Just Another Day at the Office

It's early in the morning.. you're unlocking your office as you do every day.... you think you smell a floral scent.. mmm maybe the cleaning crew is using a new air freshner in your office. You drop your briefcase near your chair and slip into the office chair, lean back to put your feet up on your desk..... You're suddenly startled as you feel your chair move slightly, twisting a bit to the side. Thinking you're falling, you lean over to catch yourself as you look under the desk and see me hiding underneath. You watch, fascinated to see what I'll do.... as I lean in towards your chair.. pulling it tight against my body as I slide your legs apart and lean in towards your crotch. I open my mouth and gently close my mouth around your package... blowing heavily out so that you feel my hot breath through your trousers and briefs.. I slip my hands under your hips and pull you tight to my face, nuzzling your body tightly against me.... then I lean back to look up at you as i begin to unbuckle your belt and unzip your pants....... slipping a finger along the ridge of your cock... on the outside of your briefs. I slowly trace my finger slowly, deliberately lower... reaching between your legs to cup your balls through the fabric... I reach inside the leg opening... teasing you with just my fingertips and hot breath.... followed by my tongue, still on the outside of the cloth, a large wet spot forming on your pants from my mouth and tongue.

Impatient that your pants are restricting my mouth from reaching my goal, I push the chair back some and pull your shoes off quickly, followed by the pants, then i push your knees as far apart as i can, sliding my hands along your buttocks, inside the briefs through the leg openings.. my fingernails gently scr****g your skin, my fingers kneading the muscles of your buttocks... I slide my hands back out, keeping them inside the briefs and pulling the briefs off with my hands, slowly sliding them down your legs. As the briefs clear your cock, I see it spring back up with a "boing", hard, erect, shining with precum... stretching out toward my mouth, begging me for my mouth and tongue.

My breath catches in my throat as I stare at your shaft, unable to tear my eyes from the oozing tip. I slip quickly out of my blouse and bra, and lean forward to drag my tits along your crotch, dangling over your body, your cock seeming to reach out towards them. I pull you closer .. working first one nipple, then the other.. into the tip of your cock. I push my tits together as u lean back and thrust your hips forward.. slipping them into my cleavage, teasing my mouth with the promise of your solid cock. Sliding your cock back and forth.. feeling the friction of the skin on skin contact...
Drooling with anticipation, I can't wait any longer to taste you. I drop lower to slide my open mouth down the side of our shaft and back up again.... hearing you take a sharp breath, I look up at your face, and deliberately slide your cock inside my wet mouth...... deeper... flicking my tongue along the shaft... pulling you out ... in and out... deeper... picking up the speed.... pulling you almost all the way out so that i can work on the head.. flicking my tongue along the ridge of your head, teasing the hole with my tongue... then sliding you in very deeply and deliberately as I slide my hand down to cup your balls and run my finger back and forth in between them....

I hear your breathing becoming more labored... your body bucking into my face, unable to control your movements... desperately seeking release. Sensing you're almost there.... I quickly rise, push your chair back a bit, slip out of my pants and slide my panties to the side as I straddle your body. I quickly pull your wet throbbing cock over my soaking slit... and just as quickly slide you in.. both of us breathless.... I quickly, frantically, desperately ride you hard... craving the climax.. wanting to feel you shoot deep inside me... hearing the sucking sounds of your cock sliding out the pushing back in.... the sounds of skin slapping skin... our moans and ragged breathing... frantically struggling to get closer and closer... I lose track of time... submerged in an almost out of body experience as we climb higher and higher.... suddenly i feel you tense up right before your built up pressure explodes inside me... i hear moans.. are they yours? Are they mine? I have no idea... I just ride the waves and jolts and feel the pleasure wash over my body....

I'm spent, you're spent, I gather my things in a daze... wondering what will it be like next time? I can't even imagine...

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