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My first gangbang

I always fantasized about having sex with more than one guy. I used to masturbate to the thought of being gangbanged, my pussy would be dripping wet from just the fantasy. Eventually I knew I had to get fucked by more than one dick, I needed more than two dicks! I wanted cum all over me and inside my pussy. I had a boyfriend in college while living in Georgia, but he would not help fufill my fantasy. And he wouldn’t allow me to even try. I knew I’d have to go behind his little naive dick and find some men to satisfy my inner slut. I’d heard about a swingers club in Atlanta that I could go to f... Continue»
Posted by lustydonna 3 years ago

Kandys Birthday Fuckfest

So I take you my Champion Cock Sucker, to a party at my friends bar. It's this shitty little townie bar on main street right alongside the railroad tracks. All the normal guys are gathered to watch the Olympics, it's clearly a cock party, no girls other than her. Tonight, you have gone extra slutty, a rainbow colored halter top with no bra, (my god, those sweet tities are fighting gravity and loosing their battle) and a short white skirt with no panties. As we stroll in all eyes are on you and you cracks a cat that ate the canary smile. I shoot a hello to my boy Scott that runs the place, he k... Continue»
Posted by dirtyslutmommy 2 years ago

[Story] Nadia's Ill Advised Street Walk part 2

*** This story (as well as Part 1 posted previously) is a work of fantasy fiction told within the confines of current events, written by nadia877 at the instruction of Maximos9. It is NOT meant to be interpreted as true, or as something that should ever occur in reality, but in one’s mind, it can exist quite beautifully. ***
Somehow i had fallen asl**p, more from sexual exhaustion than anything else, and slept for awhile, but i had no idea how long. Was it minutes or hours, i had no way of knowing, but i was still alone in the room, laying naked on the bed with my collar chained to the ... Continue»
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Black Cock Slut Contract

I hereby agree to follow all of the terms of ownership below as the rightful property of my Master.

1. My Master can call me at any time to speak to me or tell me that he is coming over to make a booty call.

2. I will respect and take care of my body for my Master and ensure that my cunt is kept neatly shaven/waxed at all times.

3. I will watch IR porn whenever I am alone and want to cum, I will never watch porn or look at images with white ‘dickies’ in.

4. ALL of my orgasms will be ‘black’… I will always imagine or have BBC in me at the point of orgasm.

5. I will model myself a... Continue»
Posted by samanthakay1232 1 year ago

[Story] first adult m2m.. and he is black

some years back i was cruzing this porn shop that had alot of bi and gay movies and as i was walking back to the booths i was passing this tall black man.. i am wearing some pretty tight sweet pants bright yellow and he reaches over and grabs a handfull of my dick and balls.. i am pretty shocked and do the same to him... he smiles and says want to join me in a booth and watch a movie.. i am scarrrred not only is he at least 6'5" and 230 .. this is my first man to man adult pick up .. but i am horny and very excited so i follow him to the very back and inside.. in go some tokens and down go his... Continue»
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I was down in the basement rummaging through a few cardboard boxes that were in various states of decay when I found one which contained about six dvd discs. They were unmarked and the couple of the jewel cases had been smashed by some rough, insensative handling. I put them aside for the moment and continued digging through the boxes but found nothing of any interest. I was upstairs when I rememberd about the discs and ran back to fetch them. I just suspected that they were nothing more than boroing old home movies transfered over onto dvd and gave them little thought until later in the eveni... Continue»
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Rules for white women for black cock. <3

These are some rules I follow since I have learned we white girls are for the black race. =3

1.) No condoms.
Its just wrong to use condoms or the pill, nothing feels like black seed.

2.) Always let them cum in you.
Always! If its your ass your mouth or your womb don't waste it now.

3.) Advertise.
Either with a shirt a tat or sign let the black men and women know your theirs.

4.) Polyamrous.
Do not just let one black man have you, we belong to them all girls.

