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nmdwji cummed 3 times in 15 minutes....

We'd been strokin now for about 15 minutes and already cum 3 times each. My balls were aching from the ejaculations but I was determined to win the contest. Lateshay was now bent over at the waist and swinging her tits wildly. First forward and backwards, then left to right, and now in a circular motion. Milk was flying wildly from her engorged tits, Suddenly she cupped each gigantic tit in a hand and squirted a stream of milk into my face and then did the same to the other two. "That was just a little sample of what the winner is going to get everyday bitches. GIVE ME YOUR CUM! GIVE ME YOUR CUM! STROKE! STROKE! STROKE!"
No sooner had she finished her encouragement when my cock exploded another stream of cum into my awaiting cup. Miraculously, my cum production seemed to be increasing with each ejaculation. I had no idea how much my competitors had given up, but my 16 ounce cup was about one-third full already. Lateshay was obviously enjoying the power she held over us, laughing about how pathetic we looked and what losers we were. "I should bring in a BBC. He'd have more cum than all three of you lil bitches combined," she mocked.
She then took the dildo and began tit fucking it. Slowly moving it up and down between her huge tits and then licking it with her tongue with long strokes and now taking the huge toy deep into her mouth while making loud slurping noises. "Just imagine this is your cock I'm sucking on bitches. I'll drain every drop of cum from your balls!"
Again I exploded another huge load of gooey cum into my cup!

To be continued

Posted by Lateshay 1 year ago
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