True Story: Lateshay gaped and 36 F tits sucked!

I made the next vid below because you want
to see me strip out of my red mini skirt.
I wore this outfit with no panties to a
private party that I attended with my camera
man. He got me d***k and took me in a room
with 3 other men watching all of my vids....
waiting for me. They didn't have on any pants
and they were all stroking their cocks and
getting harder as they stared at my nipples
poking through me skirt. I was helpless as
they all took turns fucking and sucking me while
my vids played back to back on a 46" flat
screen. They dp'd me while taking turns fucking
me in the ass shooting their loads. Most times
I had two dicks in my tight ass hole at one time.
Pounding away! They used lots of baby oil while
they slipped in and out at will. I had cocks
in my mouth, cocks in my pussy and ass at the
same time. I did not know what to do. I could not
do anything while they all got thier fill. They
told me they jack off to my tits everyday and
now can't believe they are shoving their dicks
deep in me.....lifting up my legs, over my head
while on my back. That's when they all wouuld get
the deepest. They held me down on the floor,
I was lying on my back while they pumped me shoving
their cocks deep inside me making my tits shake
all over. The others that jacked their dicks while
watching, were shooting loads. Cum was everywhere. Then
one fucked me while other two sucked my tits biting
my nipples. They made me cum so hard I screamed. 2
other guys entered the room and joined in the fun.
The bbc had a cock at least 12 inches and it was so
thick. He read a post from me on xhamster where
I say how I loved to be fucked deeeep in my ass.
He used vaseline and wanted me to count with him
while he fucked me on all fours in my tight
butt hole. We counted up to 32 together before
he yelled, "You fuckin' bitch!", while exploding
his load deep in my ass. They knew who
I was...Lateshay! All fucked or jacked until every
last drop of cum was drained. One guy basically
passed out on the couch in the room from exhaustion.
I later learned every guy their (about 40) jack off
to my vids. I took a shower and went back to the
party. For the rest of the night, I was felt on,
fingered, licked, sucked and fucked. Other girls
were also private party meat 3 were lesbian
bitches that f***ed me in the bathroom to open
my legs while they ate me pussy and ass. 2 of them
fucked me with a strap on. They even dp'd me!
I have never cummed so many times. I bet you wish
you were shoot your load to my vid below.
I actually shot this vid about an hour before I left
for the party not knowing what was in store. This is
the red mini skirt I wore:

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3 years ago
Just the vid alone is great, but with this story it's over the top...
4 years ago
should have turned on the camera while u were being gang fucked like the slut u are now thats a video id cum to all day and night!