Cock Worship

I've said it before and i'll say
it again. I love sucking cock.
The feel of a man's hardness filling

my mouth is one of the best

pleasures of life. Some times

I like it rough, to have him

use my face, my only purpose

an object for him to thrust

into in order to orgasm.

Other times I lovingly suck

him, getting him to his full

size before penetrating me.

There is simply no limit to

how many different ways I can

enjoy sucking his cock, but I

think my favourite is to

tease, to worship, praising

his manhood with my mouth and

tongue making it so he

orgasms not because he

desires to do so, but simply

because there is no stopping

it. This is on of those


As he walks in I drop my

robe, revealing my new

lingerie. My red lips smile

as his eyes wonder down over

my body. My breasts nearly

spilling out, a pearl

necklace resting between them

-- a tongue-in-cheek clue of

my intentions, as the pale

flesh fills the black lace

bra. My shaved pussy is

easily visible as I neglect

to wear panties, instead

choosing a garter belt and

suspenders to hold up my fine

fishnet stockings. My tall

black heels clank against the

wooden floor as I approach

him, pushing him back onto

the edge of the sofa before

slowly lowering myself onto

my knees.

I smile up at him as I undo

his jeans, my make-up is

immaculate, easily popping

the button and slowly running

his zip down. I pull his

jeans and boxers off, him

raising his legs slightly so

I can fully remove them. His

large semi cock and hanging

balls make me pant in lust, I

have been waiting to suck him

all day and the pleasure of

seeing his endowment makes my

mouth water. I long for him

to fill my throat, but I

resist, planning to tease and

worship his manhood until he

cums because his body simply

cannot hold back.

I lift his hanging shaft with

one hand and gently press my

face against his testicles,

letting him feel the warmth

of my breath upon them before

slowly running my wet tongue

between them, gliding the tip

back down before running my

full tongue back up again. I

feel his cock stiffen

slightly and I moan deeply as

I take his left ball into my

mouth, sucking gently as I

swirl my tongue around it.

His cock grows more rigid in

my hand as I point it

skywards, continuing to

pleasure his balls, I drop

his left testicle from my

mouth and slowly lick all of

his sack before giving his

right ball the same treatment

as the left.

I begin to stroke his now

fully hard cock, shallow and

maddeningly slow, looking up

into his eyes as my mouth

envelopes both his balls at

the same time, feeling their

weight with my tongue as they

fill my mouth. He groans

deeply as precum runs down

his shaft, pooling where my

hand is wrapped around him. I

let his balls drop from my

mouth and rest his hard cock

on my face as my tongue

flicks between his balls and

the base of his shaft,

allowing his trickling precum

to flow over my face.

The warmth from his cock

feels me with desire and I

simply cannot resist tasting

him any longer. I move down

and rest his balls on my

tongue before running it up

his whole length, his large

cock head resting on my lower

lip as I lap at his hole,

tasting the sweetness of his

precum. My body shivers in

satisfaction, as my tongue

tastes him, though quickly

fading as my appetite for his

cock is only wetted. I press

my lips around his deep

purple head, feeling his

hardness between them, before

slowly bobbing onto it,

taking only his head into my

mouth as I gently suck it,

circling my tongue around it

as his precum pools onto my


Staring deep into his eyes I

begin to lower my head,

letting inch after inch of

him slide into my mouth

teasingly slow. As my lips

meet his body his cock tenses

and I gag slightly, but

manage to keep my head down,

feeling his shaft fill my

throat. I slide his cock out

of my throat and stare at the

spit coated beauty, panting

deeply as I catch my breath

before sliding him into my

throat once more, much faster

now. I repeat the process,

deepthroating and breathing,

enjoying the strength and

hardness of his erection as

he invades my throat.

I slow down the pace, placing

a hand on each of his legs

and suck him slowly, taking

as much of his cock into me

as a can without tickling my

gag reflex. His eyes are

fixed on my red lips as they

glide up and down his shaft

and I feel him grow slightly

as he gets closer to cumming.

His cock points directly at

me as I release it from my

mouth. I begin to stroke him,

his hips gently rocking back

and forth as his orgasm

grows. Before he reaches the

point of no return I stop, I

circle his head with my

tongue getting it nice and

wet before putting just my

finger and thumb around his

head in an 'okay' gesture. I

gently rub it back and forth,

watching him squirm in

frustration as I deny his

orgasm, his hole wide open,

and ready to unload onto me.

I give his head a quick flick

of my tongue to keep it wet

as my finger and thumb picks

up the pace around him. He

grunts deeply and I stare

straight into his cock as his

first thick white rope

crashes against my face,

hitting the right corner of

my open mouth and splashing

up in a thick stream around

onto my forehead. His second

spurt hits my left eye,

dribbling down my nose and

cheek. I scream out in

ecstasy as I begin wanking

him faster as he orgasms onto

my face. Enjoying the sheer

sense of lust and fulfilment

as his seed drenches me, my

vision blurred as he coats my

face with his cum. His last

powerful shot goes straight

into my mouth, hitting the

back of my throat, causing me

gag slightly.

His breathing gets deeper as

his orgasm resides, I slowly

stroke him into my mouth, his

cock's head resting on my

tongue as the last of his cum

dribbles out onto it. I

savour the taste of his semen

pooling on my tongue before

swallowing it down, moaning

in sexual empowerment as I

take him within me. Cum drips

from my face onto my chest as

I stand, pooling between my

cleavage. I smile; the volume

of cum splattered onto my

face fills me with a sense of

pride of my abilities and his

desire for me, as I use my

fingers to guide the immense

mess into my mouth,

swallowing every drop of his

delicious pleasure.
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1 year ago
Simply cumtastic! ...Love your cock worshipping style! ...I have no doubt that you'd have me pumping out fountains of cum for you }:)
2 years ago
A damn good womey you are dear...Love your ability to make your man explode
2 years ago
I can tell that you are an excellent cocksucker
2 years ago
That was fantastically well written, thanks for sharing :)