump in and out of me. His hot, foul breath hit my cheek, I could smell the alcohol.

"Oh, please no, please," my begging was to God rather than the men. "No more, please."

"Shit, I've just started bitch," the man laughed.

His cock was pushing in and out of me as the other two held my legs. They had pushed the legs back to bend at the knee and give their friend better access to me. Each inward thrust was harder than the previous. I could feel their pelvis's hit as he slammed into me.

"No, please," I cried. "You're hurting me, please stop."

But he continued, laughing at the stripper slut's protests. Harder and harder he pushed into me. Tears flowed over hr cheeks as the assault continued.

"Shit, your cunt is tight bitch. Have you not been fucked in awhile?" He exclaimed. "I'm going to cum."

"No, no, no, don't please don't, not in me, please!" I had missed a critical pill a week earlier. The thought of his hot cum in me made my stomach turn. I renewed my efforts to get him off. I pushed my body against his bulk, but he was too big and heavy to move. "Please I don't want to get pregnant."

"Shut up bitch! If you get a brat by me that will be a bonus," the leader said as he plunged into my hot pussy once more. "Argh!" He yelled as he emptied his balls deep in me. Stream after stream of hot cum spilled into me. I turned my head into the pillow as far as possible.

"My turn, my turn," one of the others called out as the leaders cock slipped from me. A fine dribble of sticky cum slipped from my pussy and down my leg.

The man holding my left leg was next. He let the leader reach back to grip I's leg before letting go. I went to hit out with my free hand only to have it grabbed by the new man. There was a flurry of movement in which the two men exchanged positions. I tried to roll away but was stopped by their combined efforts.

The new man positioned his cock at my entrance. I was shaking now as he eased it in. I groaned as it stretched me again. He slipped in more easily, mainly thanks to the other mans jizz.

"Fuck, you were right, this bitch is tight," he exclaimed as he pushed his cock all the way in. "Right slut ready for another ride."

He began pumping into me, each stroke getting deeper and deeper. He pinned my arms back above my head and tried to kiss me. I moved my head away from his advances, leaving his dry horrible lips to fall on my cheeks and neck. As his cock filled me he displaced some of his friends cum that oozed down my legs, forming a puddle under my ass cheeks and staining the dark silk nightdress.

"Please God, stop, why are you letting this happen," I begged.

"God ain't going to help you now you dirty little bitch," the man jeered.

Up and down, his denim covered butt rose and fell. Each stroke felt like a hammer blow to I. Tears flowed down my cheeks.

"Oh I'm going to cum," the man called out, moments before his first spurt ejected into me. He hadn't lasted as long but there seemed to be more cum spurting from him. my pussy leaked the sticky white liquid, enlarging the puddle I still was laying in.

The man raised himself to kneel over me, letting go of my arms. I cringed in fear as he looked menacingly at me. Slowly he pulled something from his pocket. It was Katie's panties. A smile crossed his evil face as he wiped his cock clean with the fine lace material. He screwed the panties up and put them back in his pocket.

The third man eased his way forward, restraining my leg until he could swap with his friend. Their caution was unnecessary as I was in shock, my body suddenly limp.

He climbed between my legs, looking at the swollen pussy, with the dribbling cum smeared around the opening. The lips were stretched now and didn't close completely. my finely trimmed pussy hair was matted with drying cum.

Quickly and easily he pushed into the gooey mess. His cock was not as big as the others and it slipped in without any effort. He grabbed here inert shoulders as he began humping into my body. The silk night dress reflected the dim light that filtered into the room through a gap in the curtains.

I just lay there like a rag doll. His cock pounded away, in and out of the soaked pussy. His hands slipped down to maul my breasts through the lose silky material. He stretched the night dress so that one nipple poked out of the gaping bodice. His mouth found tit, licking it. I no longer noticed as he sucked my breast while his cock pumped into me.

"Oh, God, yes," he called out as his cock exploded. Another load of cum shot into my body. His smelly breath came close to my mouth as he kissed my lips. I didn't have the energy to pull away this time. I could feel his cock pulsing in my pussy still, leaking its juice into me.

