I was Used

I Last night I went to an adult book and video store to mainly buy a new dildo to fuck my ass with.I found a nice 8" real looking one that had multiple vibrator settings and picked up a bottle of lube as well.I of course got sidetracked looking at gay videos and magazines as I held on to my new toy and lube.As I browsed the videos a buff looking obviously gay couple walked in.They were looking at videos and the different lubes.I would peek at them from time to time and smile....very hot....one was 6', blond, 30ish, without an ounce of fat on him...acted like the bottom.The other was less feminine, a little shorter, tatoos covered his thick arms, jet black hair,40ish, and a thick muscular body.
After another glance over at them they both smiled and walked over to me.Noticing my new dildo and lube the blond bottom gave a little squeel and commented how much fun he could have with it....and the top said what a shame such a hot guy didn't have the real thing.I blushed and said I didn't have a regular boyfriend that I was just a slut for cock.Then they both felt up my ass and cock whispering to me that I could be a slut for them.The clerks behind the counter saw that and told us to take it outside....I was really blushing now and still had to pay for my dildo and lube.My new friends stood with me as I made my purchase and we left. Outside they asked me to go to their van in the parking lot a block away and I agreed as my cock swelled and twitched.They asked if I would like to play in the back of the van a bit.As we walked they asked what I enjoyed with men and I said I was still learning but loved a good ass fucking as well as getting throat fucked.They asked about rimming saying that they both loved that.I was getting more and more excited and told them I'd love to see the back of their van.
When we got to the van I noticed what looked like a woman sitting in the passenger seat. She rolled down the window and asked my new friends if they had brought her some candy.They nodded and pushed me in the back.The top and woman got in back with me as the cute blonde bottom started the engine and began driving away. I protested asking where they were taking me.The woman ordered me to shut my mouth unless a cock was in it...and proceded to drop her black mini skirt....revealing no panties and a big throbbing cock.The top grabbed me pulling my hair and saying I was to do as told and I might even enjoy it.The cock of the shemale was pressed to my lips as we drove off.I opened my mouth and swallowed it down doing my best to please. I sucked it to groans of pleasure as my clothes were being removed. I was totally aroused as the shemale slapped my face with her cock....I was put on all fours and the top shoved his cock down my throat....the shemale took her top off revealing large breasts which made my cock hard.I sucked Cock with great passion to more groans of pleasure....feeling a tongue in my ass..and then that big shemale cock slowly slid in .....all the way in...holding it in deep as I moaned in pleasure and pain thru the cock in my mouth.I asked to use condoms and they laughed at me saying I wouldn't get pregnant.She pounded my ass like I've never had before as I cried in pain.My Cocksucking suffered so the top slapped my face a few times.I got back to sucking with tears in my eyes hoping the The cock in my ass would cumm soon.Then they switched ,cleaning my ass juice of the shemale cock and a new big cock fucking my gaping asshole.This tag team scene went on for a few more minutes until the van stopped.We were in an industrial area and the three of them led me still naked into a dimmly lit warehouse.Inside I was led down a long hallway until we entered a big open nightclub like setting. There were about 20 guys and a few shemales/ crossdressers lounging about having drinks and sex.My shemale pulled me by my cock to a small stage with a mattress on it announcing to the crowd that I was to be used by all that wanted some.I strangly was getting off on this treatment and knelt pulling her cock in my mouth. She throat fucked me good as I gagged and drooled.Then a crowd formed around me, Cocks were everywhere, I moved from one to another Sucking, stroking, and licking.Soon I was on all fours with Cock after cock pounding my gaping ass as assholes were pressed on my mouth to lick and probe with my tongue.Cocks were cumming in my ass, on my back and face, and my open mouth.I was cumming without a touch to my cock just by getting ass fucked....never had this happened before.I was ordered to lick my cumm up of the floor or mattress when I did cumm which I eagerly did.Then the hottest part of my experience happened....6 shemales/ crossdressers suurounded me and used me.Cocks and tits, tits and cocks,all pretty, shaved and nasty.They took turns laying under me.As my ass got fucked my cock was sucked...as I sucked 2 or 3 at a time.I managed 2 in my mouth at once but not 3.Cumm filled my ass and mouth. I had cumm all over my body, my ass and jaw were sore, but the cocks kept coming. I tried to just suck but to no avail...in fact two cocks were lubed up well and fucked my ass for a bit together.More cumm blasted me over and over.Finally it tapered down to just one or two cocks around me.I finished off the last Cock that wanted me and was grabbed by the top that brought me there.He led me out to the van where his cute bottom was the driver.He put me in the back and bent me over for one last ass fuck as we drove.He told me my ass was really stretched out compared to earlier that evening...laughing as he blew his load. The van stopped and he pulled me out, gave me my dildo and lube but not my clothes. I begged for my clothes and they both laughed.They had dropped me on a busy street near a seedy strip mall...no where near my car.So there I was ...covered with cumm, holding a big dildo and lube, and with every step I took...a pussy fart from my ass would release some cuumm that had filled it.It was late so not too many people were out and just started walking towards where my car was parked 2 or 3 miles away. I was getting hard thinking of my plight, naked ...cummm covered slut walking the streets.I came upon a couple of guys that were up to no good at a corner, they looked at me laughing..calling me a fag..ect.They started pushing me around...threw my lube and made me suck my new dildo. As they got more violent I cried to them to not hurt me...let me suck you off...please...anything.So out came their dirty uncircumsised cocks, and they both violently throat fucked me splattering my face with more cumm.After they came.....A cop car zoomed up.....I was on my knees still, they ordered the two punks on the ground...searched and cuffed them. Then their attention turned to me...asking why I was naked in public....I explained ....some friends had stripped me and left me as a joke....but they saw what I looked like covered in cumm and called for back up ...they didnt want me in their car.The punks and I were arrested for indecent exposure and sex acts in public.I was taken to the main jail cleaned up and thrown in a holding cell until I was realeased the next morning.
Now I have to get another dildo and some lube...Damn it.....
licks and sucks

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8 months ago
So exciting so HOT!
2 years ago
2 years ago
made me cummm hehehe
3 years ago
Very hot!!!!
3 years ago
Wow, what a night.
3 years ago
Very hot story. To bad about your dildo but at least you had fun!