Tough Times For Trisha

Trisha works at a construction firm as a receptionist/secretary and recently her husband Jim was laid off from his job as a middle manager of a software company relocating out of the country. They were almost newlyweds, having celebrated their first anniversary a month before.He was making six figures and they had a nice, big house ...with a nice, big mortgage.Things were going to be tough but with Trisha's pay and Jim's unemployment they would scoot by.
Trish knew her company was feeling the effects of the slow economy but things seemed OK. Unfortunately a new project that they had won the bid on fell through when investors backed out at the last moment.
It was a f****y owned business run by the father Ken and his two sons,Tom and Hank.They employed twelve permanent employees including Trish. After the news got out about the Bid falling through a meeting was called and pink slips handed out to half the crew and one to Trish. It was an emotional meeting in which Ken said there just wasn't enough work to keep everyone on.
Trish was devastated, they were sure to lose the house, and Jim was already in a depressed state.When she got home she kept quiet about the situation.Her mind was racing....trying to figure out what to to tell Jim and how to keep from crying.She decided to take a hot shower and bath in the jacuzzi tub to calm her nerves. As she undressed she saw her image in the mirrors and remembered how everyone said how beautiful she was,how men constantly hit on her and how wet her pussy got when they did.How she fantasized about Fucking everyone from the UPS guy to Ken the boss.
As she showered she wondered if she were to slut it up a bit maybe Ken and his boys would keep her on, after all they were always flirting with her.She knew they were all cheating on their wives from the phone calls and lunch dates they never came back from.She also knew she was much hotter than the women they were seeing. She got in the tub and turned on the was massaging her clit just right and she began thinking of what it would be like to be a whore. She massaged her double D real breasts and spread her long legs to get at her pussy properly. Working herself to orgasm she decided to try to Fuck her way back on the payroll when she went in tomorrow to clear out her desk and pick up her severance pay.
The next morning She was up at 7 am just like a normal work day and left Jim with no reason to think anything was different.She was having second thoughts because if Jim found out she was fucking around he would be devastated.He had been good provider and capable lover and she didn't want to hurt him but he wasn't doing anything about their situation. His days were moping about feeling sorry for himself.He wasn't even interested in Sex. So those second thoughts were disappearing and a primal urge to Fuck was taking over.
She had to get in slut mode and recalled her days as a party girl going to the clubs in Santa Monica and Hollywood and how she prepped for those nights.First she went to the Salon and had the works done....manicure, pedicure,bikini wax cut and style.After she stopped for lunch at a local brewery/ restaurant. Sitting at the bar with a margarita and a salad a group of guys sat next to and surrounded her chatting her up.She hadn't even had a chance to go get a slutty outfit to really look the part but they were really coming on to her...even though her wedding ring stood out prominently on her left hand.She just had her normal work attire on,low cut white blouse black skirt and her favorite black/ yellow pumps.She felt eyes staring holes through her blouse at her breasts and her nipples hardened , pussy dampened and nasty thoughts filled her head.
The group of guys were real cute and appeared younger than her 32 years.They were on vacation visiting Southern California from the Chicago area.They all appeared to have money....the bling they wore showed that and were all well dressed and groomed.She took a count in her head and there were six of them....six for sex she thought....wondering if they would pay to have her be their party girl.
Soon she was having shots of Patron with them all and things were loosening up.She was getting real horny....and they were taking liberty's touching her thighs and hair.She thought she'd really talk the naughty talk that got her in the VIP rooms at the clubs back in the day.First she said she was a nymphomaniac and hadn't been properly Fucked for a couple days.Jaws dropped and laughter and dirty comments followed.She followed that she liked group sex the best especially when she had multiple Cocks to service.Her thoughts went to what a whore she was for saying that but her desire had overtaken her inhibitions.One of the young studs whispered in her ear that they had some rooms at the hotel adjacent to the restaurant and if she'd like to join them there they could do something about her needs.She whispered back to him that she was in financial straits and wondered if she could garnish a tip from them all if she was a good girl doing anything they desired satisfying their kinky desires.At first he was taken a back by her comment...then he smiled as he looked her over....calling the others over to him for a discussion. As the talked it over they eyed her like a lion looks at a gazelle and were nodding approvingly.She looked them over as well ...licking her lips as she stared at their crotches.They came back to her and quietly told her what she had to do as they ordered another round of shots and beers.