Gradually he pulled back, sitting up as he did. His cock slipped from me, letting another stream of sticky spunk slide out and under me. The silk night dress was soaked in the horrible liquid now.

At some point during the last **** the men had let go of my feet. I was free of my captors hands at least. As soon as the third man got off the bed I curled up in a ball, tucking the wet night dress under my round butt. The tears really flowed then.

"Shut up you fucking dirty little whore," the leader snapped as he hit my buttock. "We haven't finished yet."

I gave a sharp glance over my shoulder through the tears. The glare was extreme. my dark eyes glinting.

"No good glaring at us bitch," one of the men said. "We wanted fun and that's what we're going to way or another."

"Why don't we make the bitch dress up for us?" One said.

"I don't see why not," the leader agreed. "Come on slut let's get you dressed up."

I cringed. The leader grabbed me by the shoulder and rolled me towards where they were gathered at the edge of the bed, at least two of them were. The third man was looking through my dresser, tossing clothing aside. He reached for the little lamp on my dresser, switching it on. All four people froze as their eyes adjusted to the bright light.

"Make you into a real whore," the man beside the bed said as his eyes re-focused on my nude body.

"You heard them bitch, we want a real hooker for the night," the leader laughed, staring down at me.

"Go fuck yourselves," I spat back through my crying. "Go and buy one if you want one."

"We don't pay for what we can take," the leader said, a snarl in his voice. "Now get off that fucking bed now!"

"No!" I bit back.

With one swift movement the leader leand down and grabbed me by my neck, pushing me back on the bed, then he dragged me into an upright position. I didn't have time to scream or fight back. Instinctively my hands came up to grab his.

"Do it cunt! Do it now!" he brought the knife back up to my face. "Or I'll cut your face."

I shrunk away, my hands falling to my side. I gulped as he loosened his grip.

"Please, you've had your fun, please let me go now," I tried again. "My friends will be home soon and you don't want to be caught."

"Shut up slut," the leader's grip tightened again. "We watched them leave. They all had cases, they won't be back tonight. Anyway I'm going to fuck the little blonde one - she sure was looking real nice and slutty. I would fuck her ass senseless any day."

There was a circle of laughter as the men goofed and agreed in their macho way at their leaders observations.

"Now, do as we say or you will get really hurt," the leader continued.

"Yeah, we want a hooker and you are going to be a hooker, ok?" The other man had joined his friend searching through I's clothes.

The leader grabbed my arm and pulled me off the bed. I half complied, standing limply beside my bed, still blinking a little from the bright light and the stinging sensation of my tears. my pussy still hurt.

"Hey, look what I've found," one of the men said excitedly. "You must be a real hooker, or at least like to tramp ass slut!" He was holding up a black lace suspender belt he had found after tipping my underwear draw on the floor.

"Put it on," the leader ordered, tightening his grasp on my arm and waving the knife at my. Where are your stripper outfits?"

"I can't find any," the man said, shuffling through the pile of lace and silk on the floor.

"Hurry up bitch, do as you're told or I will get mean?" The knife touched my skin at the neck.

I felt the cold edge of the blade. It glinted menacingly in the light now. The leader held out the dangling lace garment. Slowly I took it. Lifting my night dress in complete submission I pulled the suspender belt around my waist, clipping it on, letting the lace and elastic clips dangle down my thighs. The leader watched as I spun the suspender belt around, the little black lace bow to the front.

"One of you guys go get the lady a damp cloth. She will need to clean that pussy up a bit," he smiled at me.

A man left the room, while the other continued to search through my underwear. Every now and then he would hold up a bra or panties before dropping them to the floor again. I bowed my head as my underwear was paraded before me. Not finding any stockings he went to the dresser and pulled out another drawer. It was full of pullovers. They tumbled out as he tipped it up off to one side from the underwear. A small white packet fell with them.

"What's this then?" the man said as he lifted the packet up. " stockings." He caressed the packet in mock passion.

