Adult Book Store Fun

I love Cocks, they look so hot to me, throbbing, needing to be pleasured to climax.Since moving it's been hard to find regular playmates to satisfy my desire to service and satisfy cocks as I need. I watch so many cams of juicy, hard cocks on here that they put me over the edge from desire to absolute need. Watching them I stroke my meat dreaming of sucking until I squirt a big load of hot cumm in my hand and drink it down, licking my hand clean wanting more.So perverted I know, just can't help myself.I'm a dirty cumm slut ready for use.

The other day I decided to go to the local adult bookstore to get some lube and check out some videos.I had never been before but had noticed it one day behind a shopping center I frequent hidden away from view down a back ally way. It was late afternoon and I was so horny my Cock was throbbing.When I parked I noticed at least a dozen cars and thought it must be crowded.I went in and was surprised to see only a couple of guys browsing. It is a big store with everything you could imagine.I went to the videos for sale and rent area and began looking through them.One other guy was checking them out as well, and as I was digging through the Shemale videos he slowly walked over to me whispering "you should go in the arcade and enjoy some videos in there". As he walked away he motioned to me to follow, and being a good looking man I eagerly did.

I hadn't noticed when I first entered the store but behind the checkout counter was a sign saying "arcade" with an arrow pointing down a hallway.My new friend headed down the hallway as I stopped at the counter to purchase some lube. A younger guy and girl were there to help me and as I finished my purchase I asked about the arcade.They told me it was very popular and I should check it out.They explained the main rule was while occupying a booth to keep money in the video machine.Three minutes for every dollar. I thanked them and strolled down the hallway.

At the end of the hallway it opened into a large room with three rows of booths six deep.A wall had over a hundred videos with numbers on them that were available for viewing in the booths.There were a couple of guys milling around looking at the videos so I joined them.Nice looking older guys like myself, I was a bit nervous but very aroused. One of them got close to me and brushed his hand across my ass, and then my crotch.Our eyes made contact and he winked with a naughty grin.The other guy pointed to a booth, motioning to me to go in, so I did.

Once inside I closed the door and sat down in the chair in front of the video machine.It was dark, a small red light dimly lit the booth.I noticed a box of tissue and hand sanitizer wipes..... and two big holes in the walls to the adjoining booths.I knew what these were from watching videos on the internet and my cock immediately became hard.I wanted to look through them but was to nervous. I could see bare legs with pants on the floor from my seat and my imagination went wild.

I put two five dollar bills in the video machine and selected a gay threesome video.My cock needed my hand on it so I undid my pants, dropping them to the floor, and began a slow stroke after putting some of my new lube on it.The video had a hot guy sucking a massive cock with another deeply fucking his ass.I so wanted that!As I stroked away my desire for cock overwhelmed my nervousness and I peeked through one of the holes.I saw a younger guy with a nice, big, hard cock sticking straight up sitting in his chair facing me.I almost pulled away but it was an intoxicating view and my face stayed at the hole.He slowly stood and soon that big, hard, gorgeous cock was sliding through the hole.My hand instinctively gently grabbed it, and began stroking.It twitched up and down as I massaged it, and he shoved his clean shaven balls through as well.I cupped his balls and massaged them as I began licking the shaft and cock head.I slapped my face with it and sucked his balls.I had to have it down my throat!

I swallowed it to the balls and began slurping and sucking away to noticeable moans from him.Licking, sucking, stroking, slapping my tongue as a good cumm slut does with a cock, I noticed another big, hard cock sticking through the hole on the other side.Now I was on fire!I reached back taking my hand off my cock to stroke it as I deep throated the first.I wanted a mouthful of hot cock juice so bad!I could taste some precumm and sucked faster, massaging the others balls along with firm strokes to the shaft.As I had it all the way down my throat with my tongue out licking the big balls, he knocked on the wall...and exploded down my throat. Spurt after spurt of hot cumm filled my mouth as I continued stroking the other.It tasted so good, but made me want more.

