Pregnant and lactating

Note: This is a follow up to my story "Coming Home"

Well – as you can imagine, now that she was carrying twins, Penny’s belly grew at an alarmingly rate. Remember here that she is only 18 and very slender (other than her ass and her tits!). Her belly became so swollen it looked as if it was going to explode and her breasts just became truly humungous.

Gavin absolutely loved it. He loved stroking her enormous, distended naked belly (he still did not allow clothes in the house) – knowing that his two babies were growing inside, warm and cosseted. He adored feeling them kick this lush, ripe young girl from the inside – it was so erotic. He was permanently horny these days – he just couldn’t get enough of her body or her milk.

As you know, milk works on a demand and supply basis – the more that’s d***k, the more is made. So Penny’s breasts were full of milk all the time now – and were now truly huge – her maternity bras (not that Gavin allowed her to wear them yet!) were a gargantuan 44J!!

As for sex, he just couldn’t get enough of her now when he was at home – even though she was heavily pregnant. He took her at least twice before going to work in the morning and countless times in the evenings.

When she got to about 7 months, Gavin could actually feel the babies inside her – a truly awesome experience. He carried on making love to her daily until she was 8 months gone when she went into early labour (a common occurrence with twins) after a particularly prolonged love-making session!

He called the “alternative” midwife they had found over the internet. During their discussions, the midwife had agreed that he could suckle at Penny’s breasts throughout the labour and that he could actively participate in the birth – which was very important to both Gavin and Penny.

Due to their ANR, the birth had to be at home in order to facilitate the suckling process, which is why they had had to find Meredith, a very earthy, bohemian, laid-back, self-taught, midwife,

As soon as she arrived – she instructed Penny to get totally naked and comfortable on the bed. She told Gavin to lie on the bed too and to start suckling at Penny’s breasts. She explained that it would make Penny more relaxed and therefore give the twins an easier birthing time.

Meredith then spread Penny’s legs wide and carried out an internal during her next contraction. This involved her forcing her hand up inside Penny’s vagina mid-pain to check on the babies’ progress – ignoring Penny’s piercing scream of pain. When her hand was inside Penny – she slowly rotated it and felt for both the babies’ heads, before withdrawing her hand – again with a scream from Penny.

Meredith continued to carry out internal examinations at hourly intervals and after 5 hours of labour Gavin, totally fascinated by the whole process, asked if he could watch her examination more closely. Meredith readily agreed and actually suggested that he insert his hand into Penny’s pussy mid-pain in order to feel the babies – which of course he avidly did. It was mind-blowing – the most amazing thing Gavin had ever done! There was his naked, lush, ripe, gorgeous young wife – in the process of birthing his twins – writhing about on their bed – and he actually got to put his hand up inside her stomach and feel his babies! AWESOME!

After another 5 hours of hard labour, and hourly internals carried out by both Meredith and Gavin now (whilst suckling heavily in between), Meredith declared Penny to be fully dilated and ready to give birth. She instructed her to start to push the babies out.

After a lot of fruitless pushes, Meredith told Gavin they would have to help the babies come out. She instructed Gavin to push down hard on Penny’s swollen belly and to ignore the screams of pain. So the next time Penny pushed – Gavin, as instructed, pushed down hard with all his weight on her belly whilst Meredith put both hands inside her, located the first head and pulled. Then, amidst bl**d-curdling screams of pain from Penny, the first baby came out – a boy.

Meredith told Penny to rest for a few minutes and then they repeated the process. As Penny pushed, Gavin pressed down on her belly, Meredith pulled, Penny screamed and out popped a little girl. Both babies were perfectly formed, covered in a mixture of bl**d and a white liquid, and Meredith asked Gavin to cut the cords. Meredith then handed both naked babies to Penny, helped them to latch on and smiled as they instinctively started to suckle at their mum’s breasts.

Meredith then asked Gavin to help her deliver the placenta by again pushing down on Penny’s belly hard whilst she put both hands inside Penny, grabbed it and pulled it out. This time Penny didn’t scream but just writhed uncomfortably whilst holding her babies to her breasts.

After quickly recovering (due to being young no doubt) from the births, Penny soon found herself almost constantly feeding – either the twins or Gavin. She fed the twins in tandem (ie each baby at a breast at the same time) and then Gavin afterwards and all evening. Visitors to the house got used to seeing her with her truly humungous breasts hanging out!

Gavin decided that he wanted her pregnant again in order to repeat the unforgettable experience of the births as soon as possible. Meredith had advised that to get his young, fertile, breastfeeding wife pregnant again quickly, he should fuck her as often as possible and keep his semen inside her for as long as possible. To this end, 5 days after the births, Gavin started to fuck Penny countless times a day and then put a pussy-plug inside her to keep his cum from running out. This meant that Penny spent most of her time either lying on their bed trying to get pregnant or breastfeeding the twins and Gavin!

She was beginning to feel a bit like a brood mare and all because Gavin was determined to get her swollen with his c***d (or c***dren) again! Did he? Well, you’ll have to wait and see!

Take care and love always,
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