Lateshay 36 G big natural tits on his mind....

Sincy aka Kathy my xhamster friend...

Want to read a true story?

Sincy of xhamster, her man makes her fuck him and she sucks his cock until he explodes while he watches my vids. She gets very humiliated by me this way. She hates it that her man shoots bigger loads and FUCKS HER HARDER! It gets me off when shesends me messages while I use my vibrator and masterbate to her stories. Just knowing her man fucks her and watches my vids is a big turn on. He thinks of me while shesucks his cock. I wonder if anyone else does this while they fuck their woman? I love cum! I'm such a freak! I told her I'd strap on a dildo, fuck her from behind on all fours, while she sucks his cock, my tits are bouncing fucking her so hard and he's watching & squeezing my tits. She hates being humiliated by me because her tits are barely a C-cup (very barely) and mine are 36 G (natural, hangy, floppy and perky - saggy) big tits her man loves! She said, "That would be his biggest load EVER"!!!

Read some of her many messages to me:

"was introduced to this site and you by lover watching video I commented about while I sucked him off, told him I was ok with it but inside I was dying, even had me act out the part where you pull dress down and your boobs fall out along with you, it hurts deeply watching him laugh, thought you needed to know! I start on him and he pulls his laptop from under the bed, there you are on full screen, it's so obvious my only purpose is to use my mouth to masturbate while he dreams of you and your body!"


"I posted you embarrass and humiliate me, sucking him while he watches you is more than humiliation, it's belittling. I've lost all self respect. At first he'd push my head around as he watched forcing me to take all when he climaxed, he was masturbating watching you only using my mouth rather than his hand, with tears running down while he masturbated I listened to him watching you, "reach up baby, shake them big tits, now make them jump, that's it keep it up". Now he no longer pushes my head, I know what he wants, I can tell by the music and his comments about your boobs when he's ready to cum, when to take him all. When he's done shooting every drop of cum down my throat. I have tears running down my cheeks. At first he asked about my crying, but no more. You're humiliatingme you fucking cunt. I hate you!"


"He made me wear a bra like yours and I realize you're the one he's loving, he has a wireless mouse changing from videos to your photos then back to videos telling me to fill out your bra with rolled up pairs of socks, laughing at how my boobs alone don't touch any part of the cups. I know he cums, not with me though, knowing you are cumming because of this sucks, I'll never cum with you. At least when I was sucking him off to you I was alone only hearing him talking about you, on top wearing your bra is devastating, now I know how much he likes big boobs and now I know I can't give him what merely your photos do. Believe me feeling him swell staring at you as I ride him will never be good for me, particularly having him lose erection as he pulls your bra up and out hearing him "she's got great tits, her tits big as your head, damn, they turn me on" sometimes he pulls straps off my shoulders bra flops down, and I feel him going limp as he cups my entire small tits in each hand comparing, "just look at that, your not even a handful, my fingers are scratching your chest, I couldn't even get both hands around hers let alone reach her chest". to which I must agree, "she does have nice chest honey, I'm so happy we have her".....what else could I say? When I'm on top wearing a bra like yours, I realize you're the one he's loving, he has a wireless mouse changing from videos to your photos then back to videos telling me to fill out your bra with rolled up pairs of socks, laughing at how my boobs alone don't touch any part of the he shoots another load yelling your name cumming, dick aching....humiliating me, giving you every last drop of his cum! He FUCKS me and jacks off in my mouth shooting loads of cum wanting to fuck you in the ass and watch your big tits.....night after night clicking on links to your vids on your profile page. I love getting these furious fucks from him. I hate you!"

Below is his favorite vid. He likes to fuck the shit out of Kathy and shoots his first huge load jacking off in her mouth, cumming down her throat while she swallows.....

I know deep inside she's thankful to me because she is getting good cock because of my big tits. She needs me!

View my profile page to see my 36 G natural tits.....Lateshay!

Get ready to shoot your load:
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2 months ago
Sincy - account retired.

For once I find a real cuckquean and she's gone -_-
5 months ago
You are worth it Mrs think there is a lot of men who fuck their wives thinking about you
1 year ago
I'm about ready to come over this
2 years ago
So fucking hot!
3 years ago
fucking awsome story, sincy is so lucky her husband cum for you while using her mouth, that bitch should stay quiet and thank you a thousand times for everything you do for her
3 years ago
sexy sexy story, my girl had the same experience from me, caught wanking to lateshays videos, and thank god, we have wild anything goes sex now, only thing missing is lateshayxxx we,ll keep dreamin
3 years ago
Realizing there’s no point in messaging you, rather than allowing you to, I’ll make my request public. At first he only brought laptop out from under bed after our love making had begun, no more, now computer feeds wall mounted plasma TV showing your videos, soon as I get in bed I know what’s coming. First reading “I know deep inside she's thankful to me because she is getting good cock because of my big tits. She needs me!” I was enraged, why would write that! Well, as they say, time tells, over the months I’ve come to realization without your videos he wouldn’t climax, I do need you. All the rest still holds true, except he now uses my mouth to masturbate to the video LATESHAY LONG SAGGY WIGGLY TITS TEASE. He likes your big tits made to follow directions, so, I’m requesting you make another similar one where you’re told to hold your arms back letting your tits hang loose and then arms up and back over your head, please? And lecherousness man that he is found this web site measuring me for accurate comparison. My band size is 38, bust size 39 an half, FYI I’m a 38B, in this new video have your tits measured.
3 years ago
stop by my page and wank multiple loads for me.
4 years ago
4 years ago
This story is hot. I like to pretend I'm a woman and imagining you humiliating me has got me jerking off right now
4 years ago
hi sexy girls
4 years ago
I simply love you and your enormous saggy tits my dear lateshay. I'm used to having my wife suck on my cock, blindfold and with some music in her ears, while I'm focusing on some nice big natural boobs videos, till I explode in her mouth.. She doesn't feel humiliated, that'swhy I love her!! I might use one of your vids once.. xoxo
4 years ago
nice fuckin story