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Alan's Spin on Erin's Dirty Fantasies

A little fantasy swap that I have written with Erin’s Dirty Fantasies as a cornerstone.

My name is Erin. Last month i turned 18 years old. Now that i am "legal", my head is spinning with all these sex fantasies that might really happen for me. Up to now, i've only been with high school boys. They are o.k., but they aren't very imaginative. Or maybe they are just scared to be that way. Older guys were afraid of me because they might go to jail. But, like i say, now i am "legal" and a whole new world is open to me.

And I am Alan, a long time admirer of Erin. As a guy that missed her being a half mile from my home on her road trip, this is my fantasy homage to her great fantasy piece. Written in the form of a back and forth exchange over who knows how long all this sexiness would take from beginning to end!

I luv to masturbate and think about all my dirty fantasies. I take off all my clothes and lie on my bed. I rub or pat my clit with one hand while i put the narrow end of an empty wine or beer bottle in my pussy. Sometimes i finger my asshole too. With my eyes closed, away i go into fantasy land.

And I walk in to your room envying the bottle, the hand that caresses your clit, and the finger tip that is now half way in your pretty ass. I grow hard as I undress.

I think about masturbating in front of a guy while he masturbates in front of me. Just as we are about to cum, we move together and i squirt my girl cum on his cock while he shoots his cum on my pussy lips.

I would love to masturbate in front of you while watching you do the same. I can hear the gentle squishing of your wet pussy combining with the rhythmic sounds of my cock stroking. It grows louder as you get wetter and I ooze more and more pre-cum. As you move closer to me and aim to squirt your girl cum on me, a little of it hits me in the face and hangs from my beard, You shoot the rest down my body and on to my rigid cock before it explodes on your pretty pussy.

I think about putting a guy's cock in my mouth and slowly sucking it all in. Then out till just the cock head is in my mouth. In and out for several more minutes. Then i take his cock out of my mouth and stroke it with my hand while i suck on his balls. Maybe i lick his asshole too. Then i beat his cock really really hard against my teenage face until he gives me a facial. Then we go into the shower and he pees on my face to wash the cum away. Maybe he lets me pee on him too.

You would start with stuffing the entirety of my flaccid cock and balls in your mouth whilst on your knees before me. You can only mumble with your mouth that full and there is only room for your tongue to swirl around my balls and the bottom of my cock head. You excite me and my cock slowly grows, inching down your throat. Not wanting you to gag (unless you want to), my balls pop out of your mouth and you are now only left with cock in it. Now you may suck it and stroke it while you lick my balls. I move to the bed and lay back on it so you may now lick my asshole to the tip of my cock and back again. Over and over. You concentrate on my balls and ass while you slowly stroke me and I ooze pre-cum. I stand again and you hit the floor and start sliding and slapping my wet cock against your pretty face until I shoot jet after jet off jizz all over it and into your hair. It run’s off your face and on to your tits. You are a mess and need to be cleaned up. Off to the showers with you! You kneel at the end of the tub and I still have a little bit of jizz on me that you need to tongue off. That done, I stand at the other end of the tub and take careful aim with the first of many spurts of piss that I’ll begin to wash your face with. First shots are to the forehead. The following spurts clear your cheeks, and then it’s on to your lovely mouth and chin. I drain myself as I rinse the cum from your tits. I’m now also splattered with my own piss from the ricochet factor. Stand up! As I ease down into the tub, perhaps it’s your turn to wash me off now.

I think about having anal sex for the first time. I check into a motel with an older guy just so he can fuck me in the ass. First, he fucks my pussy very rough and in many positions to get me hot. Then he pins me up against the wall with my back to him and he puts his cock up my asshole. Slowly at first, and then he sodomizes me much faster.