I gently licked and massaged the spent cock until he slid out of the hole.Now I could focus on the other.And boy did I!Right away I swallowed it to the balls, licking those beautiful balls as I held it deep down my throat.I wasn't as gentle now and ferociously sucked it like a cumm crazed slut.Soon another cock poked though the other hole,making me wild with desire.As I let go off my cock grabbing it the door to my booth opened, and in came a guy.He calmly put some bills in the video machine as I went back to work on the hot cocks presented to me.

My new friend in the booth with me was one of the guys I first saw when I came back to the arcade.He dropped his pants and pulled out a beautiful cock, stroking it to complete erection as I continued my service.He rubbed it on the back of my head while I sucked away.Then he put it next to my mouth allowing me to fit two cock heads in.He moved back and forth allowing me to finish off the cock I was sucking.A second big load of hot cumm filled my mouth and dribbled down my chin. My new friend then stood me up and sat in the chair, his cock sticking straight up, as he sucked me, as I continued stroking the one through the other hole. He slid the chair around so he faced the hole with the cock poking through, moving me so my ass faced him as he tugged on my cock, with me able to suck it.And so again another cock was in my eager mouth.

I sucked away,cumm and saliva dripping down my chin with my friend alternating sucking my cock and tonguing my tight ass making me ready to explode,and I did, with him slurping my load all up.The cock in my mouth was real big and was making me gag.My throat was getting a workout and was wearing out, but I kept at it, licking, kissing, stroking, sucking, and slapping my tongue with it.My ass had his tongue deep in it now, and soon fingers with lube were getting it ready.

The cock in my mouth was just about there,throbbing and precumm leaking in it when I was pulled back and down.I guided my wet hole onto his throbbing manhood, slowly feeling it fill my fuck hole. I gasped in pleasure as I sat completely down on it with the gloryhole cock fully down my throat.The ultimate in dirty, filthy,cumm slut sex!I got into a rhythm sucking and fucking as my friend stroked my cock hard again.The cock in my mouth began spurting it's hot cock juice but slipped out causing it to cover my face as I held it, licking the head.

MMMMMM... now I focused on getting my ass fucked real good.I rode it to moans of pleasure by us both as he kept stroking me.Two faces were watching us through the holes so we repositioned to give them a better view. I was in heaven and blew another load all over.A moment later I felt his cock spasm deep in my ass. Spurt after spurt filled it to leaking. As I rose off it he licked my hole clean and gave my cock a few sucks.I returned the favor and then we caught our breath.Totally fulfilled I grabbed my pants and put them back on, wiped the cumm off my face, first with my hand licking what I could up, then with the sanitizing wipes.There was cumm in my hair but oh well.My friend continued to sit and two new cocks poked through the holes.I was tempted but was worn out, so gave them a tug or two and guided one in my friends mouth, putting the other in his hand.

I opened the door and walked out to find two guys waiting to use the adjoining booths, and other guys cruising around looking for fun.Damn this was a hot experience.I left the arcade, walked down the hall to the front desk and as I was leaving the two employees both said, "Bye now, cumm back soon" with winks and devilish grins.Outside, as darkness approached, the parking area was filled, and now I know why! I've been back a couple of times since and enjoyed myself immensely.I just luv Cock!
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1 year ago
Sounds like fun!
1 year ago
Fucking hot loved to have been there
1 year ago
gr8 story! was so hard reading it!
1 year ago
cock is good
1 year ago
I have always loved the book store arcades. Whenever I visited one I would enter a booth, strip naked and make sure that the door was unlatched. It wouldn't take long before someone would push open the door and ask if the movie was hot or not. I would invite him in to see for himself and would begin to run his hands up and down my naked flesh. I would get his cock out of his pants and begin to suck it. Sometimes the man would cum in my mouth and sometimes they would fuck my ass. Either way was great but sometimes another man would join us and I would get it in both holes.
2 years ago
Great story!
2 years ago
Greaat story!!
2 years ago
loved it