redpuppy's godmother watched him stroke his c

There was f****y at home yesterday. There was also my godmother. They all went to Euro Disney, but my godmother stayed home. I was on Xhamster and I was watching your vid when it happened. This one (you're fucking hot btw).
It was around noon, I was in my bedroom jerking off before going to work, I like to do that. Suddenly my godmother (she is 38 and from Brazil, she is a widow and lives alone) knocks to tell me that lunch is ready. I say "don't enter I'm coming", but she hears "enter".
I have no lock on that door, I just put a chair behind it, so she easily f***es it. And there she catch me with my fat black dick in my hand, pumping my cock. I say "close the door!" in panic, and she does, but she stays inside XD. She is a bit chubby, dark skin, short hairs...and she has MASSIVE tits. I can see her cleavage, she has a tight long skirt that makes her pretty hot. So basically she is totally my type. There I have a reflex, and as I'm looking at her I jerl my cock once, fast. She sees that and she doesn't move. I turn the chair in her direction. She is staying, so she is as guilty as me, I know she can't say anything anymore. So I jerk off slowly.
I restart your vid from the beginning. I tell her "you wanna watch?". She comes slowly and I can tell she is horny and she feels like fucking right now.
I watch your vid and she does too. I keep jerking off, slow, fast, legs widely spread, sometimes I stand to speed up my movement, I put on a little show for her. She is still standing next to me watching the spectacle of this big titted (you are bigger) girl sucking a black cock, and me doing my cock antics. She is amazed. I suddenly stop the video, and something else ensue, but that's a totally different story. All I can say is THANK YOU FOR ALL YOUR VIDS :p.

72% (9/3)
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3 years ago
Thanks for sharing my story.
3 years ago
good story
3 years ago
Only good things cum from you baby,,this was super,,thanks