"Good," the leader replied. "Get them on bitch, now!"

Just as I took hold of the packet the other man returned with a warm damp towel. This was handed to I as well.

"Go on, clean yourself up bitch," the leader said giving me a little push.

All three men watched as I lifted my night dress once more and began wiping between my legs. The towel felt warm and sensual on my ravaged pussy. My lips started to return to normal and the rough crust of semen was and washed away. my matted pussy hair was returning back to a silken look.

"Hmmm...that is one mighty pretty cunt," one of the men commented as he returned to the underwear.

As I finished I let the hem of the night dress fall back into place. The leader stepped forward and grabbed the towel from my hand, tossing it aside. "Now, get in those fucking stockings," his order was accompanied by a wave of the knife.

Terrified I opened the packet. A moment later I was rolling the stockings up my legs to attach to the suspender belt. Meanwhile the men had tossed a black lace thong on the bed. With only a grunt the leader picked it up and shoved it in my hand. I knew what to do. The lace thong slipped into place.

"Hurry up, I'm starting to get horny again," the leader barked at the others. I looked down involuntarily and submissively from his words. Sure enough his cock was rigid and standing at an awkward angle from his open denims.

"I'm going to check the other slut's rooms," one of the men said walking to the door.

"Yeah, OK," the leader said. "Just don't take all day."

"No, no, please, not my friends stuff. Please leave their rooms alone, please," I started crying again. "I will do anything."

"Is that so? Hey guys the slut will do anything to keep us out of the other slut's rooms," the leader announced. "Well bitch, how about you suck us all off then?"

"What?" I asked in a hoarse whisper.

"OK guys, trash the other rooms and make sure you leave your mark for the other whores...they would hate to miss out on sucking up your cum from their panties."

"OK, OK," I lowered my head again. "I'll do it. Just don't hurt my friends or fuck with their shit."

"I knew you would see sense," the leader smiled. "So do what you love slut and get to work."

I sunk slowly to my knees, the dark silk night dress splaying out around me. He thrust his pelvis out toward me and placed a hand firmly on my head. I looked at his cock,I normally really enjoy sucking cock, but these guys and their abuse left me feeling revolted, his cock was still smelling of our stale cum and pussy juice. Slowly I raised my hand to guide it toward my lips.

The leader laughed as I let it slip between my lips. He pulled my head onto it as I worked my mouth down the shaft. It tasted as revolting as it smelt. Still I sucked it in. He groaned a little as he started fucking my face. The cock slid in and out of my mouth as I maintained a steady suction, hoping this would end quickly.

"Suck me good you whore," he urged as his thrusts grew harder. The big hard cock was making me gag as I tried to breath. my sucking became more vigorous as he demanded, mainly to end the ordeal as soon as possible. "That's good bitch, that's real good."

The cock felt so big in my mouth. It throbbed and pulsed against my inner mouth and throat as he f***ed it deep in me. He looked down watching my head bobbing on his enormous rod. He could see into the gaping night dress, seeing the firm young breasts and red nipples, rubbing on the silky material.

"Oh, yeah," he called out as his cock exploded in my mouth. I immediately pulled back. The cum sprayed on my face and hair as the cock slipped out. The small amount that fell in my mouth I swallowed quickly, but my face, hair and lips were covered in long strings of the messy sperm. "That was fucking good," he exclaimed. "Now clean yourself up again."

As I picked up the towel and cleaned myself off the man who had gone to the door walked in.

"How about these?" he asked holding up a little black bra and a short black dress with a low cleavage and buttons up the front.

"You bastards," I yelled as I looked at the clothes. "Those belong to Mel. You promised me..."

"Shut it you stupid white slut," the leader said. "I gave you a chance and you refused. Just cause you changed your mind doesn't mean we do. Anyway you loved my cock didn't you?"

Once more I bowed my head in shame. The leader reached down and grabbed my hair, yanking my to my feet. "You loved my cock didn't you? Tell me you loved it now!"

I tried to stop him pulling my hair but wasn't really fighting hard. The fight was all taken out of me.

