Bad Boys Make Being The Babysitter Blow

I see the sun starting to come in from the east facing picture window in front of the

bed that I am tied to. Johnny’s parents are coming back today. The boys have to let me go

now. I have suffered this whole weekend, being tortured and humiliated. Confusing feelings

of lust and shame cloud my head as I lie here, watching the sun come up. Naked, with silly

little magic marker drawings all over my body, I’m tied to a bed in front of an open window,

watching the world come to life. Families dressed up are getting into their cars to drive to

church. A few joggers have gone by. If any of them looked carefully, they would see me. If

anyone were to notice me, they would discover my secret. Everyone would find out what has

happened to me. I couldn’t explain this, tell people how I let it happen. It was all so

fast, it’s hard for me to sort out in my own mind. I can barely make any sense out of

everything that has happened.

The Beginning
The clock moves. It’s 4:30 on Friday afternoon, so close to the end of the workday,

this workday that has become painfully boring. All I want to do is escape this office, run

screaming into the street, just so I don’t have to spend one more moment sitting at this

desk, just so I don’t have to answer one more phone call, just to escape my life, dull and

meaningless. I feel a headache building behind my eyes.
No one in the room says anything. We’ve already had every possible conversation,

there is nothing left to be said. I glance around the room, stealing peaks at the other

morose faces, sure that each of my officemates is just as tired and annoyed with me as I am

with them. God, I’ve got to get out of here.
Finally, I’m home. Another week down, I’ve escaped from office hell. Mom and dad are both

going out to eat tonight, so I’ve got the house to myself. I come in the door and just plop

down on the couch, depression sinking heavy in my gut. I’m twenty-six years old and still

single, alone for another weekend. My job is meaningless. My life is meaningless. Everything

is meaningless. I still live with my parents. I get paid so little for the mind-numbing data

that I type into the computer day after day. The hole that my life has sunk into seems too

enormous to climb out of.
I go into the kitchen and notice the light on our answering machine is flashing.

There are two messages. I press the button and hear Greg’s voice asking me if I would like

to go out tonight. I don’t think I could stand another night with Greg.
I met him through an online dating service almost a month ago. Mom bought me the

subscription to encourage me to get out more. I was excited about getting to go out with

some boys. Greg was the only person that I ended up going out with more than once. No one

else even called me back after the first date. I could have settled for Greg however. It was

very exciting having someone take me out a few times a week. He flirted with me, teasing me,

making me want me, but when I finally let him have me, he was too shy, too gentle: a

bumbling, awkward lover. The way he touched me made my skin crawl, so I press the button,

deleting his message.
There’s also a message from Jackie Miller, one of my mother’s friends. Her and her husband

are going off for the weekend and they want me to babysit their son, Johnny.
The Millers live right down the street from us. Their son Johnny is thirteen now,

probably old enough to stay on his own, but his parents are a little overprotective. He’s

not really that mature either. He spends a lot of time alone: playing computer games and

reading, hasn’t really developed any social skills. He talks too loud, has a weird laugh,

and tries too hard to make people like him. Everyone avoids him.
I don’t really want to spend my weekend at his house, but I could really use the

extra spending money. I call Mrs. Miller and tell her I’ll do it.
?That’s great Missy. It’s really hard finding anyone on such short notice. This whole

trip is really a last minute thing. If you could come over by six o’clock, we’ll be leaving

a little after that. You can stay in the guest room.?
She hangs up the phone. This really won’t be a bad job. Johnny stays to himself.

He’ll probably spend the whole weekend in his room. He doesn’t watch TV, that means I can

watch whatever I want to, just spend the weekend in front of the TV, watching all the

nothing that it has to offer.
I pull my overnight bag out of my closet and pack a few things: extra clothes and a

pair of PJs. I call my mom’s voicemail.
?Yes mom, I’m baby sitting Johnny again. You don’t have to wait up for me, the

Miller’s are going to be gone all weekend.?
Soon, I’m standing in the Miller’s kitchen and they are going over all the house

rules with me again. Johnny can have a few friends over to play some computer game, but no

more than two other people. Everyone has to take shoes off in the house so the floor doesn’t

get muddy. Meals are in the fridge, Everyone may have one snack a day.
Molly Miller is a bitch about the rules.
The Millers take off, and I’m alone with Johnny. He goes upstairs to his room. I lose myself

in a French film and the next thing I know it’s very late in the evening. There is a knock

on the back door that startles me back to reality. I open the door and it’s Nathan and

Roland, Johnny’s two friends.
?He’s upstairs,? I tell them. Nathan and Roland are both dorks, just like Johnny. They both

give me wide-eyed puppy stares, like they are completely captivated by me. I roll my eyes

and give them a glance to remind them they don’t have a chance. The two dejected little

trolls scuffle off upstairs.
I go in to the kitchen to try to get dinner ready. Mrs. Miller left several dishes in the

refrigerator that just have to be warmed. I pull out a lasagna and it slips in my hands. My

outfit gets covered in that yucky red tomato sauce.
Shit, this is never going to come out. I run into the bathroom and, strip everything off,

and throw my clothes into the sink and run cold water over them. The stain is setting. There

is a big, fluffy bathrobe hanging on a hook, so I slip it on and take my clothes to the

laundry room. The washer is hard to figure out. There are a lot of different settings and

knobs that aren’t on the machine at my parents’ house, somehow I manage to get the machine

to fill with cool water and start to cycle. The whole thing just agitates me.
?Boys, come down here!? I yell.
They come trudging down the stairs, annoyed that I was interrupting their game or

whatever. Johnny gasps when he sees me standing at the bottom of the stairs in his mom’s

bathrobe. He smiles at Nathan and Roland, suddenly I’m very conscious of how little I’m