I hope these help or at least get someone off haha. ;D
Posted by She_loves_bbc 2 years ago

Allison and her Future Black Hubby Master

It was a Friday night and Allison(now dressed as her boy-self Mark) arrived home from school with no plans for the weekend other than playing with herself and watching perverted porn. As she entered the house her mother said “oh good! You’re home. Your father and I have decided to go away for the weekend to celebrate our anniversary. Can you stay home and take care of the house?” Mark’s eyes lit up as he knew he had a chance to dress up and be his slutty alter ego as soon as they leave. “Yeah mom I am 17 now I think I can handle it.” He impatiently waited for his parents to leave as his clitdi... Continue»
Posted by AllisonCumms 1 year ago

[Story] Bottom Slayer > A black stud learns white boys


Now let's get something straight (pardon the pun). I love girls. I love looking at them; I love their lips wrapped around my cock; and I love the feeling of my cock buried deep in their tight pussies or round asses. But I still get a major thrill from taking a straight man and making him a cocksucking faggot and bottom loving homo. Philosophically, I am not gay. I have never sucked a cock or taken a cock in my ass...although I have fucked many, many men. My cock doesn't see a distinction between a male mouth and a female mouth: both are capable of being great cocksuckers. My cock ... Continue»
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You are a Slut for Black Cock

You are a Slut for Black Cock.

You are an otherwise intelligent, straight looking and acting white man who craves Black Cock. It's become your obsession. You are fascinated with them.
In terms of your arousal, your own little cock is insignificant; your ass has become your erogenous zone. You NEED to be Penetrated DEEP and HARD by relentless Black Cocks that Fuck you DEEP in your very soul. You NEED to be Pounded and Impaled by Powerful Black Cocks. You are Consumed with thoughts of being a Sissy Boy with an insatiable ass/pussy that pleasures scores of Black Men, leaving them draine... Continue»
Posted by CDSlut 3 years ago

[Story] Black Cock Warning

I had been fantasizing about sucking a big black cock for a long
time. Looking at websites and pictures on the net, mesmerized by the
sight of black cock. I finally couldn't take it any longer, I decided
I needed to try sucking one. I went on the web and found a sight that
listed gloryholes in the area. I posted a note asking which ones were
frequented by black guys and if I would be able to find black cock.
After a couple of days, I received a response from a guy who pointed
out two movie theatres in the area that were frequented by blacks. He
assured me I would find black cock there.... Continue»
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My first time being fucked... Finally!

I would like to begin by saying DingoDango1000. He is a member of xHamster whom I befriended long ago. We finally hooked up and met at a motel. I recommend before meeting anybody to get to know them and what they are expecting. Educate yourself, I guess is what I'm saying. Be careful!

We texted back and forth prior to meeting. He was stressed, I was stressed. He was very cautious and probably scared a bit. I know that I was. I didn't think he would show up... he thought I would not be there. It was nice to know that at least both of us were nervous.

Well he did show up, and I was there. ... Continue»
Posted by CD-Rebecca 1 year ago


Black Master, white sissy

Every one who saw me at work used to think I was Mr. Clean, Mr. Respectable. I work in advertising and I used to model my appearance on the sort of guys you find between the pages of GQ. Very American, very preppy. I was a nice middle-class boy with a nice expensive haircut and a nice expensive suit. I went to an up market health club to keep my body in peak condition. I'd even dated a nice girl from time to time. So you'd be right in thinking that I was a bit of a closet case. I used to pass a gay bar on my way home from work; in the summer the faggots would spill... Continue»
Posted by blkice2u 1 year ago

what is your #1 FAVORITE XHAMSTER VIDEO???

i had this question posted up on my old xhamster page, and ive gotten requests to bring this question back so here goes...

If you could only pick one single XHAMSTER video to have with you on a deserted island, what one video would that be?

It has to be a video found here on xhamster.

if your answer changes over time you can always post your new answer :)


Posted by luvz2meetnfuck 3 years ago

[Story] White's were supposed to be black slaves ( A

My name is Bradley. I used to be different. I was... I was like... like most of you. I was white, straight, and thought nothing would make me happier than a hot piece of ripe pussy. I could've NEVER imagined the way my life would become, and could NEVER have imagined that I was a hot piece of ripe pussy, and like all white boys... I am better equipped to satisfy black cock, than any vagina. Life often has its own plans, it doesn't always pan out the way you think it will, and there are events that can shake the foundations of what you had always believed to be true, and show you the true natur... Continue»
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[Story] Black Daddy Cock Master Pt2

I was instantly embarrassed, terrified, uncomfortable and stammered quietly, “You can’t be here, my wife is home.” I hear Rachael right behind me say “Yes your wife is at home and who is he?” Black Daddy Cock Master informed her we’re friends and he hadn’t seen me in awhile. A few minutes later we’re sitting in the living room fresh beers in hand and Rachael asked me if I was going to introduce them. And the dumbass that I am, without thinking I said Rachael this is Black Daddy Coc and stopped, humiliated beyond words. Hell, I couldn’t even... Continue»
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How to fuck a CD/tyranny - What Gives the Pleasure

How to fuck a CD/tyranny - What Gives the Pleasure?

