Gangbang turned wrong

I met five guys while out drinking with a friend of mine who had to leave early to get up for work the next day. I hung out because they were very nice and they bought me all of my drinks. They where just in town on business from Chicago and were staying right down the street. After last call they invited me over to the hotel to hang out and have another drink with them. I was fairly d***k already and had nothing to do in the morning so I joined them for a drink in one of their rooms. We went up and they pulled out a bottle of scotch and poured some drinks. Then one of the guys started cutting out lines of coke. "Hope you don't mind," he said. "Not at all, I had fun back in my college days." "Well if its been that long since you've had fun hon, you're should have some fun tonight." He said this stuff here is primo, then showed me a glistening, scaly, pearl rock. "Well, fuck, I have all day tomorrow to rest, and i wouldn't want to be rude and refuse your gift." They said lady's first, so down I went and whoa, euphoric. All we needed was that one. We sat around talking our heads off for a while and had a few more drinks. They offered to let me stay in one of the rooms so I didn’t have to waste money on a cab, but I didn’t think that was a good idea. I wouldn't be able to sl**p anyway, and at least at home I had some toys to use that would help me cum down. They all said it was up to me, but the offer was still out there. They weren’t threatening or anything, so after they asked again I accepted to "sl**p" in the extra bed. At least until the cabs were a bit more available to catch. Since I was staying we all poured another drink and proceeded to get very tipsy. I didn't need it but when they put out another line for me, i was just along for the ride. At about 5 am, one of them stumbled up to me and slurred something about us all having sex. I said no, but coke does make me extremely horny so my inhibitions were missing at that moment. They all started in telling me how much fun it would be and how they would take it easy with me. After a few minutes of convincing, and a few more drinks, I decided to give in a bit, I love sucking cock and that urge is 3 fold when I do cocaine. I had a boyfriend in college who can attest to that. I hadn't done any since he and I broke up. I ended things with my most recent guy almost a year ago and had only fooled around a handful of times since then, hadn't sucked a cock in at least 3 months. The thought of having five to suck made we all warm and juicy. I’d never done anything like that before, more than one cock. I liked swallowing my boyfriends cum when I gave them head but the thought of five different loads mingling in my belly was turning me on. I guess every woman has that primal want to be a slut. When you own it, it's empowering. I figured I would never see them again after it was over. All five of them walked me to and sat on the bed with me and slowly took my clothes off while kissing my neck and ears. After I was undressed, they took their clothes off next. They where being very nice and I was getting really hot. One started licking me from behind while another put his dick in my mouth. I was very excited to have five nice, sexy guys to play with. I was surrounded by cock and was lost in the act of sucking them, they begged to at least let them lick my pussy, it was so exciting I said ok, plus I hadn't cum from someone other than myself in months. But guys being guys, you give them an inch and they give you 8 of theirs in return. One was ready to cum and had me lie back on the bed and let the guys watch him fill my mouth with cum, just as he began to shoot his load, two of the others were ready as well. With three cocks in my face draining their balls into my open and thirsty mouth, I didn't notice that the guy who was between my legs licking my clit had lifted my ass up and spread my legs open a bit more so he could access my inside easier. My mouth was puddled with 3 large loads and as I began to swallow it the pleasure of penetration put me over the top and I began to cum myself. Now they had me. Once they flipped me over and crawled between my legs, everything changed. The one inside me started pounding the hell out of me while the other guys would shove dicks in my mouth, slap me in the face with their meaty cocks and started squeezing me very rough. I tried to ask them to calm down, but they only got more excited. They kept switching up on me until they all had a turn in my pussy and mouth. Before I knew it, I was flipped over and a big dick was being shoved in my ass. I couldn’t take it and tried to cry out for them to stop, but every time I opened my mouth, they would fill it up with dick. They all had a turn in my ass before I was lifted and set down on a cock. I now had one in my pussy, one being shoved back in my ass and one in my mouth.They switched place in my ass and mouth a few times before some one decided to join the first guy in my pussy. I had never been stretched like that in my life and Kept trying to cry out for help, but still a dick got shoved in my mouth. This went on for what felt like hours before they all stopped pounding my holes and circled around my face. I tried to keep my mouth closed, but just before each load was blown, my mouth would get pried open and filled to the brim. They wouldn’t even let me spit it out, they had me gurgle it and then held my mouth closed until I swallowed and then moved over so the next guy could take his turn. After it was all over I couldn’t move from the extreme pounding I had just taken. They all went to their separate rooms and I lied there in my filth feigning and eventually falling asl**p. When I woke up, they were gone and had left $20 each and a thank you note for sharing myself the night before. They would tell their friends to look me up whenever they where in town and looked forward to their next visit. I called a cab, went home, and even though I was in a car i felt like i was doing the walk of shame I had experienced a few times during college. I showered for like an hour and then went back to sl**p. It all started out as a fun experiment, and I ended up getting used and abused. Treated like a common whore, like a fuck doll made to be used. As I drifted off to sl**p I wondered how long it will be before they came back. Hopefully not to long.
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4 months ago
I love the most embarrassing stories you got!
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6 months ago
Love this, want this!
6 months ago
Very hot.
6 months ago
fucking hot