?I spilled sauce all over me while I was getting dinner ready. Could you guys finish

fixing the lasagna while I take a quick shower??
The boys agree to help me, but I can feel their nerdy little eyes all over me as I

walk away. I slip back into the bathroom.
It always makes me feel a little creepy when guys look at me that way. I can feel their

desire, imagine their goofy fumbling, trying to please me. Their awkward, gentle, silly

foreplay. Every man seems the same. He needs the woman to build him up, encourage him, make

his dick hard; just so he can spray his semen out, leaving the woman feeling used and empty,

alone and unsatisfied.
The robe drops off my body. Cold air causes my skin to prickle. I turn on the shower

and warm water surrounds me and all the tension leaves my body. Soapy lather covers me and

is then is washed away. I touch my breasts, my nipples. I’m getting aroused.
In a way, it does seem nice that the boys notice, it seems like it might be fun to

tease them a little more. I wrap up in the robe again and head into the kitchen. I decide

that I’ll help them finish preparing the meal, let them look at me in the big puffy bathrobe

a little bit longer. Harmless flirting couldn’t really do any harm. I know, I’m doing a bad

thing, but it’s really the first thing I’ve been excited about in weeks.
The boys aren’t in the kitchen, where I expected them. They have wandered off somewhere. I

decide that I probably do need to get dress before looking for them. Teasing them was just a

silly idea anyway. I go back to the washer to see if my clothes are clean. I open the

washer, and to my surprise, it’s empty.
?Damn it guys! This isn’t funny,? I yell. ?Johnny, I’m going to send your friends

home and call your mother if you don’t get our here right now.?
They don’t come. I’m just about to go to my room upstairs and get something else to wear out

of my overnight bag when I look through the window and see them outside. They are all up in

Johnny’s tree house.
The tree house is a room-sized little fort, made from scraps of building materials

that they tied, nailed, and screwed about midway up a large oak tree growing in the

backyard. There is ladder on the front to climb up and go inside, and a few smaller dogwoods

growing close around it. During the summer, the boys take their sl**ping bags up and camp

Right now I can barely see them through the front opening. They are sitting in a

circle on the floor passing around something. . . What is that? Shit, they are passing

around my panties.
I grab the patio door and jerk in open. Holding the front of the robe, I run out onto

the patio and scream, ?God damn it! You better get down here right now with my clothes.?
?Shit, there she is!?
?Hey Jessica, these are some cute little panties. Why don’t you come up here and

model them for us??
I get mad as hell and run across the yard.
?Damn it, you k**s are in big trouble!? I scream. I climb up the ladder, no one is

underneath, but if they were they would be looking right at my naked ass, I’m too mad to

They see me coming and they are taunting me. I get to the top and they are standing

at the back opening.. Johnny is wearing my panties on his head. I charge at them, but they

quickly climb out of the back and onto a limb. I uneasily start to follow them out. There is

a rope tied about midway on the limb that they use to climb down. I see what they are doing

and I know I don’t have the upper body strength to shimmy down that rope. I turn around and

start to go back inside the tree house, but Roland is the first one down the rope, and he

moves the ladder so I can’t get back down. I’m trapped. The tree house is at least fifteen

feet off the ground. I can’t jump and I can’t climb down the rope. There is no way for me to

get down.
?Guys, you better stop messing around and put the ladder back right now! I’m going to

talk to your parents when they get home Johnny. You are going to be in so much trouble.?
I start to realize that it’s Friday night. Johnny’s parents aren’t coming back until

Sunday. I can’t spend the whole weekend up in the tree. I watch as the boys turn around and

go back into the house. Would they leave me up here?
With the ladder gone, there is only one other way down. I’ll have to climb out onto

the branch and slid down the rope. It’s really high up and this is scary. Even if it doesn’t

kill me, a fall from this height would surely leave me with at least a broken leg.
Slowly I slide out on the branch. Looking down makes me dizzy. I try not to think

about how high up I am. I can’t run along the branch like the boys did. I sit on it and

slowly shift forward. The robe doesn’t cover my bottom while I’m straddling the tree. It’s

very uncomfortable sliding my naked pussy across the branch. Soon, the rope is right under

me. I decide to hold onto the branch with both hands and lower myself down, thinking I can

wrap my legs around the rope and let go of the tree and slid down. I shift so I’m sitting

with both legs on one side of the branch. I hold on tight with both hands and stand up a

little to lower my legs behind me, then lie down on my stomach with both of my legs dangling

behind me. I push off with my hands, squishing my boobs into the branch. They both pop over

and I slide quickly down the branch and just manage to hang on with both arms. Sliding on my

stomach unfastens the belt to the robe, and it pops all the way open. I’m hanging from the

tree with both of my arms holding the branch, can’t use my hands to cover up at all. It’s

all I can do to hold the tree branch, can’t let go and grab the rope. Hands are sliding,

losing my grip. I’m gonna fall. If I scream for help the boys will come out and see me,

probably along with half of the neighborhood. I try pulling up, but I’m not strong enough.

I’m going to fall.
I scramble to get up, and manage to get one of my feet up touching the branch. My

arms are hurting; anyone watching me would be looking straight up my pussy right now. Got to

pull up. I push into the branch with my leg that’s up. I lean into it and try to pull myself

up with my arms. A breeze blows, shaking some of the branches and my skin goes prickly from

the chill. I’ve got a better grip on the tree, but I can’t hold it much longer. I’m going to

fall. Panic burns in my bl**d. My heart beats a million times. I get really still, taking

slow, deep breaths. Then I pull with every last bit of energy I have. I heave my leg back

over the branch and I wrap my arms and legs around it to keep from falling. I stay for a

long time, wrapped around that tree branch. Trying to climb down took everything out of me.

I don’t want to try getting back to the tree house, I don’t want to do anything but hold

onto the tree. I’m really aware of how high up I am.
I hear the door to the house open and close. They boys are coming back outside. I look up

and they are staring at me, arms wrapped around the tree. Is my robe fastened? Is any part

of me exposed?
?Guys, I’m barely hanging on here. I don’t want to fall. Put the ladder up on this

branch close to me. I need to get down.?
They are laughing. I must be a sight. They start teasing me, telling me they’ll put

the ladder up if I ask nicely, then if I beg. I try to humor them, thinking maybe I’ll get

down quickly. When that doesn’t work, I get angry.
?Listen Johnny, I’m going to talk to your mother when she gets home. You are going to

be in so much trouble.?
?You’re still going to be in the tree when my parents get home, if you can hang on

that long.?
I realize that he is right. There is no way for me to get down. I am stuck high up in

the tree, hanging on, without a lot of options. The boys are below. I can hear them talking,

they seem to be planning something else, but I don’t pay them any attention. Still stunned,

I cling to the tree wondering what to do.
Suddenly I am hit with a jolt of freezing water. The boys have gotten the garden hose

and are spraying me from below. It’s a cool night anyway, and the water is so cold it hurts.

