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Lateshay fucked a guy fresh out of prison....

I fucked a guy that just got out of prison wearing the
black outfit in this vid. He was locked up for 3 years
without a taste of pussy. I couldn't pass it up. Long story
short, he fucked me in all my holes for two hours. He
fucked me in my pussy so hard, he colapsed on top of me
when he exploded. I was turned over face down as he sucked
and licked down my back. He began to chew on my booty
cheeks eating my ass while sticking his tongue deep in
my butt hole. He vaselined up his dick and put his cock
in slowly in my tight asshole. Pumping faster and faster
easing in and out at... Continue»
Posted by Lateshay 29 days ago  |  3

Lateshay fucked by many at a House party....

I was at a house party and there were several couples
and single women there. Maybe 30 guys and 20 girls.
It was about 3am and everyone was pretty tore up. I danced
shaking my tits and ass while raising my skirt. I had no panties
on. My pussy shaved bald with 8 inch black heels. One
girl was dogging me cause my titties were alot bigger than
hers. She had B-cups compared to my H-cups as I shook my tits.
The guy she was with was getting hard while rubbing his cock looking
at my tits. His girl went upstairs to use the restroom and I
had him follow me into the basement. No one saw us esc... Continue»
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DritterVersuch is going to masturbate again....

Hello there, now i cant resist writing a few words.
actually i´m going to masturbate (again) to your awesome body right now
because you and your fucking gigantic tits are making me so damn hard again, i cant hold it anymore! Christ, you are too hot for this planet :P
Greetings to you!!
Posted by Lateshay 1 month ago  |  1

subxxy says it's so fucking hard.....

ok im not going to write any complement to you , even if its so fucking hard for me to not write " YOU ARE SO FUCKING PERFECT and your profile is really driving me crazy" bcse apperently im not the first guy that for sure who write this , but i reaaally want you to know , that i mean what i say BY driving me crazy and im SO MAD RIGHT NOW TO SEE THAT THE GIRL I ALWAYS THOUGHT IN MY HEAD EXIST BUT LIVE SO FUCKING far FROM ME
Posted by Lateshay 2 months ago

TomDickery thinks of me when fucking....

Hello Lateshay just wanted to let you know how much I enjoy your page and content. I love your amazing huge tits and perfect round ass. I'm often thinking of you when I'm fucking my gf's 42DD tits or when Im fucking her doggystyle imaging my cock as pushing between your big tits or stretching and opening your tight wet pussy up. Hope you enjoy that I know I enjoy your pics and videos to use when I'm fucking her :)
Posted by Lateshay 2 months ago

abstar had 17 spurts....

17 spurts for the first shot and 14 for the 2nd ;)
Posted by Lateshay 2 months ago  |  3

jsimi's balls are sooo swollen....

ahhh my balls are sooo swollen I want to unload now all inside your pussy.

I'm going to give myself blue balls edging all night right now until I'm about to burst. Then wait 15 min and do it again, 2 or 3 times. Then sl**p but set an alarm for 2 hours from now just to get up and do it 2 or 3 more times. Then 3 hours and edge 3 or 4 more times. Then when I wake up and edge in the morning at least 5 times. I love just building up a big hot load for your sexy slutty body, dreaming about cumming deep inside your little pussy while I suck your perfect tits just getting smothered by them. Would... Continue»
Posted by Lateshay 2 months ago

barael strokes...

my gf is sl**ping and i'm stroking hard to you...
Posted by Lateshay 2 months ago

Aimelesseins came so much....

Mmmmmm I aam so hard in front of your big boobs...I want to give you all my loads...mmmm

I have cum so much while my girlfriend was next door!

yeaaaaah! My girlfriend is sl**ping in the other room
Posted by Lateshay 2 months ago  |  1

rando26 is working on another load....

mmm working on another monster load of semen for the huge tits goddess.

oh ya you can see the picture of all the sperm in my cum on lateshay gallery.

