He shot his load and wrote this....WTF? You figur

You are the coolest chick for bringing those feet in my face,the camera got fuzzy alot, if it was HD.....OH MA SOOUL BE CUMIN" RITE ONNA OUT MY BIG PEE HO! ALL women should have the feet featured I WILL DECREE with my fellow foot soldiers, the worthiness of said feet. I see cocks all day and night on this sight that have probably created more lesbians than all the DNA of 20 generations,no some dudes hate feet no matter what, and whats the big acceptable "fetish" ASS ASS ASS-no it's ASS-HOLE_E COLI-HEPATITIS A+ - DYSENTERY- 1000+ SPECIES/GENUS/f****y/ORDER/CLASS/PHYLUM/KINGDOM of annelids(worms),Bacteria,virus and every microscopic creepy crawly Science-fictionic nightmare of pestilence by the trillions! Eat and screw open sewers,but no NO NOOOOO FEEEEEEEEEET! I forget,when you have a baby are you supposed to get rid of the litter box? or is it give the cat a formula or milk enema and have the baby nurse cat ass?-THANKS FOR spreading all the disease around ASS HOLE eaters,BUTT guess what Dr C as for next time k**die's a whole different kind of slide show!No I can do better,it's time for a sex-ed show/blog--something for the Typhoid Larry's to see what gets systemically transmitted when they play Mr Macho "gonna fuck the world in the ass" ASS- HOLES,no more pretending for those that have learned to walk up right!,liberation is near (not the rear) OH DEAR
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4 years ago
WTF is right
4 years ago
4 years ago
thanks this place needed this lol lol lol
4 years ago
lmao x
4 years ago
I got a headache after reading the second line...