We could hit a motel if you like, or we could just stay in your room. Before I would fuck you roughly as the prelude, I think that I would have you straddle my face for a serious tongue lashing until you yelped and shot your girl cum on my face. At that point. I’d know that you were wet enough for a long, rough, fuck. As you get closer to cumming, I pull out and wheel you around, pressing you against the wall. I drop, spread your cheeks, and give your asshole a little licking before I stand again. My well lubed cock eases between your firm ass cheeks and slides up and down the length of them before I start to slowly push it’s glistening purple head into your ass. First the head, then out, then the head and a little more, and more, and more until I’m in your once virginal ass to the hilt and go faster and faster. I reach around and rub your clit as I pick up the speed and you grasp at the wall with a small combination of a smile and wince on your pretty face. I pump and rub you faster and faster until the load wells up from my balls and shoots into your tight ass, sending you over the edge and drenching both of our legs with your girl cum.

I think about being tied to a bed while i'm on my back. I'm helpless. A guy is there and he uses me for his pleasure. He uses all of my fuckholes as he pleases. He tit fucks me. He slaps my tits and lightly slaps my face. He cums all over me and leaves his sperm on me. I belong to him.

Yes, you do belong to me after that ass fucking. You are spent as I tie you to the bed, helpless, head hanging over the end of it. There are a few things left undone. Your ass is still likely a little sore from before. I tied you nice and wide and put a pillow under you for a reason. I think I’ll tongue your asshole while I give you a slow hand job of my own. It starts by massaging your entire pussy with the palm of my hand and grows in focus as I start to concentrate on your clit. I try my best to wank you in the same way I saw you masturbate yourself – I know you must like that. I can tell by your breath and shallow grunts that you are getting ready to cum. I move my licking to your clit and 4 fingers into your pussy to give you something to hump as you cum, and my thumb massages your asshole till you are through. I move around front to your mouth for a few licks on my cock to get me wet for the tit fucking that you will now get. I mount your chest and begin. Every so often, I inch up to slap your face with my cock before getting back to it. Before long, I splash you tits with another load of cum. Sorry, my bladder is empty now. You’ll simply have to remain glazed.

I think about a guy taking me to a public park and leading me around on a leash. Then i get down on all fours into the doggy position. The guy fucks me roughly from behind while the other guys in the park are watching. They have their cocks out and are jacking off while i bark like a dog.

The county park on the weekend would be the perfect spot, as there will be many there to observe you. I have brought a nice leash and a new pink leather collar for you. I’ll walk you upright with simply the collar for a while. As you begin to strip off your clothes, you will be put upon the leash and f***ed onto all fours for being naughty. I walk you on all fours for quite some time, attracting more attention than we had ever anticipated. We now have a group of followers. Mostly men, but some attractive and curious young women have joined the parade, too. As we pass a very small tree, you surprise me and our entourage by lifting your leg to pee against it like a male dog. You have misbehaved and must be punished. Fortunately, the now piss soaked young tree has a small split in it’s trunk at just the right level to use as the bottom half of a yoke for your neck as I bind you down in it with the leash. I step in front of you and demand that you suck me till I’m hard, which doesn’t take long at all. Half of the men that encircle us already have their cocks out and a few of the ladies are clutching themselves. Once hard from your sucking – I move behind you to fuck you like the a****l that you think you are. You howl as I enter you in one, swift, dry stroke. As the going gets easier, I notice the many men and women watching and masturbating to the show. We have inspired bucket loads of cum as I pull out and shoot my load upon your tanned back.

I think about letting a guy know what i'll be doing and where i will be going for a couple of days and letting him surprise me. Right when i least expect it, he f***es himself on me and fucks me really rough like he is r****g me. Then he does lots of other perverted things to me.

It would start lightly. First, you would only catch a glimpse of me. Or maybe you only thought you did. Then, perhaps at an ATM, you would feel hot breath upon your neck as my hand slid into your jeans, past your panties, and over your Brazilian bush to give your pussy a rub as I ground my hard cock against your ass, and then I walk away. I would make it build for a while until the moment. Perhaps a nice, dark, parking garage where we could take refuge from the security cameras between the parked cars, as I grab your hair and f***e you down for a quick face fuck and facial. This time I have a full bladder and can wash some of the cum away before I leave and send you on your way, wondering what shadow I crept out of.

