A submissive gangbang

I was staying with f****y in Torrance, a pleasant little suburb of L.A., when I got Chris’s text message. He said he had a surprise for me and he wanted me to meet him at the intersection near my aunt and uncle’s townhouse. I was excited as I brushed my teeth and fixed my makeup, then slipped out into the dark night.

Chris pulled up in his silver Subaru, and I wordlessly climbed in the back, as usual, and found a box of clothes on the seat. I rummaged through them. “Sir?” I said tentatively. “There are no panties or bra…”

“You won’t be needing them. Now get dressed.” As we drove, I dressed in the outfit Chris had provided: fishnet thigh-highs, garters, a black sleeveless dress, and black pumps. I felt slutty…and sexy. He took me to an apartment complex and buzzed us in. When the door opened, I smelled cigarette smoke, but ignored it as the man behind the door introduced himself as Brian and invited us in. Chris motioned to a chair, and I took a seat. Brian lounged on the couch and Chris fiddled with his phone.

“Tammy,” he said, without looking up, “Stand up and turn around.” I did as I was told, and he reached over to lift my dress, while Brian sat back and watched. “See?” He asked Brian, smacking my ass hard, “Told you she’s got a nice ass.” He slid his hand between my legs from behind and slipped a finger in my pussy. “Wet already?” He chuckled. Another sharp smack. “She is a very submissive little slut.”

Chris took me by the hair and pushed me over in front of Brian. “Get on your knees and suck his cock, slut.” I knelt, unfastening his pants and taking out his thick cock, already starting to get hard. I pulled my hair back and took the head of his cock into my mouth and circling it with my tongue. I took in a little more, sucking it now. Slowly I took the whole cock in my mouth and the back of my throat, feeling his balls touch my lips. He grabbed my hair and starting pushing my head up and down on his cock.

“That’s enough,” Chris said firmly. I let Brian’s dick fall from my mouth and looked up at Chris, waiting for further instruction. He pointed down the hall. “Bed,” he instructed.

With a “Yes, sir,” I strutted off down the hall in my heels, went into the bedroom, and sat cross-legged on the edge of the bed. Chris brought in a bag of toys (I knew there were chains of some purpose, I could hear them jingling). Brian followed close behind. Brian pushed me onto my back and f***ed my legs up, while Chris bound my knees to my neck.

The door buzzed. Chris gave my ass another smack. “Get her warmed up, I got the door.” He walked down the hall.

I felt Brian rub my clit back and forth gently. I moaned softly. My pussy was wet already, and he easily slipped a finger in. He started to curl his fingers against my G-spot, making me moan louder. Chris had returned with two more men who stayed in my peripheral vision. Brian licked my clit while he fingered me faster.

“Oh my god!!” I practically screamed. “Ohh can I cum?!” I asked Chris.

“No.” He said, and Brian stopped. “Especially not when you don’t ask nicely.” I heard his bag jingling. Then I felt the tickling brush of my favorite horsehair flogger. The light thin hairs create a shallow, sharp sting on my skin. He ran it over my thighs, my ass, my pussy. Then without warning it struck my ass.

“George?” Chris said, “You want to flog the bitch?” One of the men stepped forward and took the flogger. After a few lighter strikes to my pussy, he began moving it in a figure eight pattern, stinging each ass cheek in turn. George was relentless, and flogged harder than Chris usually did. “Have you had enough?” Chris asked.

“Yes sir!” I shrieked.

He motioned to George who stopped flogging me and stroked my reddening ass. The other man (whose name I later learned was Alex) came over then and pulled my dress down, exposing my tits. Brian walked to the end of the bed and slowly pressed the head of his cock between my lips. I was so wet, he could have slipped in easily, but he wanted to prolong it.

“May I please have a cock in my mouth, sir?” I asked. Before Chris could say a word, George knelt beside my head and thrust his long cock down my throat. Alex played with my tits while Brian lay down on the bed and pulled me on top of him. Cock still wet with my pussy juices, he slid easily in my asshole, his thick cock stretching me painfully. I gasped through George’s cock.

“Is this enough cock for you, slut?” Chris demanded. “Or do you need another one?” He didn’t wait for my answer, just thrust his huge cock into my dripping pussy. Alex placed a finger on my chin, opening my mouth so that he could shove his cock into my mouth with George’s. Every time one of them pulled back, the other would shove himself down my throat.

The overwhelming sensation of having all my holes filled was so intense that in the 45 minutes I was being fucked, I came several times, each time gripping the sheets and squirming in my bonds.

Alex came first, followed almost immediately by George. I sucked them both dry and swallowed their thick, hot cum. They slapped my face with their dicks while Chris and Brian kept fucking me. My mouth free, I was screaming in ecstasy when Brian came in my ass, cum dribbling out of my hole and onto his bed. He licked the cum from my ass and Chris kept fucking my pussy until at last he pulled out.

“Tell me where you want my cum, slut” he said, stroking himself.

“All over my face, sir.” My mouth watered an my pussy dripped at the thought. “Please sir, may I have your cum all over my face?”

“That’s more like it,” he groaned and stroked faster, until hot white cum spurted from the tip of his huge cock onto my face.

“Are you happy, slut?” Chris demanded.

“Oh yes sir!” I gushed with a smile, “Yes. You make me so happy sir”
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2 years ago
I so need a master like this
2 years ago
Wow, what a horny, very well-written story.

I like how your dirty mind works
2 years ago
We loved this story!