Oooh lala LOVERS voyager

u come out from a shower with jst a towel on u... saying in a naughty way that u jst shave it ;) me... without a word i take my shirt and my short... be naked in bed... u laught and throw that towel... then jump nxt to me ♥ I leaned over ur face and gently kissed ur sweet fresh cheeks... then lightly i put my lips on urs which was so hot and sweet... after many crazy kisses and some frenshy which was realy enough to make my dick go up... oh... i moved my lips down to ur neck... many little gentle kisses... then to ur boobes placing ur whole nipple in my mouth and suck it ;) but the tongue playing around ur magnificent nipple... ur boobes become pink and ur nipples get hard and so erected... so sensitive that much make u moan and moan... ur nipples as hard as my dick which was now being rubbed by ur hand Oooooooooh’s...
the way u do that is too much to handle... i surrender to u and lay back letting u punish me with that... it feels so good babe :*... u rub him up and down making it slippery and quickly u get him to its full hardness.... i guide u to sit on my chest facing me... my hands up to ur hips... i lift u and pulle ur shaved delcious pussy down to my mouth... and my tongue start to play ur zipy line then hit her inside ;)

ur pussy was wet and my finger slipping easily inside... licking and fingring u in a lovely way... make u do the same on me... as u take mine in ir mouth sucking it so good... shooot... u r not joking with this :P
after a few minutes we start to moan and oooh so hot it is... both of us ready to the next moves... i raised ur hips with ur help and turne u to sit on me... my hard dick so wanting to taste u... u sit slowly accepting my him inside u little by little... u kept coming down until i was about half way inside ur pussy.... my hands was masaging ur hips going up to ur boobes and especially ur nipples :*

and u began playing eating mine deeper and deeper till i felt there is no more to go... u take it all inside ooooooooh... u didnt care abt my moans... and continue ur up and down exercises.. a crazy sensation i feel... i jst cnt describe it... i love u babe ♥...

u lay down on me while doing fast hits breathing heavily... as i am too... i reached with my mouth one nipple and suck it again... u moaned even louder... with extra excitement... Oh i screamed quite loudly... ur pussy is making me feel so good... so hot and hungry...

as u was bouncing on my dick... i needed to have ur boobies in my hands... i jst love to play theme babe :* i love to feel ur excited delecious nipples getting hard between my fingers ;)

the rythem becom fast a lil... and u biting me hard and deep as u can... arrrrghhh ur tight wet spicy pussy make me moan as u was moaning too ♥

the way u choose to do ur banging tonight was incredibly amazing... i hardely can breath under u... good u still leting me to have some kisses and hot touches while u fucking me oooooh its irresisteble my love :*

ur moans getting louder as its like u r on it... i smiled knowing that my babe having pleasure and satisfaction ♥ i can feel it from ur body shakes and the wormth of ur pussy inviding me so ooooooh... its time for me i guess to change this for a different thing ;)... u slow down as ur orgasme happening...

I was clearly making u feel happy... and my hero seemed to be good enough... hitting ur pussy in and out slowely with love and passion... it gave me an amazing feeling ♥ that pussy of urs was like squeezing my dick when he is going inside u arrrrrghhh... and he began pulsing as it leaks inside... and my hands hold ur hips pushing u down... its true im cumming arrrrghhh yes... u move ur self and help me with ur hand... taking it all out with a hand job... while smiling in a meany way saying... im milking u babe :P i wish to laught bt wow the feeling was so strong and so good in the same time :)

we end up kissing lips in bed naked ander the blunket... when u surprise me by taking my hand and leading m to bathroom... saying u r not done yet hahaha

i pass it to u to tell wot happend there ♥

and i love u so much my sexy babe ♥
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