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Bored and horny now!!!

I need messages that are kinky or have dares or anything. Not "hey. How are you". Make it interesting and naughty people. Come on. Lets play. Xxx
Posted by LauraJaneXoX 2 years ago
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2 years ago
So i'm getting the two of yous at once :). Even better. I would be more than a happy girl to play with your plug baby. Would have to push it in and out for a little while to get you ready then i'd lick and fist you to you pissed your panties. So what will Jane be doing with her strapon while this goes on and it seems like shes the only one not covered in pee lol xxx
2 years ago
Sorry Laura forgot to put Titus at end got excited,lol.
2 years ago
I'll walk in your room on all-fours, blue lace panties with the G-string gently covering my aching hole - now look closely & you'll see I have a red tailed tassel sticking out from my parted cheeks - I want you to pull, pull hard make me take the pressure of that butt plug coming out. Then I want you to lick & fist my arse making me piss my panties... Your turn now!!! before I give you more;))
2 years ago
Jane that sounds like a lot of fun. I'd love that. You're almost as naughty as me lol ;) xx
2 years ago
I want to bend you over fuck you with my strap-on so hard it makes you pee, then i will deep throat you till you cum