Sincy (Kathy) and George use me for pleasure...


Videos posted to my profile are good however George likes your tits best fast forwarding through strip tease parts searching for portion where you show off your tits. I was hoping you would make video measuring your chest (,901,30.html) I sent you Victoria Secret one earlier inasmuch when we (him and I)were at Mall passing the store he took me in having me fitted so he'd know for himself how we compared. Clerk at store mentioned their web site contained instructions in self measuring for correct bra size. soon as George returned home he brought me to computer taking my measurements for himself, came up with varying band measurements following Victoria Secret instructions (depending how far up or down on chest) so he Googled "bra fitting" selecting above site, following those instructions resulted in exact measurements each time. So, if you would please use that method, You might say

"Hi George, I'm going to measure myself for you so you'll have accurate comparison of Kathy's chest to mine, ready, (punting tape around taking band size say) see George I measure (insert size) Kathy measured 34" plus the additional 4" Kathy's band size was 38 and mine is (insert correct band size) Now for bust size George, Kathy measured 40" bust, 40"-38" equals 2". Checking step 3,"Calculate your bra size:" I see where Kathy's correct size is 38B. Now watch George and Kathy as I take my Bust size, There George you can see my bust measures (XX) and again using step three I'll take bust measurement X subtracting band measurement X1 coming up with proper size, as you can see George I wear a X3 Bra while your wife Kathy's tits only fill 38B. I know the two of you are watching this together and I know what you must be thinking about now George so Kathy assume the position and listen as I show George what he could be playing with if he had me there rather than you, Ready George? watch me now, and Kathy do your thing."

Something like that would be nice present George, Thanks Lateshay

3:52 am, July 1 sincy

his name is George if you want to personalize it, like explaining measurements to him wearing favorite bra then show him the size, dropping bra holding arms and shoulders back put on a show while addressing him, perhaps asking me to pose similarly for comparison, it's for his birthday.

11:51 pm, June 30 sincy

I requested video, will you

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