nmdwji writes a horny story....

The ten amazons form a circle around me. They are huge and my mouth is at the same height as their asses. One by one they demand that I clean their asses with my tongue. "We ran out of toilet paper", one says, "and we need you to clean our asses. Now get that tongue in there deep slave." I place my hands on one amazons muscular thighs and begin to probe her ass hole with my tongue and the others laugh out loud and mock me in a humiliating tone. By the time I'm done cleaning the last one my tongue is raw and I'm exhausted from the effort. They leave me lying on the floor, totally worn out from having to service all ten of the amazons. But my rest doesn't last long as you enter the dungeon wearing a totally provocative latex outfit that is cut out in the pussy and tits. "Get up slut. There'll be no rest for you for sometime." You make me stand next to you in front of a full length mirror. "Just look at the difference in our sizes, you sneer. "My thighs are bigger than your chest", and then you do a muscle pose and the latex begins to tear at the arms and legs from the strain of the bulging muscles. Despite my weakened condition, my cock springs to attention at the sight of your magnificent body, the muscles gleaming in the light, and the huge tits thrust forward with the gigantic nipples begging to be sucked. "I have a surprise for you slave. Not only do I have a potion to shrink you, but I also have one to make that cock even bigger. You f***e me to drink the potion and in about one minute my cock begins to expand until it is two feet long and six inches thick. "Now that's a cock that is worthy of an amazon's cunt". You lift me up by grabbing me under my armpits and insert the huge cock in your pussy. You begin to ram my cock in and out of your pussy-faster and faster until your pussy juices are running down your legs and onto your feet. I can take it no longer and my cum explodes inside your cunt, but there is so much of it that some of it runs down your muscular thighs , mixing with your juices. You pull me out and throw me to the floor. "Now look at the mess you've made. Start licking my feet and thighs until you've cleaned up every bit of cum and then get that tongue in my cunt and clean out all the cum from there also." I start at your feet and slowly lick between your toes and across the tops of your feet and then start up those gigantic thighs. When I finally reach your pussy, I have to stand on my tip toes to reach it, and then you wrapped those anacondas around my head and began squeezing tighter and tighter. "Get that tongue in my cunt so deep it feels like it's part of it",you demand. "Move it faster and faster". Your clit is now engorged to where it's as big as some mens cock as I move my tongue over and under and around it. You've become so aroused that your juices are flowing at such a rate that I am nearly drowning in them. At the same time it's becoming difficult for me to breathe from the pressure of your thighs. After what seems like an hour, you finally release me and I drop to the floor. "I'm not finished with you slave. Lick my muscular thighs and biceps. I want you to worship them.

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