The Threesome

My girlfriend, Mave, and I wanted to have a threesome with a guy so we posted it up on my profile. Admittedly, we were pretty picky about our selection. I even wrote up a whole blog post of rules about how to ask us and who we would accept. Here is a link to that post:

After talking with some really nice guys (and a few douche bags) we finally picked somebody. After our night together I told him that I was going to write a story relating the experience and I asked him if he would do the same. We could include a link to the other’s story and coordinate posting them. It would be a kind of erotic Rashomon type thing. He agreed. That is when I realized that we couldn’t post our stories at the same time and both include a link to the other’s story. He agreed to go first, so here is the link to his story:

The only rule we agreed upon was to put anything not sex related into a part 1 and the sex into part 2.

Here is my story.

Part One (If you only want to read the sexy part skip ahead to Part Two).

Mave and I had been together for a few weeks when I brought up the idea about having a threesome with a guy. I really like Mave, and sex with her is great, but there is still a part of me that is attracted to guys. You see, I don’t like dildos. If I want something inside of me I want it to be a part of someone. Unfortunately (or fortunately in some cases) that part is going to be attached to the rest of that person. Mave was a little upset at first. I told her that, just because I wanted to fuck a dick every now and then, my feelings for her weren’t any less nor was there something that she lacked in bed. She was exactly what I wanted when I was with a girl. It is just that sometimes I wanted a guy. But I didn’t want to go off by myself and have sex with a guy. I wanted to bring one home and share him with her. Partly, I wanted Mave to understand why I wanted a guy every now and then. But more than that, I wanted to share the experience with her. I guess she understood because she agreed, reluctantly. Mave told me that before dating girls she had a couple of boyfriends but had only had intercourse with one. And even with him, she had only done it twice.

“The first time,” she said, “was painful and unpleasant. But I tried it again because I’d heard that the first time usually wasn’t very good.“

I agreed. My first time wasn’t very good, but I won’t get into that now.

“The second time wasn’t really any better. My boyfriend was pretty big, as far as I was concerned, and he was a crude lover. It was like he was trying to nail me to the bed. I kept telling him to go easy and be more gentle. He would for a bit and then start pounding into me again. Eventually I got rubbed so raw I couldn’t take it anymore and I finished him off with my hand. The next day I ended up with a UTI. After that, whenever we got intimate, I wouldn’t let him back inside of me. I kind of liked stroking him; I wouldn’t mind doing that again. But I’m not sure if I’m really into intercourse.”

“It just sounds like you had a bad lover,” I told her. “I don’t like big ones either. But if you find one that fits right it can feel really nice. And if it is attached to a guy that knows how to use it, it can feel REALLY nice. Besides, I’ll be there. If he does something you don’t like, I’ll kick his ass.”

“O.K.” She said. “If he seems alright then I’ll do it but I might not do intercourse. I’ll have to see at the time how I feel.”

After looking at a bunch of profiles and chatting with a few guys I finally picked one guy who seemed like a good fit. In fact, the only thing that was missing was a picture of his face. It was only fair, though, because I didn’t post mine. Come to think of it, I guess I could have asked for him to send me one before we met. I’m not sure why I didn’t think of that until now. It certainly made meeting him more exciting. Anyway, we had some really interesting conversations over chat. It may seem weird that that was more important to me than seeing his face but I have to like someone to sl**p with them. Pure physical attraction is not enough. And I think that physical attraction can grow from intellectual stimulation. Though, I did like the pictures and movies that he posted. I guess this would be the right time to reveal the luck guy:

I showed Lupe’s profile to Mave. We looked through his pictures together and then watched his movies. It was exciting to watch Mave’s reaction. I think that she was getting turned on by the way her fingers fidgeted on her legs and her chest heaved with her breathing. After that I let her read through our conversations. I felt a little like I was breaching some unspoken confidence by doing so but I wanted her to understand that the reason I had picked him was more than just for pictures of his dick. Besides, if Mave agreed, I figured we were going to make it up to him. I think that Mave must have been surprised by the depth of conversation that Lupe and I had shared; sometimes two or three exchanges a night.

“Should I be jealous?” she asked me.

“No, you’re the one I want to be with. “ I assured her. After all of this,” I said motioning to the screen, “I consider him as a friend. I also happen to want to play with his…”

“I get it.” She said, laughing. Then she got serious again and said, “I think he’ll do, although it feels pretty weird to be picking someone out like this.”

On Lupe’s and my last chat exchange, we agreed on a time and place to meet. I wanted it to be back at the Hirschhorn, where I met Mave. The museum had been good luck for me once before and I was hoping it would be again. When Mave and I arrived he was the only one there. He was sitting alone on a long, white couch, dressed in all black with a long, brown ponytail. I don’t know what I expected he would look like. I think our fantasy minds fill in the best and worst cases when the reality ends up somewhere in between. He was an average looking guy, and for some reason that made me really happy. If he would have been ugly, I would have been disappointed. If he would have been really good looking I would have been intimidated. As it was he just seemed very real. Mave and I had agreed ahead of time that, no matter what he looked like, we would at least talk to him.

