Suckling lactating Summer

s Gavin started his drive home, his thoughts turned, as usual, to his lush, ripe young wife waiting at home for him.

Gavin was 49 years old and was an old friend of the f****y. He had actually gone to school with his wife’s father and her two uncles. He had always liked Penny but had only started to look at her in a sexual manner after his first wife, Anne, had died. Penny was 18 then.

She seemed to him to have developed into a woman almost overnight - perhaps because he wasn’t looking at her properly before – and was becoming very aroused when visiting. Soon after, he had asked her father, his old school friend, for his permission to court her. Her father liked Gavin and had readily agreed despite the 30 years age difference. His reasoning was that Gavin was experienced in the ways of the world and she would be in safe hands! So he had informed his daughter of his wishes and what he expected of her – she had always obeyed her father!

Penny was 5’6” tall, slender with a good sized ass on her (plenty to grab hold of) and good c***d-bearing hips. Her tremendous chest measured 34G – a truly large pair of breasts on legs! Gavin had married her as much for her body as for anything else.

They had married just three months after their first date. And now, 6 months on, she was 6 months pregnant - they guessed that she had probably gotten pregnant on their wedding night when he had taken her virginity. He had been surprised to find that she was still a virgin – unusual in this day and age – especially for a girl who looked as hot as she did. But apparently she had become very adept at giving the local boys blowjobs and had kept herself intact!

Because he and Anne had never been blessed with c***dren, he had been desperate to get Penny pregnant. To this end, he had decided that they would not take any precautions as he wanted her knocked up as soon as possible and his wish had been granted! He had taken her four times on their wedding night – despite her moans of discomfort and soreness – and at least twice every day since! He had the stamina of a much younger man – as his wife was rapidly discovering!

Driving down the M1 towards home, Gavin was now rubbing his bulging crotch through his trousers. He continued thinking about Penny.

Since her pregnancy, Gavin had forbidden her to wear anything at home other than a thong, in order that he could watch and stroke her growing belly and swelling breasts whenever he liked.

When they went out, he liked her to dress with plenty of flesh on show – in fact the more the better – so she wore only the minimum for common decency’s sake! Her usual out-of-the-house get up consisted of high heels, a short, bottom skimming skirt with a thong underneath and a crop-top (with very obviously no bra underneath) and her swollen belly exposed.

Gavin just loved the scandalised looks and envious stares they received. He enjoyed knowing that every man (and a good proportion of the women!) wanted to fuck his beautiful, sexy young wife!

When in public, he would take delight in stroking her naked buttocks under her skirt and finger-fucking her pussy at every opportunity. He loved the gasps of surprise she would give and the dawning look of comprehension on peoples’ faces as they realised what he was doing!

He was now rubbing himself harder whilst he recalled their shopping trip at the weekend. Penny had needed some maternity bras for her ever-growing breasts – which were measured on Saturday as 36J and still growing! She had made her selection and disappeared to try them on.

A few minutes later, the assistant came to him and said his “daughter” (an easy mistake to make given the disparity in their ages) wanted his assistance. When he had pulled aside the curtain of her small cubicle, she had been leaning over a chair with her bottom facing the door, totally naked but for her high heels. She had looked over her shoulder and said “fuck me honey – I want you inside me right now” and they had – right there, right then! Heaven only knows what the assistant would have thought if she had checked on them! Luckily she didn’t and after their quick, silent sex session, Penny had paid for her purchases with his cum drying on the inside of her thighs! That was what Penny was like! Unpredictable! Slutty! Sexy!

He now had his penis out of his trousers and was massaging it as he turned off the motorway. Nearly home now – only another 10 minutes. His thoughts turned back to Penny (as they always did these days) and how she had started to lactate as she entered her third month of pregnancy.

As I said earlier, he and Anne had never had c***dren and he had therefore never experienced the joys of breastfeeding. However, from visiting various erotic internet sites (as you do!), he knew about adult nursing relationships and he knew that that was what he wanted with Penny. After all, why marry a fantastic pair of tits and not use them?!

To this end, he had done his research thoroughly. He had decided that he was going to bring her “into milk” long before she had their baby and that he would be established at her breast prior to the baby needing her milk. As soon as they knew she was with c***d (she was actually only a week pregnant when they found out because he had insisted on her doing a daily pregnancy test since the wedding) he started to suckle on both her breasts up to ten times a day. To begin with he was on a month’s leave due to their wedding and honeymoon, so it was easy to suckle two-hourly for the first month.

He ignored her protests of soreness due to the constant dry suckling and continued. He would suckle every couple of hours during the day and then all evening in front of the TV. This was when he decreed that she was to be naked at home – so he had constant access to her tits. In effect, her body became Gavin’s – to do with as he would – and he did!

He was now gently pulling on his naked penis and his breathing had become laboured. He could hardly wait to get home.

Due to the almost constant suckling, as she entered her third month, her milk had begun to come in. At first it had been thin, grey and watery but due to his continuing, unrelenting demand, had soon become strong, white, creamy and copious. He only had to look at her now and she leaked! They had settled into a pattern of him feeding at her breasts in the morning before going to work and then again all evening. He would also fall asl**p suckling and would often then “snack” u*********sly during the night.

Just as he was about to cum, he turned into the drive of their neat little semi in suburbia England.

He quickly got out of the car and hurried up the path. And there she was, waiting on the doorstep – utterly gorgeous – stark-naked - fresh-faced – young - with a very distended belly (they had found out three weeks ago at the 20-week scan that she was actually expecting twins!) and enormous, leaking, milk-laden breasts – all for him!

Without even shutting the front door, Gavin had his trousers open and his fully-erect penis in his hand. Without even greeting her he said “on the stairs – now” and she had obediently lain back on the stairs and opened her legs wide as he pushed his penis into her swollen, wet pussy. He immediately started to suckle on one of her enormous breasts whilst the other one carried on leaking as her let-down kicked in. He fucked her soundly and they both climaxed almost instantly. Joint relief flooded through them – if only he didn’t have to work! If only they could fuck all day!

And what happened when the babies came? Well, I think I’ll save that for another story. If anyone’s interested - let me know.

Take care and love always,
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3 years ago
wow i am so hard and want to suck your tits
3 years ago
God, Your stories are amazing.. Get me so horny and wet it no time..
More please :D
4 years ago
more please
4 years ago
made me hard & horny
4 years ago
keep going please that was very intense and made me very wet