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Star sign:Sagittarius
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Body type:Stocky
Height:5 ft 5 in (165 cm)
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About Me

Want to hear a true story?

I was at a house party and there were several couples
and single women there. Maybe 30 guys and 20 girls.
It was about 3am and everyone was pretty tore up. I danced
shaking my tits and ass while raising my skirt. I had no panties
on. My pussy shaved bald with 8 inch black heels. One
girl was dogging me cause my titties were alot bigger than
hers. She had B-cups compared to my H-cups as I shook my tits.
The guy she was with was getting hard while rubbing his cock looking
at my tits. His girl went upstairs to use the restroom and I
had him follow me into the basement. No one saw us escape.
I just wanted to send her man back with a drained cock and my
pussy and ass juices on his face and tongue. I raised my mini and pulled
my tits out. He was begging for my body while he ate my ass.
My pussy was wet all over his face while he fingered my butthole.
I had a small bottle of oil in my purse, so I greased up my ass
and he fucked me deeeep in both holes....non stop. I kept telling
him his girl was going to be out of the restroom soon and he
couldn't stop fucking my butthole. Just to get even with that bitch,
I let him eat my ass and pussy again before he fucked me up my ass.
I wanted his loads, so she got none later that night. He came in my ass
twice, then fucked me from behind and came a third time.
His dick was so soar from cumming, he moaned with pain.
I drained his cock so bad, he kinda cried while I sucked and
sucked. I thought about that bitch upstairs and sucked him
until he shot blanks. I sent him back upstairs to her...hurting! ;-)

It ain't over.....

I was getting dressed and one of his friends came down, pulled
his cock out, bent me over and started fucking me. Another
man came down and started sucking my tits while I was getting fucked.
Two more came down, then four more. All started touching me,
sucking me, fingering me, squeezing my tits. They all took
turns getting their fill of me with my legs in the air, fucking
me hard. Fucking me on all fours. Cumming their loads in condoms.
Dicks in and out of my mouth, me sucking all of them. I was dp'd
and fucked in the ass by all. All got 1 - 3 loads. When one went
back up stairs, others came down. Eventually, I was
fucked by at least twenty of them. I loved going back up stairs
to look at all the satisfied dicks I just pleased. The women hated
me after that. I was a proud whore and didn't care. All those
cocks cummed hard for me, Lateshay, the dick drainer!

Welcum to Lateshay's Profile Page. I'm here for one thing and
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cheeks eating my ass while sticking his tongue deep in
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fucked my ass and came 5 times. I drained his cock!

My email: lateshay36g@gmail.com

PS - If I unfriend you, it's not that I don't want your loads, but
I want to make sure you want these tits. I do cum checks. ;-)
Then cum back to me, stroking your cock while you give me
your loads as you want to be my friend...again. Cum hard.....
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2 days ago
thank you for adding me! love stroking and shooting off to your beautiful tits! they are perfect! hammy humming and keep us cumming!
2 days ago
I sent you a PM
3 days ago
Happy weekend
3 days ago
You are so hot. You make me cum so hard looking at those big tits.
3 days ago
stroking to you!
3 days ago
im stroking x
4 days ago
Would love to have a threesome with you...;)
4 days ago
thank you for the add
4 days ago
thanks for the add
4 days ago
big tits woohh!
4 days ago
Very nice big tits! Love them...
4 days ago
omg i could just suck on those all day long !!!! :D very beautiful
4 days ago
Amazing profile. Wish you would drain me
4 days ago
4 days ago
want to see my cum for you hun?
4 days ago
Where do you live ? I want to cum on your tits.
4 days ago
hello sexy, perfect body
4 days ago
Love too cover your titts with cum....
Add me on Skype mikael.rabi
4 days ago
Superb boobs!
5 days ago
Thanks for the add! You are rock!
5 days ago
thanks for add!
5 days ago
You should upload titfuck videos.
5 days ago
over your amazing tits honey
5 days ago
you are amazing, you have been making me cum buckets for years,
much love !!!!!
6 days ago
Thankyou for adding us us, it has made our day. you have such an amazing sexy body.We have been fans for a long time now. Xx
6 days ago
Wow amazing videos and pics
6 days ago
Thank you for adding me!
6 days ago
U make my DAY,,,Cheeers,