I think that, judging by the look on his face when we saw him, he must have known, as soon as we walked into the room, that we were the ones he was waiting for. Wanting to be sure he really was the one, as we approached I asked him, “Lupe?”

“Yes,” he said, standing up.

We introduced ourselves and then we all sat down and started to talk. Lupe said that he went to see the sculpture that he read about in my story about how Mave and I met. I was impressed and thought that this was a good start. We ended up walking around the museum until closing time, talking about the exhibits together. It was then that Lupe asked if we wanted to get some dinner together. Before I had a chance to answer or ask Mave if she wanted to, Mave answered that she knew a place we could go to. I was glad to see Mave warming up to the situation. She was very nervous driving into the city and talking about art seemed to loosen her up.

We ate at a place across the mall called Teaism, a hip, pseudo Asian café. During dinner we continued to talk and get to know each other. It seems weird to say that after all of the conversations that Lupe and I had together. But it is very different exchanging messages over chat and talking face to face. On chat you can re-read what you wrote before you send it; edit your responses. Talking doesn’t give that luxury. And over chat you can’t see the other person’s expressions, their body language. Based on what I had seen tonight I knew that I had made a new friend. But the time had come for Mave and me to decide if we were going to go through with the threesome with Lupe. I was settled already after our xhamster chats and meeting him in person confirmed it. But I had to make sure Mave was comfortable. As I excused myself to the bathroom I snuck Mave a look so she would know to come too. When got there I asked her, “What do you think?”

“He’s nice,” she replied, “He’s smart, funny, artsy… I like him.”

“But do you want to have sex with him?” I asked.

“I don’t know,” she said, “It is weird to think about that. He’d make a good friend to call up and hang out with. But sex…”

“Sex doesn’t have to mean love or commitment. It can just be fun. Besides, sex with him is really just a new way for us to have sex with each other, something for us to share.” Mave was quiet for what seemed like a long time. Finally she agreed. I kissed gently and hugged her close. “Only as much as you want, O.K.? Your word is law.” She nodded and we went back to the table.

Once we sat down I said to Lupe, “I guess we should talk about why we’re here. You seem like a nice guy. You’re interesting and fun to hang out with. So Mave and I agreed that we would like to go through with this. Do you want to come home with us?”

Lupe actually looked a little spooked when I said that. It was kind of cute. He agreed. We finished our dinner and headed out to Mave’s car. For the first time that evening no one said anything. It was getting a little awkward, so I said, “Just because we’re all going to have sex together doesn’t mean the talking part of the evening is over. Why does talking about sex have to be so taboo?” I thought that maybe I could strike up an interesting conversation and still keep us on topic. It worked and we talked ourselves all the way back to the house.

Part Two

After we arrived at the house we all lapsed back into an awkward silence again. I was afraid if I tried to start up another conversation that we would talk to all hours of the night and end up too tired for the action to be any fun.

“Look,” I said, we all know why we are here so I am going to be logical. Before we get started I think we should all take showers. Mave and I will go first.” I took Mave’s hand and started up the stairs to the bathroom. Once we were all there I turned the water on in the shower. Then I started kissing Mave. She was so nervous that she was trembling a little. I admit that I felt a little nervous too. But I was also really excited so I pulled her close to me and guided her hands up my shirt. I unbuttoned her blouse as she gently squeezed my breasts. The same familiar excitement of touching Mave’s skin was so much more exciting that I started pulling both of our clothes off. I couldn’t wait to get her into the shower. The warm water ran down our bodies. I kissed Mave’s neck, and then shoulder, then took her breast into my mouth and sucked gently on it, running my tongue in circles around her nipple. I love the taste of wet flesh! With Mave’s breast still in my mouth, I looked over at Lupe. He had started taking his clothes off. I told him to stop. “I want to watch you undress,” I said. Mave and I rubbed soap all over each other’s bodies. The feel of her slippery body was incredible.

I love the look of a man’s pants coming off and there being no underwear underneath. (I love the same on a girl as well, especially in sweat pants.) “Would you take your pants and underwear off and then put your pants back on?” I asked Lupe. “You can use the bedroom down the hall.” I figured if I was going to fulfill my fantasy then I would have it play out the way I wanted. Lupe took a long time to return to the bathroom. In the meantime Mave and I rinsed off and got out of the shower. We wrapped towels around ourselves.

When Lupe came back I said, “Your turn.”

Then Lupe said, “Before I get undressed, may I kiss you both?” I pulled him to me and kissed him. While we kissed I gathered up Mave’s hand. Then I guided them together and they began kissing. The sight of the two of them in passionate embrace turned me on more than I thought it would. Forget about watching, I had to get him naked. I pulled Lupe back to me and unbuttoned his shirt and pulled his pants down. I had seen him naked from his profile but a real person is so much nicer than a picture, or movie, even. As he stepped into the shower I said, “Don’t rush, I want to see you enjoy yourself.” He put on a very sensual show; eyes closed and hands all over his body. I glanced over at Mave and her gaze was locked on to him and her hand was slowly caressing up and down her thigh.