"Yes, I fucking loved sucking on your cock," I mumbled.

"Good, I could tell from the first time i saw you, I told my boys, I bet dat bitch sucks a good dick, I knew you was a cock-sucking ho, most white bitches tend to be. Now get these on, like my boy said," the leader smiled pushing the clothes at me. "You two can enjoy this hooker then."

"So I am getting paid then right?" I braved.

"You hear what this bitch just say, are you gettin' paid, yeah in dick and cum bitch, we will pay you all fuckin' night if you keep talkin'

"Well, you keep calling me a hooker, and hooker's get paid."

"You sayin, you a hooker then I guess I should put you on the corner and you can start bringing me some dough ho. Is that what you want, or for now your just out white slut then, cause I know you havin fun..."

"Alright enough blabbering, and put this on bitch, finish sluttin for us and will be back to turn you and your whore friends out soon enough.

Quietly I took Mel's black lace push-up bra and released the straps of the night dress. I turned away from the stares of the men as I exposed my breasts and did up the bra. It was too small for me, but did fit just barely. The night dress fell at my feet. I stepped out of it before pulling the short dress over my head. It didn't fit and my breasts bulged from the cleavage.

"We like our whores real pretty," the man in the teddy said with a grin. "So how about some lipstick and perfume?"

I glanced at the leader. He was playing with the knife, running it through his thumb and forefinger. He just smiled at me. I got up and walked to the dresser, across the pile of underwear on the floor. I picked up the lipstick from the dresser. As I applied the lipstick one of the men slipped out of the room.

A fine mist of perfume filled the room with a pleasant odor as I finished the task set me. I stood up wondering what would be next. The leader and the other man looked at my in admiration. Obviously I was living up to their fantasy.

"Let's go," the man said, grabbing my arm.

"What? Where are you taking me?" I looked nervous as they pulled to the door of my room. I stumbled through the discarded clothes, my toe catching on a pair of white panties. The man stooped to pluck them from my foot, then screwed them up into his pocket.

"A little souvenir," he smiled.

They pulled me back down the darkened hallway to Katie's room. The light was already on in the room. The other man was waiting there for us. He had changed his clothes. Now he wore a fine lace teddy, stretching his bulky body into it, the seams torn in a couple of places. His big fat ugly, hard cock was sticking out from the crotch and his huge balls hung below.

"Fuck you're a kinky weird fucking bastard," the leader laughed at his friend who was masturbating with a pair of black lace panties while he waited.

"Those are Katie's asshole," I looked at the bizarre figure in shock.

"You seem to know a lot about your friends. Are you some kind of lesbian whore?" the leader asked. "I bet you prefer licking cunts more than fucking with cocks? Is that why you are so fucking tight?"

"No, no," I protested, worried what they might do if they thought I was gay.

"That's ok, cause there's only cocks around here...even if one is a little kinky."

I stood with my hands by my side as the men looked me over again in the brighter light of Katie's room.

"Get on the bed," the man still dressed in his jeans and t-shirt ordered. His cock hung from the fly of his jeans and was slowly rising to full erection. I stood still.

"Do as he says," the leader smiled, showing the knife again.

I got on my friends big double bed. I sat, nursing my knees with my arms, protecting my semi-exposed breasts. The dress was so tight that it was nearly bursting at the arms.

"Now, show us your trick pick up schtick. Make us want to buy your hooker pussy," the man said. "Go on."

"Yeah, show us what a whore you really are," the man in Katie's teddy urged.

A glance at the leader, running the knife blade between his thumb and forefinger, was all I needed. There was going to be no escape. I would have to do it. A tear formed in my eye and I brushed it away. Surely the ordeal would be over soon.

Looking at the two filthy men I propped herself up on my knees and hands. Using one hand to balance I used the other to run over my breasts, sticking my chest out to expose as mush flesh hanging between my arms. I smiled nicely trying to look enticing. my butt, cased in the tight little dress stuck up in the air. Slowly I stage crawled forward. Then I moved my hand to the hem of the dress pulling it up to reveal the top of my stockings.