They soak me; cold water saturates the bathrobe I am wearing. My skin turns pink and I start

to shake. They direct the water to gush right in my face. I can’t see, can’t breath. Every

part of my wants to let go of the branch and fall, but I must hang on. The water disorients

me. I can’t move. My fingernails dig into the tree branch. I hold on.
Coldness feels like it’s seeping into my bones. Parts of my body are going numb. I

cling to the tree branch, holding on tight. The water comes at me in blasts. I hear the

boy’s taunts as I’m hit again and again.
There is a sharp, stabbing pain in my ass, then another in my side. I look up and see

that Roland has a pellet gun and he’s shooting it at me. I press my body tightly against the

tree, trying to protect my eyes.
?Stop, please! I’m going to fall.?
The water stops. The gun stops. There is a pause in the action. A sense of peace in

the chaos. I cling to the branch wondering what is coming.
?Missy,? I hear Johnny call out my name. ?Missy,? he says again in a taunting voice.

?Do you want to come down, baby??
The tone of his question makes my skin crawl. The way he calls me baby gives me a

sick feeling in my stomach.
?We’ll put the ladder up so you can come down, but you have to do something for us

also sweetheart. You could do a little favor for your boys, couldn’t you??
I sit up, straddling the tree branch. I carefully adjust my robe. It has gotten wet

and twisted. The tree branch feels rough against the naked skin between my legs. I’m so

cold. I really do just want to come down.
?What do you want??
?If you take off my mom’s bathrobe, and drop it down here, we’ll put the ladder up so

that you can get down. You’ll have to come down naked. Does that sound fair??
?Johnny, you know that I’m not going to do that. Don’t be silly. Why don’t you boys

put the ladder up, and maybe I won’t tell your parents everything you did tonight??
The pellet gun fires again. This time it hits me in the breast. A sudden blast from

the garden hose hits me at the same time. I try to get down and wrap my arms around the

branch again, but I slip and fall. I manage to grab hold of the branch, but it leaves me in

an awful position. My arms are over my head holding onto the branch again. My whole body

hangs below. I’m not strong enough to pull myself up. Water and pellets keep hitting me. I’m

losing my grip. The water-logged belt on the robe unfastens, and it opens up. I can’t cover

up with my hands, so the boys can see everything: my breasts, my pussy. Any neighbors or

people driving by can see me. They keep spraying me with water. I’m losing my grip.
?Stop, I’m going to fall. I can’t get the robe all the way off. I’m stuck. I’m

slipping. Please get me down.?
?Drop the robe down to us.?
?I can’t. I’m holding on with both hands. The robes already open. You can see me.

Just give me the damn ladder.?
They consider my situation and decide that I really can’t take the robe off if I’m

holding on with both hands. They put the ladder up right next to me. I still have to stretch

to get on it. The ladder seems stable as I climb on. I start to fasten my robe, but they

tell me I still have to toss the robe down to them. They start shaking the ladder,

threatening to push it over while I’m still on it. I can’t think, this is happening so fast.

Don’t want to fall, just get back inside. They’ve seen me anyway.
I take off the robe and toss it down. Now I’m naked. Their eyes crawl all over me.

Helpless at their mercy. How did I let this happen? I climb down the ladder, very aware of

my body. Try to hold my legs together, cover my breasts with my hands, but I’m still naked

in front of all of them. Shivering cold, I get to the bottom. Tension is high. None of us

really seem to know what will happen next. I get to the bottom, stand before them. I know

I’m still the one in charge, and I have to be confident still, or I will completely lose

control of this situation.
?Ok, you’ve seen me. I hope that you all know this is going to turn into a very big

deal. I’m going to call all of your parents. Now, give me back the damn robe!?
They’re smiling at me. I feel uneasy. I’m too vulnerable. Naked. Standing in front of

them. Cold. Wet. At their mercy. Eyes all over me. I can feel the thoughts in their heads,

the depraved things that they want to do to me. Can I really stop it from happening now? Is

there any consequence for their actions that will be greater than the immediate reward? I

put my hands on my hips, not even trying to cover myself anymore. It’s a hopeless cause. I’m

naked, nothing changes that, standing before these boys, so aware of the moment.
Johnny looks at me, his eyebrows raised up in an amused expression. ?Listen Jessica,

we’re going to be the ones in charge tonight. You can play along, we’ll all have a fun

weekend, and then it will be over. No one else will ever have to know. If you don’t do

everything we ask you to do, then things could get pretty bad.?
I’m feeling very self conscious, painfully aware of the fact that I am standing naked

in front of three thirteen-year-old boys, completely at their mercy. My whole body blushes

with humiliation, but my pussy tingles and starts to dampen. A part of me wants this.
?Ok Jessica, if you don’t want to find out what we are capable of, what depraved

things we can f***e you to do, put your hand on your head and keep them there. Don’t move

them no matter what.?
I’m still stunned by the whole situation. My hands move on top of my head, exposing

my whole body to them. This whole thing has captivated me, made me come alive. I hold my

stomach in, stick my breasts out, move them back and forth to draw the boys closer. My legs

part, exposing my sex, giving them an unspoken permission to touch it. My whole body becomes

a bundle of nerve endings, aware of every touch. I raise my eyes and look Johnny in the

eye. With a shy, pleading expression on my face I whisper, ?I’m yours, don’t hurt me.?
They move in and I feel their warms hands on my cold wet skin. I realize that this is

probably their first time with a woman. They seem shy at first, but each one is soon taken

over by some fierce a****l spirit. They are all touching me at the same time, taking turns

exploring my body. Tiny pokes and light touches give way to a harder, madder, more

purposeful squeezes and slaps. The boys become more confident and I encourage them, playing

my part.
?Oh god, please don’t. Oh! Please. Touch me, I’m yours. Do what you must.? Every part

of me wants to be fucked hard. I become more and more aroused. I see their cocks swelling,

making little tents on the fronts of their pants. I feel hornier, more alive than I have in

