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If you read my story you know that I hooked up with a girl. Well, Mave and I are now seeing each other on a regular basis. Things are going great and we are very comfortable with each other. So I figured that I should probably talk to her about my being bi. It turns out that she is too but hasn’t been with a guy in even longer than me. The funny thing about being bi is that it doesn't matter if you date someone of the same sex or opposite, you always feel like you have to come out to them to be honest. It's tough because most lesbians will dump a girl who wants to be with a guy sometimes rather than share and most guys can't deal with a girl being with another girl without them being involved. Being bi is complicated. Anyway, that all being said I talked to Mave about finding a guy to join us and she was pretty excited by the idea. I guess that speaks to how comfortable we feel about each other in the relationship we have begun. So then the question becomes, where do we find someone? I figure we will keep doing all the things we like to do together and if we meet someone, well, great. But, to increase our chances I thought that we could "interview" people from the site who are in our area and increase our odds. I'm probably going to regret this since I already get flooded with messages and invites from people I don't want to know so I am going to lay out the ground rules.

1. Get a bl**d test, and get it the week of the hook-up. I list this one first because I am absolutely serious about being safe. If we pick you, you had better show up with an official piece of paper from your doctor that says that you do not have HIV/Aids, herpes, gonorrhea, etc... This is not flexible. And I will not ask anything that Mave and I will not do ourselves. We will get tested and will have proof that we are disease free.

2. We reserve the right of final refusal. Keep in mind that if we pick you, you will learn our names, see our faces and we will be letting you into our bodies. That takes a lot of trust. If you are genuinely unpleasant, creepy, or any other kind of thing that would make a girl feel uncomfortable it is not going to happen. I don't care if you paid for a plane ticket and hotel, we have to feel safe.

3. Describing how you want to or are going to fuck, suck, is not a way to score points here. Fucking and sucking is the whole reason for this. Fucking and sucking is a given. If you really want to win us over you have to be someone we want to be with. Mave and I are both intelligent and creative women. You are going to have to seduce our minds through intelligent and creative means. Frankly, this is just an extension of the kind of people that I will accept as friends on the site. In fact, you should definitely read my post called "How to friend a girl."

4. No d**ggies or alcoholics. I like a drink or two myself, but this will go down sober.

5. Smoking, although not a definite "no" is definitely not preferred. It just smells bad.

6. It is just recently, for the first time, that I have tried tribbing and it is really nice. One of the things I want to try with Mave and our prospective lover is for Mave and me to trib around a cock. It seems like it should work but I can't quite figure out the logistics. If you send me pictures or a video of this not only will that be a definite plus but I'll send you a special picture of me.

We aren't going to make a decision until at least after the new year so please be patient. If we are interested you WILL hear from us.

Girls, we really would like to hear from you too. Just because we are bi doesn't mean that sharing a girl wouldn't also be wonderful. I just won't let you steal Mave away from me!

Kisses and caresses,


Posted by LadyOfDarkness 3 years ago
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6 months ago
I have Gonorrhea. It's an incredible experience if you know what I mean.
1 year ago
Mine took it just the same by the way.
1 year ago
Altough I understand you having to know about a desiease, That with everthing else. I'm sure you had a hard time. We are exactly like you both bicurious. males before females. And want it always to be right. How did it go? We have found someone that is great for her but not bi curious. Seems like it always goes that way. How about you? Dont expect you to even respond, Just bored and its always nice to talk about, what is liked with others.
2 years ago
i guess that i am way late on this
2 years ago
wow sounds hot are u and her comfortable bout posting any pics?
2 years ago
The story of my life ... A day late. I find a blog from two beautiful women, interviewing men for a threesome, but not until after the deadline.