nmdwji writes about Femdom Prison (part 1)...

Femdom Prison Part1:

The men in the Femdom Prison were all r****ts who had been freed by corrupt judges. They had been hunted down and imprisoned by WAR-Women Against ****-a group of huge amazons. All the amazons were at least 6 feet 6 inches tall and 300 pounds. Their leader was 8 feet tall and 550 pounds of bulging muscle and gigantic tits. The men were sentenced to one year of daily punishment and then execution by the leader who was called Mistress Gigantica. Each day the men were subjected to cock-and-ball punishment, strapon fucking, beatings, nipple torture, facesitting, and being pissed on and f***ed to eat the guards turds. The punishments began at 4 am and lasted until midnight. They were given just enough food and water to keep them alive until the day of their execution. The night before their execution, they were f***ed to watch a video of previous executions by Gigantica. On the day of the execution, she first aroused them by doing a slow strip tease and finally revealing her gigantic tits that weighed 25 pounds each and then flexing her huge muscles. Her biceps were 35 inches around and her thighs over 70 inches. After the man was aroused, she threw him on his back and proceeded to fuck him, but this was no ordinary fuck. Her cunt muscles were so strong they could crush a steel rod, and she pulverizes the man's cock to the point it was completely useless. The man would scream in pain while she kept applying more and more pressure until his cum mixed with his bl**d. She would then dismount. "I guess you won't be r****g anymore women, you worm", she would yell at him. Then she would wrap her anaconda thighs around his midsection and starting at his waist and working her way up his chest, slowly and painfully break each of his ribs while the man would scream in pain. Next, she would strap him to an x-shaped device and pound his broken ribs with her fists until the man passed out from the pain. After reviving him with water, she made him kneel before her and eat her pussy until her juices were flowing from his mouth. She made him lick vigorously, running his tongue over, under, and around her engorged clit that was the size of a man's cock. Then he was made to suck on her nipples that were the size of a man's thumb until she moaned with pleasure, whipping his ass whenever he failed to lick with enough emotion. "I want to hear your slurping pig. Eat like it's your last meal". Which of course it was. Finally came the moment of execution. Which method would she choose? She decided. She threw him to the floor and wrapped her gigantic anaconda thighs around the man's head and began slowly squeezing. The man began to panic and started screaming for her to stop, even begging her, but she applied more pressure. "I can crush your head like a g****. Would you like that slave"? "No, no, please stop he begged". When she reached the point where his skull would crush, she slid her thighs down around his neck and began anew. He began to thrash around wildly, but there was no escape from the anacondas. She continued to apply more and more pressure until the thrashing stopped and the bl**d began to slowly flow from his mouth. "I guess you won't be r****g anymore women, you scumbag"! TO BE CONTINUED

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Was this ever continued?
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please CONTINUE this story