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[Story] My New Relationship - A Love Letter

You are a woman of rare desire. Your need to be taken and used is found in so few females my love you know what a woman is capable of. You know what limits she can be brought to. You understand what women were were born to do with the men that love them. You crave the intense burning that comes to your insides when you are taken by your man and brought to the place where he will make you become as female as you were meant to be. I know that your nipples respond first as they swell with the bl**d your pounding heart brings to them. As they swell they become so sensitive and they tingle with thi... Continue»
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[Story] My first double penetration

It all went like Roger and I planned. Let me tell you about me first. I've got long, long dark hair, all the way down to my tiny waist. Good-size tits, not the world's biggest but all natural. Nice curvy hips and firm ass, I'm not crazy about my thighs but when they're jackknifed back against my shoulders it doesn't matter how they look, does it?

Roger was a big guy, he was a celebrity bodyguard...never mind whose, I didn't care about that, I liked HIM better. Six foot two, thickest cock I ever fucked, real hard body that felt like heaven against my soft creamy... Continue»
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[Story] Escaping the Streets

True Story: I've had my share of difficulties in this life and then some. But I've survived. Had to sell a little pussy and suck a few dicks. Kept my self clean, but it's not a good life. Every man thinks it's a great life, but for a woman it's not. Been robbed a few times, but nerver beat up.

So one afternoon I'm a little, innocent looking black girl waitint for a city bus in a bus stop shelter in Richmond, Virginia and this white guy stops his car to ask for directions. Found out pretty quickly that what he really wanted to know was if I was available.... Continue»
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[Story] The new Lady in the Woods.

Well I told you about the lovely lady I had in the wood near to where I live and as I said she and her Hubby moved away, but before they moved I had one last fuck with her down in the woods. It was a cold day but we had arranged it as It was probably the very last chance we would have, It was to turn out to be the last but one, but that’s another story another time.
So there we where fucking realy hard on the inflaitable cushion that we took down with us to make things more comfertable, I was right up her cunt to my balls and was giving her a good hard fucking when I realised we where ... Continue»
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[Story] Broomstick

It had been the strangest and yet the most exhilarating time in Sandy's life, these last two weeks. She looked at her naked body and was pleased with her tall, slender body with her small breasts. It was a good body. She could hardly believe she had been a repressed, inhibited librarian just two weeks ago, afraid of sex and feeling dirty whenever her own strong urges overcame her and she rented pornographic videos and played with her pussy until she came, often eight or ten times in an evening. She touched her nipple and felt it stiffen. Then she was k**napped for the entertainment o... Continue»
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[Story] An unsent letter

--I've been married for seven years. And he's my seven-year itch. I wrote this because I couldn't stand just thinking anymore. I haven't touched him. Maybe I never will. But...well, you'll see.--

I want you.

God, I want you.

I want you beside me. I want you *inside* me. I want you to feel my inner muscles clench around you. I want you to fill me, fill me deep. God, I want you inside me.

I want to kiss you, want your lips on mine. I want to kiss your neck and taste your sweat. I want to press against your chest till I can feel your heartbeat in my breasts.
... Continue»
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