For a CD/tyranny the pleasure comes in two forms, the emotional and physical.
Emotionally a CD/tyranny enjoys having a man treat her like a woman - and having sex and penetrating her is the ultimate expression of that for many CD/tyranny's.

Physically they enjoy anal sex for the same reason gay men do and most women don't.
People who were born as men have a prostate gland which is right next to the anal channel. When they receive anal sex, this gland is stimulated by the rubbing and causes the pleasure and ultimately the ejaculation.
... Continue»
Posted by Nicolesilktoy 1 year ago

Schoolgirl Sissy Crossdresser and Her Black Daddy

WARNING: This fictional story contains graphic sexual/profane terms and scenes. This is a work of fiction, a fantasy, and is meant to be enjoyed by horny fucking perverts like myself.

I can't believe this is happening right now. Here I am, a 16 year old white boy dressed in the sluttiest schoolgirl costume and makeup I have ever seen, being barebacked by an older, married black man. How'd I get so lucky?! Let me start at the beginning...

It was summer time. As always I spent my summers hanging out and occasionally mowing neighbors lawns for some extra cash. Although I wasn't exactly t... Continue»
Posted by AllisonCumms 1 year ago

[Story] Weekend Hooker for My Husband

Hubby would normally arrive home from the around 6.00pm. Why was his key turning the front door lock at 11.30am on a Thursday? Closing the door behind him, I could hear his footsteps all the way till he reached the kitchen. I was sitting at the breakfast bar, holding a half drank cup of coffee wearing only a silk robe.
"Glad I caught you!" he started. Sitting on the stool opposite he continued.
"We'll need to go round to your flat to pack a bag full of toys and outfits!"
"Why do we need to do that?" I enquired somewhat confused.
"Because you fucked Jeff so good that the contract has just... Continue»
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[Story] Just Sex with My Son Turned Into Love Making

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One night my husband and I came home to find our son fucking his girlfriend on the couch in the living room. My husband and I went out for dinner, just the two of us, and we stupidly trusted and thought that our son would just innocently watch a movie with his girlfriend and then take her back home. We should have known better than to leave a 16 year old boy with his girlfriend alone. That was how I got pregnant by my husband, who was just my high school boyfriend then when we were both 15 years old.

We made the m... Continue»
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[Story] I am such a slut.........15

Please read my other stories as they tell you of my journey and the woman that i am becoming ~Dani

I am such a slut......15

I was in the adult theatre, my head still buzzing and my heart still throbbing from what had just happened. In a darkened room off by itself, my new inner self had emerged, my harbored fantasy had been fulfilled and my body had been used. A large strong black man with a massive cock had fucked my asspussy, had pounded me, shooting his warm seed deep inside of me. He had controlled me, had taken me and made me his, so completely used me that when he had pulled himsel... Continue»
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[Story] a real cd explains what cd on cd sex is like

alot of "strait" guys love shemale porn.I was one of them.Pre-internet I discovered shemale porn but it was hard to find.I had girlfriends but the sex was never many i was more concerned with cumming to soon than actually enjoying myself.Plus,as a porn watcher my fav was anal.My girlfriends fav...not so much.after 25 years i realized that i was most unhappy when i had a girlfriend.even then I had bought and worn nylons and enjoyed anal dildo play alone.then came the net.and i bought a wig,shoes, and some makeup.I had wanted to be with a cd.I didn't realize i could be an attractive ... Continue»
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[Story] My First time