Lupe finished rinsing himself, turned off the water and stepped out of the shower. Before I had a chance to say or do anything, Mave pulled her towel off and began drying him off. I did the same from the other side. Then we made our way to the bedroom. Once there we all started kissing and touching each other. It almost seems like a dream now. A tongue on my breast and fingers rubbing my pussy. A dick in one hand and a pussy in the other. Sometimes I wasn’t sure whose tongue was in my mouth. At one point I felt myself gently pushed down on the bed. Lupe was between my legs, kissing my thighs. I wanted to lie down so I pulled him up onto the bed with me. He went down on me. He was pretty good, not too rough. Some men think they have to go full strength to make you feel it. Lupe had a good touch. I looked over at Mave and held out my hand for her to come to me. As she did I guided her on top of me. She tasted delicious and started squirming as soon as my tongue touched her clitoris. But Lupe’s ministrations were driving me mad and I was having a hard time breathing. I had to pull Mave off me or I was going to pass out. I kissed her as I felt my orgasm come. Then, as it was finishing, Lupe put a finger inside my pussy. The feeling of it there as my pussy was still contracting was too much and I came again. I pulled his hand and face away, trying to catch my breath. When I finally did I said to Mave, “You should try him out, he’s pretty good.”

Lupe went over to Mave and buried his face between her legs. I loved seeing her squirm and hearing her moans as he went down on her. I gave her little kisses on her lips and neck and ears as I watched. Mave’s orgasm was beautiful. I couldn’t help but to kiss her and stick my tongue in her mouth. She sucked at my tongue as her body spasmed with orgasmic contractions. Once she finally relaxed she pulled Lupe up to between us on the bed. But she had gotten my mouth excited so I slid down and took Lupe’s dick in my mouth. I held him there, in my mouth, as I worked my tongue around the head and shaft. Then I had Mave come down to the bottom of the bed with me. I liked having her watch me suck Lupe’s dick. But I wanted her to join in too. I took Lupe's dick out of my mouth and offered it to her. She was a little reluctant at first, but pretty soon her head was bobbing up on his shaft. In fact I had to take it back from her when I wanted another turn. It was fun, sharing back and forth, offering and taking.

I climbed on top of Lupe’s abdomen, facing his feet. Then I leaned back, took his dick and started rubbing the head on my clitoris. This is why I don’t like dildos. Nothing feels better on my clit than the head of a hard cock. “You have to try this,” I said to Mave, “It is way better than any toy. No matter hard the dick gets the head stays soft.” She took my place on top of Lupe and began playing with herself with his dick. Now THAT looked sexy. I was going crazy. So I straddled Lupe’s thighs with my one leg over top of Mave’s leg and the other between hers and Lupe’s. I leaned back slightly and pushed my pussy into Lupe’s dick, pressing it into Mave. We both immediately started grinding against him. Flashes of movies of lesbians sharing toys went through my head. Soon, we found a rhythm and were sliding up and down on him. It felt really nice but the position was a little awkward. Besides, I needed that dick inside of me.

I apologized to Mave as I took Lupe’s dick for myself and lowered myself onto it. I grabbed onto Mave and hugged her close, kissing her. It was an amazing sensation, Lupe inside of me and Mave pressed against me. But soon Mave climbed off and lay down next to Lupe. I lay down on top of him as well. I pulled him on top of me and just enjoyed the sensation of his dick sliding in and out of me. Then Mave started kissing and sucking on my breasts. She kissed all the way down my body. But when her tongue touched my clitoris the sensation was just too intense. “I’m finished,” I told her. “It’s your turn.” Besides, I wanted to fuck her.

As Lupe climbed between Mave’s thighs I said, “Wait, I want to put you in.” I slid right up tight against him from behind and took hold of his dick. Mave was almost panting as I used the tip of Lupe’s dick to play with her pussy. Once I found her opening I pushed hard against Lupe, burying his dick inside of her. Mave let out a moan like I had never heard from her before. I pulled Lupe’s hips back with my hands and pushed him back into Mave with my hips. “Just relax and move with me,” I said. It didn’t take long for us to find a good rhythm together. Mave was going crazy, writhing and moaning. I just kept fucking her until; at last, Lupe said he was going to cum. I pulled him out and stroked his cock until I came, I mean, he came on Mave’s chest. I lay down on one side of Mave and Lupe fairly fell down on the other side. I got some tissues and wiped Mave off as best as I could.

All in all it was a really fun experience. We met a pretty cool guy and Mave and I got to share a new experience together. And I got to fulfill a fantasy.

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2 years ago
Fascinating and delicious.
2 years ago
outstanding two beautiful lovers sharing one very lucky guy
3 years ago
A beautiful story and very well told. Thanks for sharing.
3 years ago
very good stroy, parts one and two,, and must saY HE WAS A LUCKY GUY
3 years ago
Great story. I wish it could have been me, but reading this very much turned me on nonetheless.

He is indeed one lucky guy!
3 years ago
One lucky guy :)