ravenhawk12 pleasures him self looking at my tits

10:28 pm, July 13 Lateshay

you just made me cum.

12:29 pm, July 11 ravenhawk12

I hope you do not mind me sending these.

10:17 pm, July 5 ravenhawk12

Another little idea...~shrug~

Its been so damn hot lately, even the feel of the steaming water of the shower falling upon me right now, feels deliciously cooling. Washing away all the accumulated sweat that has collected on my skin feels so good. Hard to believe I’ve done nothing but sit around, unmoving, and sweated this much.

The A/C really needs to be fixed!

Squeezing a bit of soap into my hands, I start to lather up. Scrubbing my arms, chest, underarms (pheww!). Damn that’s feels better! Can almost feel the weight of the scum slipping off! Soaping up my back as best I can, I suddenly feel a bit silly as I begin cleaning the cheeks of my rear. Then, my hands move around my waist, spreading the suds onto my groin. Not surprisingly, touching such tender places, even just to clean them, sends a few tingles through me. Also, not surprising, these tingly feelings cause me to start thinking about…You!

Memories of our last encounter still very fresh in my mind. I can almost still taste your luscious, ever so sweet pussy upon my lips. Images of those cutely pink folds, fleshy petals, and teasingly peeking clit dance before me. Such fun I had in devouring you, drinking from you…feeling the squirt of your hot juices into my mouth as I watch your cum so very hard. Oh…the female orgasm….so beautiful! Your writhing, twisting body, so overcome by pleasure…..the look on your face, almost one of agony….but we both knew that was FAR FAR from the truth. The dark nipples crowning your damn near perfect breasts…hardening…standing proud. And….the sounds…..the a****listic sounds you made…….as the lust and desire claimed you…..

Oh, my dear…..

Needless to say, thinking of you like this…..remembering……my simple cleansing isn’t simple now.
Looking down, I watch my slick soap covered hand slide slowly up and down my shaft…..swollen and hard by the thought of you. I grin, knowing you would love to see this. Me…stroking my hard cock for you….throbbing in need. Hanging beneath, my seed sac is heavy…..full. Admittedly, its been awhile since it had last been…emptied. The last time had been days ago…..and yes, You were the focus that helped bring me release.

Oh, I so need you right now!

Kneeling before me, as I know you would like to, the falling water making your gorgeous body shimmer, your long hair stuck to your skin, curling on your face. Your looking up at me…flashing that Cheshire-like grin I’ve come to adore. And, in your one hand, your caress me….each full length pump slow….tight….the soap keeping each deliciously slick….while in the other delicate set of digits, you gently massage my balls…weighting them.

…..damn you are too good!!

I groan in sheer bliss. You giggle, those mischievous eyes going back and forth from looking up at me….to staring hungrily at me cock. Fuck! You working me so slowly…..I LOVE IT! There is a lot to be said about patience…takeing time….Oh, Yes!!

Suddenly you stop, removing your hands. I look down, in time to see you reach for the handheld shower nozzle. Setting on a soft drizzle, your rinse away the soap from my now angrily hard manhood. The feel of the heated water dr****g around me….so good! But I knew the best was yet to come. My heart hammered, as you put away the nozzle, turn off the water, and scoot up a bit closer, all the while, giving me that naughty grin. Closer….closer……until…..Oh my….you nuzzle into my groin, letting my flesh lay upon your face. The sight is near too much…..when……OH GOD!…..your mouth slurps in a flesh covered orb. You suckle….I damn near feint! You begin to hum, moaning….the vibrations making my eyes cross….as does the feel of your skilled tongue laving my sac with your cooling saliva. You go back and forth between to the balls, sucking in one….playing and loving…..spitting it out and as it cools, attacking the other. All the while, running your nose along the underside of the cock on your face.
I’m in heaven! Your gentle ministrations bringing me great pleasure, yet keeping me far from the brink of release. It is yummy torture. My knees are getting weak, thankfully, this shower came with a built in seat, which I then use. Again, that devilish giggle, as you follow along, never breaking contact.