Rope is introduced. They pull my hands behind my back and hold them together so that

each of my hands is touching the elbow of the other arm. Coils of rope are used to bind my

forearms tight together. I squeal when Nathan’s teeth bite down hard on my nipple.
?You better be quiet,? Johnny whispers into my ear. ?If you make noise then the

neighbors might hear you. What would they think if they looked out their windows and saw you

like this? You might have trouble getting more babysitting jobs if that happens.?
He’s right. What the hell am I doing? These are k**s and I’m letting this happen. If

anyone finds out about this, it could be bad. I could be run out of town for this, or sent

to jail. This thought breaks through my lust, clears my mind and I realize that I need to

take control.
?Stop, I can’t do this.? I close my legs and twist my body, trying to get their hands

off me. ?Stop!?
?Bitch, you belong to us. I told you things would get really bad if you didn’t to

what you were told.? Johnny snarls.
?Yeah,? Roland says. ?We can be really nice to you, but if don’t let us do exactly

what we want, you get punished.?
A mob mentality seems to take over the group. Nathan grabs my hair and jerks it down,

bending me over. He drags me over to the deck that the back door opens out to. It’s a wooden

deck that Johnny’s father built last summer. It steps down into three progressively lower

sections, the lowest is more like a patio, just a few inches off the ground. Nathan bends me

over the middle section, that is a little higher than waist level to me. He hops up onto the

deck, still pulling my hair. My hands are bound, so I can’t climb up, all I can do is bend

at the waist and let him drag me. My whole body weight being pulled up by my hair hurts, my

feel leave the ground and my legs dangle off the side of the edge, ass sticking up in the

air, helpless.
?Lets show her what happens when she doesn’t obey? Johnny snarls.
I hear his belt unfasten and slide out of the loops of his pants. He cracks it in the

?This is really going to hurt, Missy. Remember not to scream. If someone hears you,

they might come out to find out what’s going on. You don’t what anyone else to watch

tonight, do you??
?My turn,? says Nathan. I’ve barely had time to recover from the first hit. Nathan’s

belt lands right in the spot where my upper leg meets my bottom. His hit feels like it tears

the flesh from my bone. My body that was cold moments ago is covered with a hot sweat. I

can’t take anymore.
?Please stop,? I beg. ?I’ll let you guys do anything. I can’t take another hit.?
?I still get a turn,? Roland says. ?Spread your legs bitch. I want to hit your

?Don’t, I’m hurt already. I can’t take anymore. I’ll do what you want me to, please

don’t hit me again.?
?Bitch, if you don’t open your legs now so I can hit your pussy, then I’m going to

wail on your ass the rest of tonight. Sooner or later you won’t be able to help but scream.

Now, open your damn legs.?
?It’s ok, Missy,? Johnny says. ?Just open your legs up. This will be the last hit. I

promise. Then we can go inside. It’ll all be over.?
Johnny sits down beside me. He starts rubbing my back, soothing me. Nathan sits down

on my other side and starts running his fingers through my hair and whispering comforting

things to me.
?Come on Missy, we’re right here with you. You can do this. If you spread your legs

and let Roland hit you then it will all be over. Just let him do it, then we can go inside.?
I’m crying. I want this to be over with. I nervously part my legs, exposing my sex to

be struck.
?That’s it,? says Nathan. ?Good girl.?
He takes one of my legs and Johnny takes the other. They spread them far apart and

hold them tight. I frantically try to close them again, but can’t. Roland swings the belt

underhanded, hard. I hear it sing through the air, heading toward my pussy. Nothing prepares

me for that pain. It hits hard and my pussy burns with a searing pain that soon encompasses

my whole body. I hold back as much of the scream as I can, squeezing my eyes shut, tears

running down my face.
?Let’s get her inside.?
They stand me up, but my head is spinning. I feel d***k. My stomach turns and I go

down on my knees, dry heaving. My ears are ringing. The boys pick me up and carry me inside.

I feel like I’m floating, a million miles away.
I hear voices in the distance. I feel weak and sick, the fiery pain in my pussy has

subsided to a dull ache. I’m on the couch in the living room. I’m still naked, but covered

in a blanket. They have untied my hands. I open my eyes and Roland is sitting beside me,

holding a warm rag to my forehead.
?You passed out sweetheart. Are you ok??
?I feel fine, just a little weak.?
?I’m really sorry that I had to do that,? he said. ?None of us wants to hurt you.

Just listen and play along the rest of the weekend. It might be a little embarrassing, but

it’s not really a big deal. No one else will ever know about anything that happens here, ok.

It’s just our secret. Just do what you’re told and we won’t have to hurt you again.?
He kisses my cheek and softly touches my hair.
?Johnny and Nathan are in the kitchen finishing up dinner, would you like some of the

lasagna that you were fixing earlier??
?I’m not really hungry, but I feel like I need to get something on my stomach, yes

I’d like a small plate. Would it be ok if I put my clothes back on while I ate??
?I’m sorry Missy. You are going to have to be naked for the rest of the weekend, no

clothes at any time. You’re going to have to leave the blanket in here also. Don’t make a

big deal about it. That’s just the way it is.?
I don’t know what to do. I’m afraid of another spanking if I don’t comply, however,

the further I let this go, the worse it will be. I nervously stand up, unwrap myself from

the blanket and hand it to him.
Roland bring me into the kitchen where Johnny and Nathan are finishing dinner. It’s

surreal, like a dream where I’m the only person naked in a room, only it’s not a dream.

Nathan and Johnny both come over and hug me.
?We’re glad that you’re ok,? Nathan says.
?It really scared us when you passed out. We don’t want to hurt you,? says Johnny.
I don’t know what to say. It’s too weird looking at them, so I just stare at the

The three boys sit down at the table.
?The lasagna is in the oven,? says Johnny. ?It should be done by now. Could you take it out

and bring it over here??
I go over and open the oven. The cheese has already started to bubble and the pasta

is looking a little dry. I stare at it for a moment and without really thinking I say, ?It

looks like you left it in a little too long.?
The words escape my mouth and feel weird. It seems so unusual to say something so

normal now, after everything that’s happened. Everything feels weird.
I think about putting on an apron before taking it out of the oven, because I’ve

already spilled it once. That’s a silly idea. There’s no point in putting on an apron to

keep from spilling sauce on my clothes if I’m not wearing any. Putting anything at all on

would probably just make them mad.
I resign to my fate, pick up the dish, and carry it over to the table. I walk around

to each of their plates and scoop out a serving for each of us. I go to the sink and fix a

pitcher of cool water, then go back to the table and pour each of them a glass. Each of them

says thank you. They keep their hands to themselves and treat me like I’m a human. I’m still

very aware that I’m naked and unsure of what will happen next.
I sit down at the table and the boys begin to talk: video games, school, girls. They

