Nineball999 blows loads while she swallows...

hey ther bb i made this account just to say hi. i been watchin your vids for a while now, and gotta say i love you bb. yur body is soooo fuckin sexy i think about u all the time. you make me so hard. i love watchin your huge boobs bounce around and ur sexxy

i cant stop thinkin about u bb. even when im fuking other girls!

i been seeing this girl at work. she has a nice body and ass like urs but her boobs r smaller. ne way i fixed her car for her th other week and shes ben paying me back w/ blowjobs and letting me grab her tits and ass and pussy whenever i want. its great bt even when shes suckin me off i cant help thinkin about u when she does it. the last few times i even took out my cell and started lookin at ur vidoes. she askd me wat i was lookin at but i just shoved my dick in her mouth. i pause and look at ur tits when im abut to cum. when i blow my huge load she swallows it all while im thinkin about u and looking at ur big fuckin tits, wishin u were the one suckin me off an swallowing my cum. heres a little story 4 u that just happened

last night the boss left early. my girl was wareing really tight sweatpants. i could see her pantys and her pussylips thru them. evry time i passed her i grabbed her pussy and fingerfucked her thru her pants for a minute. i made her cum twice. for payback she suked me off at each break. aftr the boss left she pulled her boobs up a litle out of her sportsbra so i could see her nipples. god that made me horny. later i found her bent over tryin to reach sumthing so i took m cock out and pulled her tight pants down a littl and started fuckingher ass. i started thinkin about u again while i pounded her ass. she has a great ass and nice tits but their nowere big as urs. i fucked her hard for 20 minutes. good thing the boss was gon cuz she was moanin and screamin like crazy! i came twice. my first load i shot in her ass, my 2nd bigger load i blew into her panties so she could feel nice an sticky.

ne way i hope this story made u wet bb ;) msg me bak an tell me about it if it did
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