Its many long moments before you decide I’ve had enough of the testicular play. Letting them hang, dripping in your spit, you angle your face up, and leave a trail of kisses up the underside of my cock. I’ve shivering now, and nearly jump when your plant a sucking kiss on that sweet spot, where that under vein connects to the crown. I grown, and at the tip of my cock, a fat drop of pre has collected. You see it, and I swear you look like a lioness that’s just spotted her prey!! You inch closer, and, sticking out your tongue, you let just the tip touch that drop, a hairs breath from touching me. You play with it, grinning all the while, still only toughing that drop, stretching sticky cords from it.

Then, you pause….looking up at me….and I see it. Your eyes….change…..from being teasing to……HUNGER! Then….you growl!! Right before plunging your mouth down..and over…my cock…..spearing it deep into your mouth!!!

OH FUCK!!!!!!!!!

You start bobbing up and down on me like a woman possessed!!! Sucking so damn hard!! One of those deceptively delicate hands is now squeezing my balls, like they where the bulb of a turkey baster. Oh yes, you are leaving now doubts that you want that juice…..and you want it NOW!!

I manage to creak open my eyes……and I see your hair, even wet as it is, whipping about your face. How are you going so fast and not breaking your neck?!? I also see where your other hand is. It’s tucked between your legs, working yourself as feverishly fast as you are me!!

Oh my GOD!!

My head slamms back against the shower wall….this is getting to be too much….I know I wont be lasting much longer! As if knowing it, the hand you have working my balls, suddenly wraps its finger around the very top of my scrotum, against my shaft….and tightens! Adding just enough discomfort to dull my pleasure and keep me on the edge!!

Oh you FUCKING bitch!!! I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!

I growl!!! As I open my mouth to groan, fingers are shoved into it!!! The musky sweet flavor that floods my mouth lets me know in an instant where those fingers have been. I suck hungrily on them, cleaning them of your delicious juices. Just as fast they are yanked form my lips, I know to be plunged right back where they had been.

That’s it……I’m at my limit…….

Gotta fucking CUM!!!

You growl around the cock pistoning in and out of your mouth. Sliding your lips up just until they encircle the base of the cockhead, you SUCK!….HARD!!! While the hand that had been squeezing my balls, now grasp my shaft, pumping it fast and hard……

….you want it….

The fire’s rising……rising……gonna….cum….hard……..v.ery……..

I ROAR!!!!!!!!!!

Panting…..the shower water hitting my back.

Streams of pearly fluids dribble down the shower wall before me, as my hand works the last few drops from my now shrinking dick.

Damn it, baby….I need you!!

11:40 pm, June 6 ravenhawk12

'Silken scarves smoothly kiss your wrists, at the same time as they bind them to the head of the bed. A strong tug, and you could free yourself......but you don't want to.

Another color drenched piece of silk lays across your eyes, knotted behind your head. Through its thin delicate fabric, only a faint blur of light is allowed to your eyes.

Yet...you know I'm there. I tied you to the bed. I blindfolded you.


The answer is clear in the way your body is writhing. Slowly arching and twisting...like a snake in heat. You crave to be touched, to be caressed. Every nerve screaming for sensation. You know I'm there, yet i do nothing. I only watch, occasionally reaching out, and letting a fingertip just barely brush over a swollen and hardening nipple. Its like an electric shock! Your body convulses as you shove yourself up into that touch, starving for pleasure, craving for more.

I pull away, and softly chuckle as i hear that pleading murmur from your pursed lips. I've been teasing you like this for many long moments. Touching you, only to pull away the moment you respond. However, i know you, I know your limits. I see from how you move, the flush on your flesh, the moisture that has dewed the inside of your creamy, succulent thighs...it is time.

And I know just how to let you know that your torturous waiting is over.

This whole time, one of my pleasure giving hands has been busy pleasuring myself. Slow even strokes upon my own hardening flesh, as i watch the pleasure build for you. And now, to let you know that the real fun is about to begin, I give one more hard pump upon my cock, squeezing tight, until a thick, fat drop of viscus pre collects upon the tip. With the tip of a finger, I capture it. Then, carefully, i dangle it over your panting mouth. Watching as it gathers at my finger tip, glistening, until it at last breaks free, and falls...right into your open mouth, splashing across your tongue. You jump in surprise, but in an instant you groan loudly, slithering your body even more, as the familiar flavor coats your mouth. You smack your lips loudly, before sticking out your tongue, like a baby bird waiting for its next meal.

Your going to get it.
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