are lost in normal conversation. I quietly eat my meal, drifting off into my own mind. I’m

becoming more and more aware of my nudity, even if the boys are ignoring me right now. I try

not to think about it, just focus on something else. I wish I were alone. By myself, I could

touch my body. Everything that has happened so far has brought me to a new awareness about

myself. I feel alive, womanly, and sexual. My nipples stand out hard and my sex grows moist

as I rediscover an excitement about my body that I haven’t felt in a long time. I grow more

aroused and feel that I could quickly bring myself to the most magnificent orgasm if I could

only touch myself. I want to cum, to feel that crash and tingle so badly. I almost lose my

will power all together. Almost touch myself, right here at the table in front of these

boys. I so close to giving in to my desire.
I squeeze my legs together, clamping my thighs down around my vagina, tilt my pelvis

and try and rock back and forth in my seat. Slowly, carefully, so the boys don’t notice. I

want to rub myself, feel my body climax, but I can’t now, not in front of the boys.
We finish our meal. I am almost insane with desire. The little button of my clit is

swollen so hard, I feel that I could instantly climax if only I could touch it. I need to

cum so bad. It’s been so long.
They bind me again as soon as I’m done eating. I’m carried into the bathroom. They

drop me into the tub. My hands and feet are tied, so I can’t stop myself from falling. I hit

the tub hard. They turn on the shower. They take turns cleaning me with soap and a wash

cloth. They scrub my back, my tummy, my legs. Oh, they wash my legs. Nathan scrubs my feet;

then washes all the way up my legs real slow, going up and up teasing me, until he is almost

touching my vagina. He is so close. I want to be touched. I moan, spread my legs farther

apart, try to push my crotch into him, but he avoids it. I’m embarrassed that I’m so turned

on, that they are teasing me so. For once, I’m really being dominated.
They are in control. I want to fuck, but I have to wait for them. It makes me want

them. They touch me, I can’t touch them. They see my body, I can’t see their bodies. I’m

almost insane with desire. I want to get fucked.
They take me out of the tub and dry me off. I feel like a little girl just done with

bath time. They walk out the bathroom and leave me lying there, on a towel, arms and legs

still bound. They turn off the lights. I’m in the dark for a long time. My lust subsides and

I can think more clearly. I feel dirty, embarrassed, used. I’m a part of some crazy game. I

don’t know what is going to happen next.
The door opens after what seems like hours. One of them comes in, it’s still dark, so

I don’t know who. I can’t move, other than roll, so I roll, putting my back to him. He

kneels beside me. I can hear his breath. He doesn’t say anything, just breathes. We wait for

minutes. I become aware very aware of myself, very drawn in to the situation. My nipples

swell and my crotch goes damp. He is so close, and he is going to touch me. I want him to

touch me, wait for him to touch me.
Finally his hand is on my back, feels like electricity surging into my body. My skin

prickles. He is awkward at first, it’s dark so he can’t see me either. His hand quickly

feels all over me, learning where each part of me lays on that floor. His fingers trace

gentle circles all over me, teasing my breasts, dancing over the smooth area over my pussy.

I shift, thrust my pelvis. I want him between my legs, want pressure firm in my gash. I’m so

close now. He could easily take me over that edge. I don’t know who he is, don’t care. I

want to feel the climax, the release.
He stops, leave the bathroom. I scream in frustration. Howl madly in tortured

anguish. I squeeze my legs together, rock back and forth trying to climax, but unable. I

need my hands untied, my fingers between my legs. How much more delicious will it be if I

lie here longer, let them tease me more, f***ed to wait until they are ready for me to

orgasm. I lie there, waiting.
My passion subsides in the dark. My body ceases to ache for release and I think more

clearly. They are just boys: losers, nerds; toying with me. I’m letting them manipulate me.

Somehow both allowing and encouraging this. I could have stopped this somehow, there had to

be a way. Babysitters don’t just get taken hostage and m*****ed like this. I have to stop

this. It has gotten out of control. I’m the adult here. What could this cost me? I need to

take charge. When they come back in I will. They will know that I mean business. This will

not get any more out of hand.
But I wait. No idea how long I’ve been in the bathroom. What are they doing? Where is

this going?
The door opens. The three boys all come in. I can see them for just a moment before

the door closes again into darkness. They still don’t speak. The silence is the worst part

of this torture The silence and the waiting. If I knew what to expect from moment to moment,

I could prepare myself for it. If they would talk, it would at least make them seem somewhat

human still, instead of the monsters they have become in my mind.
They stand me up, hold me in place. Hands are once again taking liberties with my

body, not enough to bring me to the heights of pleasure that I desire, just enough to tease

me and leave me aching for more. A bag is placed over my head, thick cloth, probably canvas.

I hear the lights turned on, but all I can see is darkness still. My breasts are being

played with, nipples pulled, twisted. I bite my lip to keep from squealing with pain.
Then I hear a voice, Johnny, whispering a stern warning in my ear.
?Listen Missy. Listen very closely. We are going to untie you, set you free. You’re

still under our control. We can hurt you very badly. Don’t try to fight us, keep the bag

over your head. Do exactly as you are told.?
I can get away from them if I am careful. I’m not going to try and fight right away,

let them think I am submitting to them. If my hands and feet are free, I can run, get away.

Even if it means running out of this house naked I’ll do it. I can find help quickly.

Someone will help me. Just get away.
My hand and feet are untied. I am made to kneel in front of Johnny.
?You are being very good little girl. Now, show me you want to get along, do anything

