mikeknoll wants me to drink his cum...

After you drink my cum from my throbbing cock, take my penis and kiss the end of the head-just enough to see how sensitive I really get... And you Im REALLY sensitive.. take my penis into your mouth, softly and gently applying small motions with your toungue to not over-sensitize you and at the same time keep the bl**d flow where it should be.

I lay down on the bed with a pillow under my ass to prop my cock up in the air so you can access it better and kneel down to blow soft air onto my wet member. The penis jolts upright in reaction due to the air being blown..

straddle the bed, guiding my still throbbing and very sensitive penis to your shaved bald pussy.. thanking me for getting her all nice and wet-ready for the action about to ensue. you press down with your pelvis bone and the clit on my penis and start gyrating your soaked pussy against my injured cock. Your clit presses against my aching cock as I grab your ass, moving my body with the motions of your pelvic rotations. you look at my eyes and see the fear and want at the same time due to the sensitivity of my penis and the tension that your placing on it by grinding your wet clit against my head.

In one fluid motion, you raise your hips off my cock enough to let the poor penis breathe as you then move back down, sucking the penis up into your pussy as I fill you up-causing your shoulders to tighten with tension your ass and you to clench up around your new friend. A quick shudder goes down your body as your start rocking on my cock, the tip pressing against your cervix. I reach up and take your swaying breasts heaving in motion and squeeze the nipples as you hear a gasp from the shock you buck against my cock, the stinging nerves almost too much to bear anymore. Im going to cum in your pussy and I can't move to fight it. Thinking of baseball doesn't do anything as my eyes see those titties swinging 8 inches from my face. The pace of you grinding quickly accellerates as you get closer to your wet orgasm and you can see from my eyes that Im not far behind you.

It hits you like a free-fall: orgasm wave after wave shoots through your spine and out of your vagina as you buck your hips against mines.. you no longer know if I came or are cumming or anything since your whole body has started to shiver with a vibration only seen during horror films. You're orgasms peaks-a rush of fluid shoots out of your pussy, squirting my cock out of its favorite new resting place and making quite the mess of the cloth..

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