The man in the teddy continued to stroke his cock with Katie's panties. The other man licked his lips slowly. They were obviously enjoying the show, even if I was not putting my heart into it.

"What a great little whore. You've done this before, of course you have, hell every stripper's done this before?" The man in the teddy exclaimed.

I just grinned back, rubbing my exposed thigh seductively.

"Answer him bitch," the leader barked when it was obvious I was ignoring the question.

"No, no, I haven't," I said, my smile going, you guy's are my first.

"You look like you have," the man said. "Show us some more of that tit bitch."

I tried to smile as I undid the top two buttons of the dress. my breasts fell forward, restrained only by the poorly fitting black bra. The men gave a hoot as the black lace appeared.

The show had become too much for the man in the teddy. He climbed up on the bed, letting the silky black panties he had been wearing fall on to the bed. I raised my butt in expectation as he grabbed my hips. With the leader leaning against the door watching every move there was no point in resisting.

I felt the man push the dress back up, past the lace suspender. He tucked the black material under the suspender belt as his other hand roamed across my rounded butt. I could feel his fingers probing at the crotch of the thong, tugging the fine material aside. Clumsily he fingered my pussy. First a rub across my clit, then a finger inside my soar used pussy and then another. This time my juices began to flow a little. Exhaustion was taking over my mind, my act was helping to trick my body.

"Oh, yeah, this slut wants my cock, don't you bitch?," he laughed. "How much to screw that cunt whore?"

The leader laughed. So did the other man. I knelt motionless.

"Well, slut, how much?" the leader reminded me.

"Um…," I was holding back the tears again. "I don't know…300."

"300!" the man exclaimed. "Just as well I'm getting it for free. But thats what you say when we put you on-line for us slut. You prolly get 300 for that box, that is if we don't bang it up to bad tonight."

There was another round of laughter as the man in the teddy thrust his cock deep into my snatch. I gave a yelp as the cock was buried deep in me in one violent thrust. They all howled like wolces and laughed at me.

"It must be a full moon the wolves be yappin and shit." The leader joked. The guy inside of me said.

"It's a full moon from where i'm lookin" he howled once again, and they all broke into laughter once again.

I had fantasized about bring used by multiple guys in the past, but guys always chickened out, this is not how I wanted to experience it though. All they had to do is try picking me up from the club and things would have been so different.

Then I began to feel again as his cock went into action, his fat cock was working in and out of my tight pussy. I could feel the rough lace of the teddy rubbing on my butt with each stroke.

"Oh, God this is good," the man said. "Fuck yeah. Come on bitch loosen that bra for me."

I reached back with one hand and unclipped the bra. I had almost lost my balance as I did as he asked, but somehow he helped support me. The bra fluttered down my arms to the bed. A big hand reached forward and grabbed a breast. He squeezed my firm sensitive breast kind of hard, feeling the stiff nipple.

"Yes, yes," he called out as his balls tightened. "You liken this bitch, aren't you, you like being used, I can tell." At this point I had resigned to my faye and having relaxed enough my body having been receiving this attention was taking over and I moaned in response to his question, the fact that I was starting to enjoy this, really made me sick."Oh yes. Fuck yes" He picked up speed and I u*********sly started clenching his cock with my cunt and slammed my ass back and forth at his cock. This was to much and he lost it. His cum spurted forth, flooding my pussy. He rammed hard into me, almost pushing me off balance again. He held his cock in me for what seemed like ages as it pulsed his load deep inside my womb. Finally the cum stopped coming and he pulled back, sliding out his wet cock. A dribble of cum slipping down my legs to meet the stocking tops. He picked up the black panties and wiped his cock on them and the white teddy before jumping off the bed.

I simply collapsed on the bed. Tears rolled down my cheeks once more. I couldn't believe how humiliated I felt. And the fact that I was enjoying it.

"Right bitch," the leader said. "Our turn once again."

"Yeah," the other man added.

