Lanny aka lebman wants his finger in my pussy.

Thinking of you, Lateshay.
I want you to strip for me. I want to watch you bare your splendid body for me.
I want to caress your soft, beautiful body.
I want to please you very much.
My mouth is on your neck right now. Kissing your throat, and nipping the very soft flesh under your ears.
Kiss me, Gorgeous. I want your moist lips on mine.
Kiss me as I fondle your wonderful, beautiful breasts.
I love your soft breasts. Your nipples are perfect.
Can you feel your nipples hardening as I gently tug at them?
I want to gently caress your tits, and kiss them. Love to suck on your beautiful nipples.
My cock is getting hard thinking of you.
I want you so much.
Do you want me, Lateshay?
I want to please you so much.
I'm sucking on your nipples as my hands are on you.
Gently stroking your thighs as my mouth is on your luscious, big breasts.
One hand begins to touch your sweet pussy. Caressing your slit as it moistens.
One finger is entering your pussy. Beginning to probe. Another is stroking your clit. You are getting wet for me as I finger your lovely, soft pussy.
My cock is starting to harden as I am kissing and sucking your now erect nipples.
My cock is aching and throbbing for you now.
I'm unbuckling my belt, and unzipping my pants.
I can't wait.
I must have you.
I'm spreading your pussy lips as I pull down my pants. Our breathing is now hard and labored.
I'm putting my hands under your soft, curvy ass. Lifting it slightly.
Now I'm sliding my pulsing, swollen cock in your wet pussy.
Can you feel it inside you?
It is deep inside you. Filling you.
I let it rest there for a moment.
Then I begin to thrust! Thrusting deep into you!
Fucking you hard and fast.
You excite me so very much.
Our mouths are joined, and my tongue is probing. Seeking yours.
They touch, and I am sucking on your tongue as I am fucking you with passion.
You moan, and cry out with pleasure.
"Fuck me Lanny! Harder! Harder!"
So I am thrusting and fucking you as hard and as deep as I can.
Filling your tight pussy with my stiff cock!
Can you feel my passion for you?
Can you feel the intensity of my lovemaking to you?
You begin to shudder, and squirm. Your toes are curling from the sheer pleasure of our interlocked bodies.
You excite me very much! I can't wait!
I've got to cum!
I'm spurting my warm, sticky cum in you! Can you feel my sperm in you?
I'm shooting gobs of creamy cum in you.
Are you cumming, too?
Moan with pleasure for me as you feel my seed deep in you.
Cum for me, Lateshay.


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