I tell you to without protest.?
The bag over my head is raised. Not enough that I can see, just so my mouth is

exposed. Johnny steps in close to me. Something presses to my lips. I realize it’s his

penis. He’s taken off his pants and he wants me to suck him off. I start to close my lips

tightly, protest, but I don’t want to be tied again. Must comply, make them comfortable,

then I can escape.
I part my lips, breathe warm air from my lungs onto his cock. I put my hands on his

legs to guide me. Press the side of my face against it, then turn so my lips are pressed to

it as I slide down his shaft to the tip of his penis. The tip goes in my mouth. I wrap my

lips around it right below the ridge, then suck while rolling my tongue all over the head. I

feel his smoothest skin, feel the dimple on the underside of his dick. I press my mouth into

him and slide down, taking his shaft into my mouth. He doesn’t thrust like most boys, lets

me do the work. I slowly take in his whole shaft, feel it at the back on my throat. I’m

good, don’t even choke. I slide back up the shaft then down again, building a rhythm. My

left hand move behind him, touches his bottom, guides his movements. my little finger teases

his anus. I glide my right hand up his leg, feel for his balls dangling. I find them. Then

draw all the way back and send my fist up hard. I feel his balls smash under my punch. He

goes down and I take off. Pulling the hood off my head as I run for the door.
I don’t look back, but Nathan and Roland are right behind me. Must make it out of the

house. I slam into walls, turn over furniture behind me. I can see the front door, almost

there. Roland tackles me to the ground. I hit hard and the blow stuns me. I still manage to

roll over on my back and attack him. My fingernails cut him deep. I hit and bite, but he

still overtakes me. Soon he and Nathan have me pinned to the ground. They take turns

punching me in the stomach. Soon Johnny is also standing over me. It took him several

minutes to recover from his blowjob. The thought makes me smile. He really looks pissed off.
The guys put the bag back over my head. Everything goes dark again. They take turns

holding me down and tying me up. My arms are pushed forearm to forearm, wrists to elbows,

and bound with coils of rope. They f***e me to lie on my stomach and bend both of my legs

up, binding them wrist to ankle. I can’t move at all. I’m sprawled out on the floor, hogtied

in a humiliating position. I try to close my legs together but it puts more pressure on the

ropes. Can’t take it, so I open my legs up, knowing that they can look right into my pussy.

They leave me again, going into the other room. I can barely hear them, don’t know what they

are talking about. It sounds like they are making more plans for me. Arguing about what

humiliating thing they will make me do next.
They come into the room again, angry footsteps surrounding me, not talking again. I

hear them around me, heavy breathing, loud against the silence. My heart beating, swells

with terror and I scream, from deep within me escapes the mad yell of the hopelessly damned.

I’ll never escape their terror.
?You better behave, Missy,? Johnny hisses in a calm but menacing voice. ?If you don’t

stop screaming, bad things might happen to you. Don’t misunderstand me, bad things are about

to happen to you anyway, but they might not be so bad if you can keep from screaming.

Screaming won’t help you anyway. No one can hear you, or come to help you. You’re at our

mercy until my parents come back on Sunday. We are going to do all sorts of bad thing to you

between now and then.?
He rolls me over on my side, my arms and legs tied behind me prevent him from being

able to flip me over on my back. It hurts when he lays me on my side though, all the ropes

pull different, some parts of me are put under greater strain. Lying on my side also gives

him access to my naked breasts, which he begins to play with.
?Relax darling, no one is going to hurt you yet. We’re going to make this slow and

fun.? His fingers fondle my nipples, which swell quickly under his teasing fingers. ?We are

going to watch you slowly suffer.?
His finger squeeze my left nipple hard. I’m about to scream, but his voice cautions,

?Don’t even think about screaming, it will get worse. Be brave little girl, it’s almost

I gasp, holding my scream. He has some object in his hand, cold and metal. I realize

it’s some kind of clamp: jagged teeth and a tight spring. I feel it close on my nipple,

pinching at first then biting the flesh. More screams grow inside me, but his calm voice

says in a sing-song tone, ?Don’t scream baby, it’s almost over. Don’t scream if you want

this to end. You can do it sweetheart, just a little longer. You’re being so brave.?
He is closing another clamp on my other nipple, my breasts are on fire, must get

these things off. I can’t take it, breath hard, try to hold in my scream.
?You are doing so well. Just one more and we’re done.?
One more! Where the hell is he going to put it? His fingers slid it down my tummy.

Not there, I can’t take it. Please.
I feel the clamp on my pussy, it’s going to hurt so bad. I’ll have to scream. This

will never end. He spreads my legs out, spreads the lips of my vagina apart. He’s going to

clip the damn thing on my clit. God no—it’s already swollen so hard. I can feel the teeth

touching me as he slowly lets up on it, letting it close around me.
?You can take this, you are so strong Missy. I know that you can do this. Once it’s

on this is all over. You can do this can’t you??
The clip closes and it hurts so bad. I breath deeply in and out, rocking and

trembling from pain. The teeth bit in and I’m sure that they are doing so much damage that I

will never work right again. I hold my scream, focus on deep breaths and wait for this

nightmare to end.
?There, that wasn’t so bad, was it??
Bad, this is horrible: a crippling pain shooting through my crotch. White hot

unbearable pain. This is awful. I keep breathing deeply, taking it moment by moment, trying

not to scream.
?I know you want me to take those off sweetheart. Don’t worry, they are going to come

off in a minute. We just need to know that you are not going to try anything stupid again.

You’re not going to do anything to try and hurt me or my friends, are you??
I can’t even speak through the pain. I shake my head furiously from side to side,

trying to convey to him that I will completely comply with whatever else they want to do to

me. I am broken.
?That’s a good girl.?
He pats my head like I’m a dog. I feel his gentle hands running down my body,

exploring my curves. He releases the clamps on both of my nipples, and softly rubs the burn

out. The gentle rubbing of my nipples mixes with the sparks of pain coming from my vagina,

giving me a very unusual sensation. Finally his hand goes down, parting my labia. I feel his

fingers run up my slit, grabbing the clamp, giving it a little tug. I moan from the pain,

tears run down my face. Finally, he releases the pressure. His hand stays between my legs,

rubbing the pain away, gently at first, then firmly. My body responds and I am aroused.

