She was mad at him, but now I make her wet....


hi there, omg i can,t believe i,m sending u a msg like this but i gottta tell u make me wet in all the right places. as u know i caught my man jerking off to u and was quiet annoyed, but then i began to watch u myself and for the only time in my life i became aroused by another girl and i will say a supeer sexy one,xxx. since then our sex has been explosive and i had a really dirty dream the other nite which invloved u and my man, i came home early from work to find my man burying his thick shaft in ur wet pussy, as u don,t hear me cum in i decide to watch through the crack in the door as u both swap positions, i,m getting wet watching as he pulls out his thick cock from ur pussy and slips into ur mouth and then back,s at this point i enter room to find out why i,m not invited to the party. from there u take time to remove my clothes and reveal my huge 36f tits and my cleanly shaved tight virgin pussy. as this is a new experience 4 me , i let u take the lead as i get my first taste of a womans tongue on my pink pussy. the thought of it is making me insanely wet and i feel so dirty telling u this but it,s been driving me crazy in all the right ways. after u,v brought me to climax i then return the favour 4 u as u point me in the right direction. then as apunnishment to my boyfriend he has to lick both our pussys to climax b4 we even allow him to wet his cock in us, only then do i allow him to fuck us both in turn. i can say one thing 4 him, he is well endowed and a long stayer and is able to satisfy us both b4 emptying his load over our huge tits as we watch on. omg i can,t believe i just told u that but there u go, pls pls keep posting vids and if i av anymore naughty fantasys i,ll certainly pass them on, can,t wait till he sees what i,ve blogged, it will drive him nuttss, lol,xxxxxx

12:44 am, June 26 scooby0007

hey there girl, i gotta tell u this saucy story as i know u like ppl to comment u, i was watchin u strip on 1 of ur videos and was real horny and decided to stroke my bulging piece thinkin i was on my own, how little did i know that my girlfriend had walked in to see me close to cumming whilst watching u. needless to say she wasn,t to happy and gave me a real bollocking. but she saw u stripping on screen and decided to take a look. to my utter surprise it turned her on and decided to giv me the best blow job i,ve ever had, then we had the hottest sex ever whilst watchin u on screen shaking ur gorguos tits, she even allowed me to fuck her ass, it was great but the whole time i was burying my cock in her pussy, i was thinkin of u, u one sexy girl, keep them videos goin as it,s dun wonders for my sex life girll, xx

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