Returning Home

Returning home after my first year at University all I wanted to do was lay out by the pool, I was exhausted and emotionally tapped. My parents had sent me a note telling me that I would not be laying around the house all day and partying all night. They wanted me to go to work all summer for my Dad, I agreed conditional on being totally free for the last two weeks of August for R&R before going back to school. I was 19 with a swimmers body and when my time arrived I had breakfast by the pool and played R&B as I sunned and swam till noon. Our neighbor lady was older than my parents (she later told me she was 55) and nothing special but she had a knowing smile. I had caught her watching me from time to time as I lay out only in my swim suit. I pretended to have not seen her but it made me feel titillated to be watched by an older woman. Even an older woman that was not my usual tight bodied type. The next time I caught her watching I stretched and twisted laying on my back. The more I posed the hornier I got until I was f***ed to painfully lay on my tummy. No question the thought of her pussy getting all wet while lusting for me was intoxicating and probably all only in my imagination.

The next morning was all bright sun and orange juice. Mom came out and asked me if I could go next door and help Anna with a sink faucet that was stuck. Putting on flip flops and a shirt over my swim suit I grudgingly walked to her house. Anna was in a old bathrobe, she smiled and took me to the kitchen. Chattering away she made it clear her husband was off to work and she needed some help. As I twisted the handle to the faucet she rubbed up on me to help. I could see the top of a breast in the V of the robe. She saw me looking. “You don’t have to be embarrassed if you want to see them just ask”. I didn’t answer but simply pulled the robe open with both hands until both breasts cleared the robe. They d****d beautifully, the nipples were as big as my thumbs. “Touch them” ..I did, soft and fleshy… bouncy. “Pinch the nipples” … I did, all hard and sensitive, I saw her eyes close as she whimpered a bit. “I want to give you a blow job and for you to cum on my face and mouth ” . She already had my cock out and was stroking it, spitting on the head as she took it really deep. She worked it till I came a huge load of thick cum. It squirted in her mouth, face, hair, it was running off her cheeks onto her tits. Before I could become embarrassed she gave off a tinkling giggle , “that was tasty”.
Making no effort to clean up she announced “It’s your turn. I want you to suck on my clit till you pop the boatman out of the boat while working your fingers into my pussy until I cum.” Doing as directed I went to work, “Deeper, Deeper” I worked my whole hand into the face of her pussy, sucking and rubbing my tongue on her clit. She told me when to go faster or slower, harder or softer. All the time moaning and hips bucking, suddenly she shuddered all over her knees clamped tight crushing my hand. The convulsion relaxed slowly very slowly. I was so hard again I thought my dick would explode. She giggled saying, “fuck me doggie style and cum inside my pussy that will work off that fresh hard on.”

Well we went through the day that way she wanted her butt stretched and cream pied, more oral, she brought out toys to simulate double penetration. It was thoroughly enjoyable. To this day I like older women that communicate their desires. I even got so I could give her direction I like to start with a full load blowjob I love the way she giggles with cum running off her face.

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4 years ago
Thanks for sharing, man. Understand about details lacking after 10 years.
Maybe you have some more recent experiences to write about, with more detail?
4 years ago
I agree with the more details comment. It's just so damn hard to know where to draw the line. This happened actually over ten years ago and through much of it I was sort too "shell shocked" in a good way to focus on details.
4 years ago
4 years ago
good but more details