Thrillseeker432 took off work to stroke his cock..

I told you I was taking off from work so I could spend the day stroking my cock for you.

I started out the day with morning wood, I know it was only from having to piss, but a boner is a boner after all. As soon as I took care of emptying my bladder and having some herbal refreshment, I went right to work on my stiff member, massaging my massive erection as I made a beeline to my computer. I throbbed with anticipation as I logged in and clicked on those videos of your bodacious, bouncy tits. I had spent the previous evening pleasuring myself to the sight of your wonderful luscious curves, but it felt as if I hadn’t cum in ages. It feels wonderful to wake up and start beating off first thing in the morning.

I can’t stop jerking off for you, Lateshay. Your tits are so big and so sexy I can’t help but be aroused and I start to play with myself. I watched your vids all morning while I masturbated to your fine female form…spent about an hour and 45 minutes jerking to your vids…oh, how I savor that feeling of fullness and urgency in my stiff nasty cock, relishing the sporadic cums that roll around inside my aching balls until sweet release…I taught myself a long time ago how to shoot without losing my erection. I was still in need of some hot stroking.

After a short break to pee, I had some orange juice and was back at it again, only this time it was more intense. My mushroom-shaped glans swelled with excitement as my arousal once again reached fever pitch. There I was, fixated on your pretty body, my hot fist relentlessly pumping my long, thick shaft with an almost hypnotic abandon. I love watching those thin, glistening streams of hot, sticky cum running down the length of my cock as I masturbate for you, watching you drain my balls with your big tits flashing across the screen. I was so into jerking off you that I lost track of time. It had been about another hour and a half, but felt like less than 20 minutes!

As I write this, I’m feeling my erection ache. I’ve been stroking my stiff cock for you all day and I’m now I’m nursing this sore boner...AND IT’S ALL YOUR FAULT, LATESHAY. Oh, no, I’m getting aroused thinking about you reading this message and knowing I’m going to have to jerk off for you again as soon as I finish sending it to you. I can't help myself. I know nothing is going to come out when I cum for you because you have already drained my nuts…my cock is so sore…

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3 years ago
Thank you so much for giving me another cum when you posted my story, knowing that you are reading about me stroking off for you turned me on so much I had to pound out another hot load for my favorite jerk-off babe! I can't help myself, I am now such a jerkoff slave for you that I am typing this with one hand as I masturbate over the video of you in the red minidress...damn, you make my cock so stiff!!!