Fingers moving all inside me, I’m so close. Almost. . . I roll my hips, feeling the orgasm

building inside me. It’s going to be huge. I feel the other boys hands on me also, exploring

my breasts, my anus. I’m their plaything, their slut. I feel dirty and ashamed. I so fucking

turned on. Being a helpless fuck toy for some k**s is so arousing. I realize that I’m going

to explode in front of all of them. They are going to watch my orgasm, know how much I’m

enjoying all of this. I feel so dirty.
Then, every nerve ending in my body fires. I feel my muscles expand and contact,

spasms of pleasure wash over me. My whole body is warm and relaxed. Their touches slow, not

forcing the pleasure, but letting it come. I feel like I’m melting into the floor, losing

myself in the darkness of the hood.
I lost, a million miles away. My body relaxes and then fingers come to me again. I

climax a second, and third time. Lost in a pile of warm bodies I melt. Soon, I’m untied. My

hands and legs are free. I take an active roll. I’m aware of my body, aware of the boy,

their erections, jutting out. They want me.
I crawl on top of Johnny, body aching for more, his pants are gone. My body presses

into his cock, wiggle until it enters me. Nathan and Roland both stand watching, one on

either side. My hands reach out and grab both of their waistbands, slide their pants down,

watch the two little cocks spring out and grab them, pull them close to me. I take one in my

mouth and then the other, wiggling my hips on Johnny like some slutty little porn star. The

boys tear into me like a****ls, collapsing into one big fuck pile. I work their little

cocks, muscles squeezing them teasing them, I climax again before they finally erupt inside

me, spraying their sticky sweet love juice into my womb, mouth, and ass. Then we all

collapse into a big sweaty mess, breathing hard and holding tight. We’re all spent,

convulsing spasms still surprise my sensitive parts. We kiss, hold, cuddle, and fall asl**p

together on the floor.
I wake up the next morning in the same pile of bodies. Still naked, covered in dry

sex juice from the night before. I feel dirty, my inner whore awaked. I loved being their

slut and I hunger for it again. I take Roland’s balls in my hand, give his cock deep, hard

strokes with my mouth. He wakes up when his dick hits the back of my throat, but I don’t

gag. I’m a good girl. I suck his cock hard as I grab the other two boys with my hands, work

their little cocks hard so they can see what a dirty little fuck slut I want to be. I try to

climb onto, put them inside me again. They stop me, hold me down. Won’t even let me touch

?You can cum again, but you have to earn it. We’ll decide when you’re ready,? Johnny

snarls in my ear. ?You get to cum when we say you’re ready.?
They’re smiling at me and I feel the weight of doom in my stomach. I realize that I’m

at their mercy, and that this is just where I want to be. I’ve never been this sexually

excited before, never cum like this before. None of the men I’ve been with could dominate

me, I needed to find that in these boys.
They get dressed, but they don’t allow me to put on clothes. I’m only given my big

sl**p shirt to wear. It comes down to my knees, but without a bra and panty on underneath,

I’m very away that I’m still almost naked.
We walk out to my car. I’m the only one old enough to drive. I have the power, could

stop this if I wanted to. I’m aware of that, but don’t care. We drive to the grocery store

on the corner, my neighborhood, people know me here. I beg the boys to take me somewhere

else. Johnny just tells me that I’ll be ok.
Public humiliation is the worst. I don’t know how far they are going to take this,

what they are going to make me do. I want it, but I’m so scared. Where will this lead, what

are the consequences?
I walk in, flanked by three guys, wearing nothing but a nightshirt. Roland stand

right behind me, reaches down by my sides and grabs the hem of my shirt. In just one move he

could jerk it all the way up to my neck and show all the Saturday morning shoppers my little

body. I want to reach down and hold it in place, protect my modesty. That would only

antagonize them. I am theirs, they will decide. I just back into Roland and press my bottom

to his hard crotch. Submit to him should he decide to expose me. He lets go of the hem and

I’m safe for now.
Nathan gets a shopping cart that he pushes up beside me.
?Get in,? he commands.
I start to argue but catch myself. The cart is high, almost to my chest. Dress they

way I am, there is no way I can preserve my dignity while getting into that thing. I look at

him in disbelief and resign myself to follow orders. I try holding my shirt down, while

putting my leg up high. It doesn’t work and I realize that anyone watching can probably see

my pussy, so I just get into the cart as quickly as possible, looking around, it doesn’t

seem like anyone noticed.
There is no way to sit comfortable in the cart. I sit with my knees to my chest,

inside my nightshirt, trying to hold it down to cover me well. They push me around the

store, such an odd sight, grown woman being pushed around in a shopping cart by little boys.

I’m very self conscious, getting a lot of unwanted attention. Roland gets a bad of ice out

of the frozen food section and tell me to sit on it. Coldness, right on my pussy. My nipples

stand out on the fabric of the shirt I’m wearing. Everyone can see I’m not wearing a bra.

Old men leer at me as the boys push me around. Everyone stares.
The boys pile more stuff into the cart: beer, wine coolers, malt liquor. Things I’ll

have to buy. Don’t have an ID with me. What do they expect me to do?
I feel so silly, in this cart, being pushed around by little boys. Everyone staring

at me, I’m so ashamed. We get to the counter to checkout. I have to put everything on the

conveyor belt at the register: beer, wine coolers, the ice I’ve been sitting on. The casher,

a young guy with long hair, is looking at me like I’m weird, an older woman in a shopping

cart being pushed around by k**s. He lets us buy all the stuff, no questions asked. I

realize that he knows Johnny and his friends. Nathan whispers something into his ear and he

smiles at me. I’m getting a creepy feeling.
We’re back at the car. They make me load everything into the back. The boys get into the car

and lock the doors. They start to drive off slowly as soon as I close the trunk of the car.
I frantically pound on the roof. ?Wait, please don’t leave me here.?
Nathan rolls down the passenger side window and I run up next to it, leaning way in

to speak the them.
?Please don’t leave me here guys. I’ve gone along with everything so far, some of it

has been a little exciting. I’ll keep playing along, no one has to know. Just don’t make me

do anything where other people can find out. If you leave me here with no money, wearing

only this t-shirt, I’m going to have to call for help. I can’t explain how I’m dressed to

anyone. I’ll let you guys fuck me some more. I’ll suck you off again, anything you want.

Please just take me back to the house where no one else can see me.?
I’m really desperate. More than anything I just want to be in a safe place.
Nathan smiles at me. ?I’ll let you get back into the car if you hand me the t-shirt.?
?I’m not doing that. We’re in a crowded parking lot in my neighborhood. We’re having

fun right now boys. I’ll keep playing along if you don’t push it. Now open the door.?
?You better think about that sweetheart. You’re not the one in control here, we are.

Now, think about it, you’re in your twenty’s and you’ve just spent a whole night dirty

fucking three thirteen-year-old boys. If you don’t play this game our way, you’ll have a lot

more to worry about than a bunch of Saturday morning shoppers getting to see your little

fuck hole. You belong to us. You’ll do what you’re told to do.?
I nod my head. I realize that I’m helpless. I have no choice. I can make this quick.