She was told that she would be used by all of them in any way they chose, it could be all six at once or any combination that might occur, maybe even one on one.....And she would have to accompany them to Las Vegas tomorrow.Then and only then she would get a tip.Her mind raced for a response....what would a pro say to negotiate....She thought I don't have anything with me to travel with...Will this be safe...I don't have anyone to protect me...The more she thought about the uncertainty of the situation the hotter she became.She blurted out SHE would determine the tip amount after they went up to the hotel and she saw what she was working with. Multiple days demanded multiple tips she added.
The guys all mockingly acted obedient and they all toasted to a good time.They paid her bill and theirs and she left nervously with them all. As they walked across the parking lot they commented on her long blond hair, big tits, tight ass, and long luscious legs.As they entered the hotels elevator she grabbed one guy and kissed him deeply as she grabbed another's Cock.....another person tried to get in but they told him the elevator was full.She was passed around getting groped in all the right places as she kissed as many of them as she could.They were on the 11th floor but they stopped it in between the 8th and 9th....and pulled out their Cocks.Her bra and blouse were removed and her perfect breasts were exposed to hoots, grabs and licks.She looked the Cocks over and was impressed....all Rock hard and of good size....two were huge! She sunk to her knees and grabbed the closest one....swallowing it until she gagged.Six hard Cocks surrounded her face as she took turns sucking each one, They pulled her up and started the elevator telling her she was in for a good fucking.They all exited the elevator and headed to their adjoining rooms with Trish carrying her bra and blouse...topless...make up messed up but smiling like a k** in a candy store.An old couple was in the hallway and the old lady covered his eyes...but he managed a peek as Trish turned to show him a good look to a round of laughs.
They all entered one of the suites...two others adjoined with open doorways.Great rooms with all the amenities....even big screens which they put a pay for view porn movie on.Clothes were flying....Trish stood before them and slowly removed her skirt, her heaving breasts already exposed, her thong and heels all that remained. The Cocks were twitching in anticipation as she slid the thong aside to show her wet pussy lips sliding first one, then two fingers in.Moaning in anticipation she recalled she had never done more than one guy at a time in her life.How deprived she was, she giggled inside. She had done three different guys one night in the VIP room when she got too d***k...but this was going to be a trip.
She eyed them all and went to each one inspecting each Cock like a quality whore would commenting on how nice and hard they all she was fondling one he started cumming and she got her mouth on it after the first spurt swallowing the Cock juice like it was champagne to applause.As she rose from her knees with traces of cumm dripping down her chin she continued massaging the softening Cock telling them she wouldn't let a early cumming ruin his fun saying they needed to negotiate the terms now....
She asked them what they thought was fair for the three days of pleasure they all were to have....The alpha stud with the biggest Cock told her $100 a day and all expenses paid, commenting she was gonna get as much as them out of this. She pulled her hand off the soft Cock and grabbed for her clothes as the guys scrambled to stop her.She told them that was insulting...she wasn't some street whore off the strip.They grabbed her and threw her on the bed restraining her as she writhed to get free. She demanded to be let go but soon a Cock filled her wet pussy and hungry mouth.Her writhing soon stopped as did any restraints and one after one they pounded her pussy and came in her mouth which she eagerly swallowed.
After the last Cock filled her mouth the guys went off to their separate suites except for the Alpha stud and the cutest guy of the bunch as this was their suite.The alpha males name was Josh and he told her she had agreed to do as she was told and the money issue could be settled after the fact...and slid a $100 bill in her soaking pussy.He continued to say that the $100 was just wages not a tip and if I wanted more I needed to earn it.She nodded in approval and laid back in orgasmic bliss thinking to herself that she'd of paid them for the great Fucking she just received.The cute guy was hard again and brought his big Cock over for her to Suck which she gobbled up like the starving slut she was.He wasn't just cute he was well hung too!Josh watched while stroking his Massive Cock to hardness again as she swallowed the one in her mouth balls deep.Josh told her he was going to Fuck her tight little ass, commenting her pussy was oh so tight and really was a snapper. She tried to object but the cute guy pulled her head on his Cock so she garbled the words through his man meat. The cute guy told her to Suck slut...and added she needed to be Dpd.Trish was turned on but worried ...her ass was guy had wanted to Fuck her ass....she had used toys on it and enjoyed that but Josh's Cock was so big and Thick.As she sucked cute guy Josh brought his over reminding Trish of her daily tip, slapping her cheeks roughly with it.He told cute guy to get some lube and he pulled out with Trish coming up for air.As she caught her breath Josh's manhood was tongue length from her lips and she told him to lube her up good. She flicked her tongue on the head of his Cock as he groaned and Cute guy was back with the lube. They