nmdwji's balls never get time to recover.....

I can see the beads of sweat forming on the twin globes of your huge ass as you ride my cock. Your ass is moving up and down my fuck stick like the pistons of a car as you moan with pleasure. You've been fucking me for 15 minutes now, but I'm unable to cum because you've tied off my balls tightly and also put a tight cock ring behind the head of my cock. The cum is now pounding through my cock creating great pressure. I can feel the pulsing increase with each down stroke of your magnificent ass. "Lift your head and lick the sweat off my ass worm", you demand. I lift my upper body off the bed so that my tongue barely reaches your ass and begin to lick the sweat from your ass. I can taste the salt as I continue to lick. "Good job slave. Now lick the rim of my asshole". I begin to probe your hole and all around the rim of it and your moans of pleasure increase even more from the fucking and rimming. Suddenly you stop and dismount my rod, but quickly get back on, this time facing me. You begin to fuck me again only faster than before. Your huge G cups are bouncing wildly, exiting me even more. The cum is just pulsing and pulsing through my cock now as the pressure buildup is becoming unbearable. "Would you like to cum slut"?, you ask. "Oh PLEEEEASE mistress", I beg. "Then suck my big ta tas worm", and you lean forward and offer up a huge tit to my awaiting mouth. I stuff as much of the monster in my mouth as possible and suck as hard and fast as I possibly can. You are now screaming in pleasure and your pussy juices are flowing from your cunt onto my stomach and down my leg. Finally you reach down and remove my ball restrains and my cock ring. Almost immediately the cum explodes like a jet stream from my cock and blasts into the depths of your cunt. I scream from the waves of pleasure that I feel at the release. On and on it goes, escaping from my cock into your pussy. You dismount and mount my mouth now. "Lick every last drop of your cum from my pussy. Don't waste one drop of it". I begin to lick my own cum from your pussy and swallow it. "Very good boy toy. You're improving".

I don't just think about you at work. It's all the time. I'm addicted to you. My balls never get time to recover cuz I'm jacking so much!

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