They’ll let me right in the car. Do people really pay that much attention to the people

around then. They are all lost in their heads, in their own inner dramas. I don’t think I’ve

ever even bothered looking around the parking lot when I’ve gone into a store. Surely I

could be naked for two seconds, two very quick seconds without being seen.
?Listen to me Missy,? Nathan says. ?We’re the ones in control. We’re about to leave

you here, in a parking lot, wearing only a t-shirt. Give us the shirt, and we’ll let you in

the car. Just pull it off, really quick, we’ll let you in before anyone can see. If you take

too long, you’ll start drawing attention.?
He’s right. I need to do this quick. It has to happen now. I have to trust them.

They’ll let me into the car quickly, before anyone can see. They have to. I’m confused. This

is all happening so fast. I feel so helpless. They are the ones in control.
I reach down and grab the hem of my shirt firmly in my hands. I pull it up quickly,

feeling the cool air wrap around my body. The shirt goes over my head for just an instant

and I can’t see. The privacy of that one moment gives all of my doubts a chance to come to

the surface. What the hell am I doing here? Why am I letting them do this to me?
I pull the shirt over my head and throw it into Nathan’s open window. Now I’m

standing in the parking lot, naked. My white skin shining in the sun like smooth milk. My

naked body exposed for anyone who looks this way. My heart sinks as I realize just how

helpless I am, standing here arms down by my sides, I am almost certain they are going to

drive away and leave me here. I’ll be here completely naked, everyone looking at my two

little breasts, the small tuft of hair between my legs. I’ll have to explain my situation to

everyone. Everyone will find out what’s happened to me. I look at the boys, my face in its

most pleading expression. Everything happens fast, but takes forever. Roland opens the

backdoor, and I jump in. I’m safe inside as the car starts to drive away. I’m so grateful, I

hug Roland, wrapping my arms around him, mashing my naked breasts into him. I trusted them,

let them have me completely, and they didn’t let me down. They could have humiliated me.

Left me there alone and naked, but they have kept me. The public exposure has made me aware

of my helplessness, aroused me. My pussy is hot and wet and I want these boys to know I

belong to them. I need their love, their protection, and I will barter with my body for

their love. I hold Roland passionately, my body presses into him. I kiss his mouth, his

neck. My hands squeeze his the bulge in his jeans, open his shirt and kiss his chest—kissing

down, down, all the way, unfasten his jeans and take his hard member in my mouth. Yes, I am

a dirty little fuck slut.
The boys are smiling, laughing, joking: pleased with me. I kiss up Roland’s body

again, sit in his lap and slide his penis into me. My insides squeeze him and I slide up and

down. His fingernails scratch down my back, sweet pain mixed with pleasure. His teeth sink

into my right nipple and my pussy starts to spasm. He doesn’t stop, hips buck wildly. I

squeeze him again and feel hot juice fire into my womb. We hold each other, breathing hard,

and our sweat mixes together. They drive me home, lead me inside and I am theirs, completely

submissive, willing to do anything. I am fucked in the bathroom. Tied to the bed. All of my

boundaries are pushed. I am humiliated, and each time when I think it can’t get worse, when

I think I’ve gotten to my lowest point, they do more.

Next Weekend
It’s Friday afternoon, and work is finally over. There’s not much going on this

weekend, but I’m glad that there are a few days until I have to go back to the office. Our

billing cycle just ended and processing all the paperwork meant putting in a lot of overtime

this week. Finally, after a long week I get to go home.
I walk into the house. I still live with my parents, but they are both still at work

and don’t get home until around 6:00. That gives me a few hours to have the house to myself.

I drop my pocketbook on the couch and walk up the stairs to mom and dad’s room. They have a

big whirlpool tub that I love to use when I’ve got the house to myself. A few turns of the

knobs and the water starts running, nice and hot. It takes forever to fill the big tub. It

could hold almost five people. I pour lots of bubble bath in while I wait. My parents have a

huge dressing mirror that I love. I feel so sexy looking at myself standing in the steamy

bathroom. I can’t get over how beautiful I am.
Sure, every girl knows that she has flaws. There are some things that I would like to

change about myself. I know that I look good though: long blond hair that that reaches

almost half-way down my back, blue-green eyes, and creamy white skin. Guys lust for me. I

can see it in their eyes.
I stand in the mirror and pull off my white blouse, revealing the lacy little black

bra underneath. I know that the dark bra was showing through my shirt all day, but I get a

little tingly when I think about all the dicks that I’ve must have gotten hard. Poor little

boys sitting at their cubicles, all turned on and there is nothing they can do about it. My

bra unfastens and I think about how much they would love to see my boobs. I don’t have the

biggest tits, that is one thing I would change about myself, but boys don’t seem to mind.

They seem captivated by me.
I slip my skirt off and twirl in front of the mirror in just my little panties. My

boobs jiggle a little. I turn around and look at my cute little ass. My panties are high cut

and really show the firm curves of my butt.
I slid down into the warm tub and feel the bubbles wrap around my body. It is so

warm, my skin quickly turns a bright pink. All the tension of the day spills out of my body.

I lie back against one of the water jets. Hot water massages my back and shoulders. I sit up

a little higher and let the jet of water hit my lower back. It feels good. I slid up on my

knees and lean forward. The bubbles dance around my bottom and slid between my legs. A

billion bubbles tease my most sensitive parts. My heat beats faster and my skin tingles all

over. My hand slides between my legs and I touch myself, slowly stroking until my body

explodes in a tumultuous shudder. I keep moving my fingers and feel myself coming. I take a

deep breath and melt into the warm water.
I clean up quickly, showering off the bubbles from the bath. I grab a cotton towel

and pat my body dry, taking a little more time to marvel at my own beauty once again. I grab

my clothes off the floor of the bathroom and take off to my room downstairs. I walk into my

room and stand in front of the mirror, taking one more look at my hot little body. From the

mirrors reflection, I can see my neighbor, Mr. Geary, through the window. His office is on

the first floor of the house next door. He hasn’t seen me yet, but I decide to take my time

getting dressed. Maybe he will look up and see me. The thought excites me as I open my

dresser and ponder the selection of underwear that I have. I reach down a choose a lime

Miller bra and panty set, lacy little things that I will look so cute wearing. I make a

little show of getting dressed, but Mr. Geary doesn’t look up from his computer. His loss.

I have to go. I’m babysitting Johnny again.
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