mrplayful, johno, wants my clit.....

ooooooh my dayz lady wot a babe im johno 27 uk white m 6ft5 brown hair blue eyed guy with a 12" shaft and im sittin here wondering if you taste as good as ur pic because i love ur lips and now got this great urge to slowly kiss both sets of ur pink ones all night long mmmmmmmm im now quite hard bby x hows you I would start by standing behind you kissing the back of your neck and carressing your breasts.

I would feel your nipples become firm beneath my hands as I gently squeeze your breasts. Your breathing becomes a little faster. I feel a hand reach round and stroke the front of my jeans, feeling the firmness beneath. I feel gentle fingers tugging at my zip.

I continue kissing your neck, as I slide one one hand down from your breast, gently over your firm tummy. It drifts further down until I feel your mound through the flimsy material of your panties. Your hand has pulled my zip down and is now in my jeans, firmly grasping my hard shaft, rythmically moving up and down.

Your hand feels wonderful around my hard cock hun. I use one hand to undo my jeans and let them fall. You have one hand wanking me, your other hand cups my balls, gently squeezing them. My hand has migrated into your panties, and I slide one finger gently between your lips. Your pussy feels beautifully wet to the touch.

You gasp a little as I slip a finger inside you; it feels lovely. My thumb seeks out your clit and oh so gently massages it. I feel your legs tremble a little. Both of us are breathing a little faster.

You pull away from me and turn to face me. You look gorgeous. I stand there, slowly wanking myself in front of you as, with a wink and a cheeky smile, you slowly pull your panties down and step out of them. You come toward me, put your arms around my neck and pull me close. My cock presses against your tummy and I reach down to position it against your fanny lips as you stand on tip toe,oh yes this feels fantastic babe mwaahhh.

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