I think about letting another girl fuck me with a strap-on. I want to know what it feels like for a girl to penetrate me that way. For her to pull my hair back as she gives it to me from behind. Maybe she will let me fuck her that way also.

Perhaps I have figured out how to get Maria or Jenny to show up to our session. I wouldn’t mind a breather. I could sit back in the chair and slowly stroke my cock as I watch you two go at it. Who knows? After you’re through fucking each other silly, maybe you’re curious about what it would be like to do a man with a strap-on…

I think about all these dirty fantasies when i masturbate and make myself feel good. Finally, all these thoughts make me squirt my girl cum on my stomach. I haven't done hardly any of what i fantasize about. But i am only 18 so there is plenty of time. I still live with my parents. After i move out in June, then i can make my fantasies into realities.

And I think about Erin’s Dirty Fantasies when I masturbate and make myself feel good. I hope that I have delivered a bit of fun in reply, Erin. Do you mind if I take one last taste of the girl cum on your tummy before I leave?

Posted by LapperOfLabia 3 years ago
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3 years ago
The hit and run before I exit for a "work" emergency ~

@ Erin - I'm thrilled that you enjoyed it for an "extended" period of time. I'm flattered, honored, have so much more to say and I wish I had been there to help you clean up. Would have been a special treat!

@ Eric - A thank you to another fine writer. I actually have written a fair amount before, but shelved it for years. My first porn writing. Erin, is indeed, a fabulous muse ~ yes?

@ Peter - Thanks for the heads up. At least this version is now edited properly. Friend req sent. I may still need a little guidance. Tried to post the blog as a story - looked like it went - but see it nowhere now. Pointers? Tips? Profile broken? Just over 100 day Noob?

Back at you all on Fri and/or Sat, and I thank you all!
3 years ago
BTW you can edit blogs*** so no need to post your correction, just fix it. Can't do this with stories though.
3 years ago
Nice work Alan, could post this as a story if want it to really get out there- before Erin leaves us in the near future.
3 years ago
You bastard! You "glazed" my Erin....and I never even thought of that. Yep, I hate you!

Having spent more time with this, I'm amazed that you haven't written a great deal previously. Was it just the absence of a muse? This is well conceived, well done, and most enjoyable.

And now she's coming long and hard to you...! I'll never be the same! It was bad enough when she was peeing on Peter in the shower...but glazing and now this?!

I swoon........
3 years ago
Oh Alan,

I printed out this fantasy swap and put it on my night stand so that i would have it ready for me to read during my morning masturbation session.

When i woke up this morning i locked my bedroom door so my parents wouldn't walk in on me. Then i took off all my clothes (except for my green socks) and got on my bed and started to read this story. All the time with two fingers working my pussy and sometimes my asshole too.

After each fantasy exchange i used my Mr. Rabbit vibe to fuck myself while i visualized that you were really doing that nasty fantasy with me.

This took me over an hour. Actually, an hour and 15 minutes. Way longer than my normal 30 minute morning session. But it was definitely worth it. In the end, my pussy squirted cum and some landed on my pubic hair and i was a mess. Then i took my morning shower to wash myself. I wish you were in the shower to help me.

Love, Erin
3 years ago
Sheesh! Days of editing and I miss the obvious.

OK all - on a re-read... paragraph 7 should have "combining" and not "combing"!

I hate it when the "Porn Check" option doesn't work!
3 years ago
I'm flattered, iansearchof! I never knew that I had porn writing skills till I got started with this - lol! Hope you get a chance to read it at length when time allows.

I have busied myself after this posting with saving as much of Erin as I can think of. I will miss her!

I think that I have managed to save everyone in her friend list in html fashion. Should we create a "We Miss Erin" support group?

Thanks again and a friend req headed your way!
3 years ago
Sorry I didn't have time to read this more carefully, but damnit, Alan, this is so good I have to hate you. I saved it to my favorites for itself and as a keepsake of Erin.

Give yourself a hand...