"Get the dress off and that thong bitch," the leader ordered.

I looked in disbelief. The leaders cock was rock hard once again. He was walking toward me, the knife ever present. That evil look had come back into his eyes. The other man was following right along with an excited look.

Quickly I stripped the dress and thong off as ordered, leaving them lying on the bed. Both men now climbed up beside me. Immediately the other man began touching my exposed breasts, sucking on a nipple while the leader pushed a finger into my pussy.

"Good, nice and wet," the leader laughed. He pulled the finger out, covered in the other mans jizz. "Lick it bitch."

Both the finger and the knife were placed under my nose. Slowly I licked the extended finger, tasting the horrible sperm.

"Get on my cock you little fucking slut," the other man said as I finished cleaning the finger. "I want you to ride me." I sat frozen. "I said sit on my cock bitch." He yanked my head back by the hair.

"Ok, ok," I said through gritted teeth.

Somehow I pulled myself up and started to lower my pussy down onto the mans hard cock. It slipped into my used, messy pussy easily. He held my hips as I sunk down, taking the big cock deep in my tight pussy. I groaned as it filled me.

"Yeah," he hissed. "Now fuck my dick hard."

Shaking my head in disbelief I began lifting my hips up and down, the cock sliding in and out of my hole. The black stockings seemed to frame the action as my breasts bounced to the movement.

The leader moved around behind me and as I slid up the cock he grabbed the back of my neck forcing me forward. He moved quickly getting his cock ready at my asshole.

"No, no, no," I screamed as I realized what was about to occur. "Don't do this, please."

Too late he heaved his cock into my tight ass. Now I was sandwiched between the two men. In and out the two cocks pushed, punishing my body from both ends. The pain in my butt was extreme as he pumped into me. I was weeping now as the assault continued." uh,uh,uh,uh,uh, ow, ow, your hurting mr, please slower.... stop, uh ow, oh,uh"

It was the leader who shot his load first. A great wad of cum firing into my tight ass. He pushed in hard as it erupted in me. Stream after stream of hot gooey cum. Then he pulled back and his cock came out with a plop. Cum oozed down my leg onto the stockings below.

The man underneath pushed me back until he was now on top, fucking me missionary style. In and out his cock plunged. Cum continued to leak from my ass, pooling under me on the black dress.

"Fuck yes," the man yelled as his balls emptied into my pussy. He seemed to shudder as the cream filled me. Then he simply rolled away.

Once more I was left lying on a cum stained bed, amongst cum stained clothing. my breathing was fast as I wept. Through the tears I could see the man in the white teddy masturbating into Katie's underwear draw. He was stroking his cock with a pair of lilac colored panties. Just as I had summoned enough strength to protest he started to shoot his load. A stream of white cum shot into the drawer, through lilac material. As it slowed he started to mix the draw with his hand.

The leader was sitting at the doorway watching. His cock was hard yet again. He was stroking it absentmindedly.

"Watch the bitch," he ordered the two men, as he got up and walked out. A few minutes later he was back, his pants done up. "I didn't want your friend to feel left out so I just jizzed in her drawer to."

I shook my head. They had been in the house about two hours. my weeping brought no more tears. my ass hurt, both my ass and pussy were stretched and full of cum. I could still taste the leaders cock in my mouth.

"You have been a very good little slut for us," the leader said. "The best we have had. But now we must go. I know you really enjoyed this, but we can't leave a telephone number so you can get us back. But you'll be seeing us, that you can be sure of."

"Yeah, thanks babe, sure enjoyed using your slut cunt," the man in the jeans said.

The other man was pulling his clothes back on, over the top of Katie's teddy. "Tell your friend thanks for the sexy gear, I owe her one…and I would love to give it to her any time."

With that the three men walked out of the bedroom, down the passage and out through the front door, leaving it open. I sobbed openly, curling into a ball where Iremained until Katie and Mel discovered me the next day
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2 years ago
OMG!! Go hunt em' down and cut off their cocks for trophies. Nice Story... :)
2 years ago
very good
3 years ago