My Mum and Dad had a Hotel on the South Coast of England, but from a baby I wore my s****rs old clothes, (My s****r was four years older than me), I wore her, shoes, ankle socks, panties, blouses and dress’s until the age of 5, it was only because, I started school, I stopped wearing her things, I became sexually aware, at the age of 12, I was fascinated at all the messages, I found on the Mens toilets, the drawings of Massive Ejaculating cocks with messages on the walls and holes you could see through into the next cubicle, I would go and hang around these toilets, excited as hell waiting ... Continue»
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[Story] The Trip

I’d been seeing Joe for most of the summer and in that time I had starred in maybe a dozen or so of his private home movies. My hair had grown maybe another inch, I’d had my ears pierced and my eyebrows shaped, as far as my parents were aware it was because of a drama club I’d joined, where a part dictated the sacrifice, it was a poor excuse but they chose not to question it further.

One Sunday night I got a telephone call from Joe telling me to come over right away, I dropped everything and did as I was told. When I arrived at Joe’s he ushered me straight up to his bedroom.

“Were going ... Continue»
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[Story] Caught by a neighbour in my s****rs clothes.

It was 10 o'clock on a Friday in late June of 1997. My parents were away visiting relatives for a few weeks. My s****r Kate had gone out partying with her friends for the night and wouldn’t be back till Saturday morning. Which left me all alone in the house.

For as long as I could remember I always loved dressing up in my s****r's clothes. When I was lucky enough to have a whole night with them out of the house, I usually went all out in my s****r's room. ??
I had been shaving what little body hair I had for years. I used to lie and tell anyone who noticed that a lot of swimmers and athlet... Continue»
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[Story] Surrendering to my Fate...

Jerome had flooded my anal cavity with so much cum it was flowing out from around his monstrous elongated fuck tool and I could feel it seeping down around my testicles.

Jerome seemed to be pleased with the results, without removing his flaccid cock, Jerome laid on my back and drifted off. I could hear him gently snoring in my ear as we laid there.

Jerome took about an hours nap, when he awoke he patiently pulled his cock from my anus and told me to 'get in the toilet and clean your ass up, we ain't near finished'.

I scampered off the bed and painfully walked to the toilet and... Continue»
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[Story] My being taught to have a girly orgasm

My being taught to have a girly orgasm
one of the first times I was taught by a boyfriend how to have a girly orgasm. it went something like this.

"Ok, you cute little sissy girl, time to have your pussy introduced to some serious play. You loved my fingers, and this will be better, I promise. It may hurt a little at first, but, let that pass and U'll be in girlie heaven." and I feel some lotion being applied to my pussy, as his finger slides all around my girlyboi pussy, making it nice and slick. His finger invades my pussy, twisting, turning, making me moan. Then two fingers, giving me e... Continue»
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[Story] Turned Into a Submissive Cock Whore...2

Charlie moved over as I sat down on the bed and said 'Here David, lube that boi pussy up and lay on your back, I want fuck that pussy just like Daniel did'. I trembled as he spoke and laid on my back taking the tube of lube and applying a huge amount to my anus.

Charlie applied a similar amount to his now rigidly hard cock and moved between my legs. Lifting my feet by the ankles Charlie crawled up closer on his knees. Once he was close enough for his cock to touch my anus, he slowly rotated his rubbery solid penis glans around my anal opening.

I wasn't aware but there was a tear th... Continue»
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[Story] Superbowl Party

I was very surprised when my b*****r-in-law Tom invited me to watch the super bowl with some of his friends. The only reason he would “invite” me over was to be his little sex sissy, since he had enough pictures of me dressed as a girl sucking and being fucked by him I had no choice but to do as told.

This would be different, I thought because his friends would be there and he would never let them know he did any homosexual acts.

When I arrived Tom immediately hustled me into the bedroom. I saw right away the little French maid outfit on the bed and my heart sank. I protested, and said t... Continue»
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[Story] Black Daddy Cock Master

There was an adult theater on my way home from work, I'd gone in once just to see what it was like. I'd since read about these theaters on the internet that you could get a hand job or maybe a blow job, sometimes see women in there playing around. So one Friday night, my wife was out of town, I thought I'd check it out again.

I sat down about two thirds of the way back. After a few minutes I saw a guy walk through a doorway I hadn't noticed and a few minutes later a another guy come came out. Curiosity won and I walked over and found myself standing at the front of another theater. I couldn... Continue»
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