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nmdwji wrote "The Power of Lateshay"

The Power of Lateshay's Tits-Part 2
My balls were beginning to ache now from cumming twice in about 6 minutes, but they were going to have to cum alot more if I was going to win the prize. The song "The Stripper" was playing continuously in the background as Lateshay now ever so slowly began to pull the huge bra upwards, revealing more and more of her enormous tit meat.

"You three lil bitches are so pathetic. Your slaves to my huge tits. I bet I could get you do almost anything I wanted. Just look at you strokin away like crazy." Sadly, in my case she was right. I would do anything short of murder to get my hands and mouth on those monster tits and my face under that gorgeous ass where I could eat her delicious pussy and rim her asshole. I was going wild with lust now as the bra was almost completely off of her monster tits. Suddenly they were free and the huge ta tas fell free, bouncing around freely and I lost it immediately at that glorious sight, spewing a load of cum from my fuck stick into my cup.

Her tits were engorged with milk, which was dripping freely from her nipples. "I'll bet you three would love to drink some of my milk! Well, guess what? That's just what the winner is going to get to do." The thought of my mouth around those enormous hooters was all I need to spur me on. I quickly grabbed some more lotion and began strokin' furiously again as Lateshay began moving her hips again in a seductive manner. "Come on my lil bitches. I wanna see you stroke harder. You've gotta pick up the pace if you wanna win the prize!"

Posted by Lateshay 2 years ago
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