Sincy swallows loads while he watches....

Realizing there’s no point in messaging you, Lateshay, rather than allowing you to, I’ll make my request public. At first he only brought laptop out from under bed after our love making had begun, no more, now computer feeds wall mounted plasma TV showing your videos, soon as I get in bed I know what’s coming. First reading “I know deep inside she's thankful to me because she is getting good cock because of my big tits. She needs me!” I was enraged, why would write that! Well, as they say, time tells, over the months I’ve come to realization without your videos he wouldn’t climax, I do need you. All the rest still holds true, except he now uses my mouth to masturbate to the video LATESHAY LONG SAGGY WIGGLY TITS TEASE. He likes your big tits made to follow directions, so, I’m requesting you make another similar one where you’re told to hold your arms back letting your tits hang loose and then arms up and back over your head, please? And lecherousness man that he is found this web site measuring me for accurate comparison. My band size is 38, bust size 39 an half, FYI I’m a 38B, in this new video have your tits measured. My man would watch it the first thing in the morning. He'll make me suck his dick and he'll shoot the biggest load as I swallow it.

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3 years ago
This is the vid he watches thats mentioned in this comment. Sincy has swallowed many, many loads because of me......and she swallows on!