You made me shoot another thick load of sperm... it looked like what a horses dick would shoot out it was so much hehe. I was imaging a bunch of men cumming on you. look on the picture it went on your pussy too, imagine all that inside you?
Posted by Lateshay 2 months ago

jsimi fucked a BBW and thought about me....

I fucked my first BBW tonight. The whole time I was fucking that slut I was thinking about you. I finished while I was fucking her big saggy tits. Yours are much bigger but as I blew a big load all over her titties I yelled out your name. I said "Oh God, fuck yeah.... Lateshay!!!!" She didn't know that was the second load I had shot that day, the first jerking off to you. Now I'm here again to spurt out another load for you.
Posted by Lateshay 2 months ago

brownlolli's GF saggy tits......

When my girlfriend rides me, her saggy tits fall into my head and I always think of you, thinking about your saggy gigantic tits, start sucking them imagining it's your pussy on my dick and your great white boobs in my mouth.
Posted by Lateshay 2 months ago  |  1

strooder cums 3 times minimum.....

Lateshay baby. I jack over you 3 times a day as a MINIMUM. When I get up. When I go to bed, and when I can't sl**p and need to jack it to you again.

But in between I could jack it over you again and again. I might have nothing better to do all day then watch your vidoes and shower myself in spunk. i wouldn't clean it off as I'd soon be jerking again already.

Tell me how many loads you demand.
Posted by Lateshay 3 months ago

jsimi jerked off in a public restroom......

Jerked it in a public restroom for you. I hope you add that picture I sent you to a collection on your profile too so people know how much I cum for you
Posted by Lateshay 3 months ago

rando26 wants to rub by overgrown nipples.....

mmm huge obscene tittttss!

I want to rub your overgrown nipples in my thick white sperm.
Posted by Lateshay 4 months ago

Letipoike20 is cumming buckets for me.....

Uhhh uhhh uhhh working my cock...cumming buckets for bitch ohhg

The one with you in self made red slung bikini...fuck...pulled 2 loads outta me...uhhh you cum draining bitch!!!
Posted by Lateshay 4 months ago

ricosuave809 couldn't resist stroking....

just wanted to say watch your videos there was no way that I could resist Stroking my Cock as it Grew Thicker and Harder... tingling, turning to Throbbing to Aching hardness. Lookin at your eyes desiring this nectar of all over you body you want to feel the hotness impact your skin while it runs down your body your breast perk up wanting to feel my cock against your chest ready to explode with f***e :)
Posted by Lateshay 4 months ago

wht4blk wants to fuck me in the ass like this....

You would win an Oscar with that big white thumper of yours.
Posted by Lateshay 4 months ago  |  4

jsimi shot 11 loads.....

Today so far I have jerked out 11 hot loads for you, you sexy slut. 9 more and I'll have my 20 in one day. My cock hurts but cumming for you feels so good... I'll let you know when I'm done, they aren't little loads either. Even though I've came 11 times I still stroke it until I have a big hot cum wad for you each and everytime.

I'm still holding off hoping you make a blog post about me, edging my 15th load for you in two days... I've been edging this one for about an hour and a half I've come close to cumming sooo many times. But I'm letting it build hoping you love this.

This has be... Continue»
Posted by Lateshay 4 months ago

rando26 is jerking off looking at my pics......

I am jerking off looking at the pictures of your thick strong ass.

I think you might have the biggest tits of all the women on xhamster. Its like beign the guy with the biggest dick on the whole site hehe.

mmm I'm working it, with my balls bouncing looking at your tits and nipples. along with probably 100 other men right now hehe.

playing with a big hardon tonight hehe, and haven't cum in 4 days..

I wonder how many men u could take on in a gang bang.

imagine how many horny stinking big dicks are jerking off to you all the time. Even as I stroke off there probably is dozens of ... Continue»
Posted by Lateshay 4 months ago  |  1