flipped her over and lubed both her holes liberally with their tongues licking the pleasure zones from time to time.Josh bent her over the bed and spread her cheeks wide inserting first one and then two fingers in the virgin hole to gasps from the newly christened whore.He told cute guy that he should Fuck her ass first because he wasn't as big and it would be get her used to a good ass Fucking.Josh shoved his throbbing tool in Trish's open mouth as cute guy slowly slid his Stiff Cock in her ass...holding it deep and then starting a slow but steady ass Fucking.Trish was crying out through her Cock stretched mouth in both pain and pleasure as her virgin ass finally was being Fucked.Her howls became louder and the other four guys came back in the room and yelled out they wanted some ass too.Cute guy really started pounding her ass saying how nice and tight it was.... that he was close...Trish managed to pull Josh's Cock out of her mouth long enough to yell out fill my ass ...fill my asshole with your hot Cumm!!!She was amazed how great it felt after first being so painful ...but now she felt that she was having a sort of anal orgasm...and when Josh filled her mouth again and touched her clit roughly she had a massive howling, orgasm...Squirting her juices like never before....and then the Cock in her ass exploded... she grinded on it like a good whore would until he softened and brought it to her to lick clean. She was hesitant, after all it was deep in her asshole but was fully aroused, it looked clean and she wanted a good tip.She seductively licked it from his balls to the tip and sucked some remaining cumm from it...amazingly he recharged and was hard again.Cumm was leaking out of her ass and she felt wonderful....Josh asked her if she was ready as two of the other guys brought their man meat over for Sucking.Cute guy said he wanted to be in Trish's pussy when Josh pounded her ass and she in her best whore voice said to fill all my holes boys...cumm all over me and in me...use me all day and night.
Cute guy lay on the bed and she mounted him riding his recharged Cock like a wild a****l as the other four took turns shoving theirs down her throat, and then Josh slowed her telling her her asshole had a nice gape to it and was going to fill it with his Cock and load...she garbled out through the Cocks in her mouth to do it ...treat me like a whore.Josh wasn't gentle, he lubed up and slid deeply in as cute guy held his in her sloppy, wet pussy.They held her to keep their Cocks deeply in feeling each other through her holes,then started a simultaneous rhythm that got deeper, rougher and faster...she had to pull the Cocks out of her mouth to scream at times but was mainly moaning in orgasmic pleasure.Soon Josh made a deep thrust and she felt the powerful bursts of man juice filling her asshole. He pulled out and cumm was dripping down her legs. He brought it over for her mouth to clean and she didn't think twice this time, gobbling it up and licking it from tip to his asshole, as another Cock filled her gaping ass.She was having orgasm after orgasm,so many they ran together like a constant erotic dream.Cute guy was replaced by another Cock before he came and filled her mouth with another load.
Trish thought to herself so this was what being airtight was...being gang banged she continued to be used by the remaining stiff Cocks. She was Fucking and Sucking like a Porn Star.She remembered a girlfriend from the club days telling her how sexually satisfying having all her holes filled was and she thought how gross that was to do.But now as another Cock filled her ass with cumm and she had another massive orgasm she thought how stupid she was. She realized she should have become a whore/slut years ago.
As the last Cock filled her ass with hot cumm and she had cleaned them all with her mouth she finally got a break. The guys had all gone off to shower and dress to go out to a bar in Santa Monica and she took the opportunity to go out on the balcony to have a smoke and a beer....naked with cumm all over her and in she had requested.On a neighboring balcony a older man was having a smoke himself and looked over with lustful eyes...she gave him a good look at her well used body bending over to give him a look at her pussy and ass. She yelled out she had had a real good time with a bunch of guys and didn't have time to dress and hoped he wasn't offended. He just laughingly yelled back he wished he had been invited.
She came back in and Josh told her they were all going out and to just clean up, rest and order some room service. They would be back late and may have some company with them so be prepared to party. He added their flight was leaving from Burbank tomorrow at 11am so be prepared...get what you need to travel.She said she didn't want to go home to get travel bags ect because she didn't want to see her husband as he threw her an envelope. She opened it and in it was $2000 .... he told her again get what you need, that should cover it and earned it baby...we had fun, and I think you did too.Just wait 'till Vegas... you're going to have a ball!
They all left and she had the run of the three suites...Porn was still going on the big screen showing a hot slut getting gang banged just like she had, the mini bars were fully stocked...all she needed was room service and a hot bath. Oh Yeah ....what about her Husband??????

The End of Part 1
Next.....The Balcony,Room Service, and Vegas
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1 year ago
great start where is the rest?
1 year ago
that was great wheres part two?
4 years ago
good one. cant wait to read part 2
4 years ago
I need to find some rich young guys like these
4 years ago
Kind of something I experienced years ago, Oh to be young!