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Unusual places where I've had sex

1. In the cabin of an airplane, NOT the was a transatlantic flight, it was the middle of the night, everyone else was asl**p, and the stewardess wasn't looking. (Or maybe she was and liked what she saw....too bad she didn't join us....)

2. In Lake Como, Italy, right in front of the Pope's country residence while the Pope was staying there. We were waist-deep in the water, we pulled down our swimsuits, and the water buoyed me up as he entered me. Oh, that was quite sinful...

3. On the hillside overlooking the Circus Maximus in Rome, Italy, under a gorgeous s... Continue»
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[Story] My first double penetration

It all went like Roger and I planned. Let me tell you about me first. I've got long, long dark hair, all the way down to my tiny waist. Good-size tits, not the world's biggest but all natural. Nice curvy hips and firm ass, I'm not crazy about my thighs but when they're jackknifed back against my shoulders it doesn't matter how they look, does it?

Roger was a big guy, he was a celebrity bodyguard...never mind whose, I didn't care about that, I liked HIM better. Six foot two, thickest cock I ever fucked, real hard body that felt like heaven against my soft creamy... Continue»
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[Story] An unsent letter

--I've been married for seven years. And he's my seven-year itch. I wrote this because I couldn't stand just thinking anymore. I haven't touched him. Maybe I never will. But...well, you'll see.--

I want you.

God, I want you.

I want you beside me. I want you *inside* me. I want you to feel my inner muscles clench around you. I want you to fill me, fill me deep. God, I want you inside me.

I want to kiss you, want your lips on mine. I want to kiss your neck and taste your sweat. I want to press against your chest till I can feel your heartbeat in my breasts.
... Continue»
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