My biggest ever-scary, but rue!

Since I'm pretty much sub, I don’t really ever say no, but maybe sometimes I should? I got an IM from a guy on a hookup site I sometimes visit and after a little bit of chit chat about the weather and what sorts of music etc we liked, he invited me to his place for an afternoon of fun. I'm usually horny and love to have fun, so I agreed and he gave me his address and digits. I asked him if he would prefer me dressed fem or butch, and he asked me to surprise him. Well, I love playing dressed fem, even though I'm not passable it seems to make guys just that little bit more turned on to see a nice little thong and stockings. I got cleaned up, slid a couple of well lubed fingers inside me to get myself a little head start on getting prepped and pulled a pair of sweats over my girlies and headed out.

I knocked on the door and he opened it. Wow, I did not expect him. He was at least 6'4 and while rather slim, definitely had been doing his gym workouts. Smooth light brown skin and shaved head with goatee, he was hot! He let me in and I excused myself to the bathroom. I slipped my sweats off and took my lube out and added a little more to my already slippery ass. I had no idea how bad I'd be needing that. The only light in the room was from the TV, and I asked him if he had any decent porn. He put a DVD in the player and I sat back on the couch in my panties, stockings and a strappy little camisole. He sat next to me and ran his hand up and down the inside in my leg as the action heated up on the TV. I slid a little lower on the couch and his hand brushed against my stiffening cock in the silky fabric of my thong. He could feel me getting really turned on, and on the screen a little Asian girl was licking and sucking a really big black cock. I licked my lips, and he asked if I was enjoying the movie. I said I was and he stood up and faced me as he untied the string on his gym shorts. I'm sure my eyes were as big around as saucers when his cock literally flopped out of his shorts and slapped against his leg. I've had a couple of big cocks, but nothing was even in the ballpark of him. I reached out my hand and was amazed at the weight of it as I tried to wrap my fingers around it. He began to get harder as I stroked his immense shaft, and I asked him if it would be ok if I took a picture, cuz I doubted anybody would ever believe me when I told them how big he was. He said I could, as long as I didn’t get his face in it. I grabbed my phone and snapped a quick shot before I took him back in my hand and stroked him even harder.

I kissed and licked the tip of his huge cock, and slid my lips over his head as I jacked his shaft with both hands. I wanted to suck all of him so bad, but there was just no way I could get more than just the head of that enormous dick in my mouth. I continued sucking the end of it, and double handing his shaft until he said he had to try to fuck me. I'm sure the look on my face was fear and dread, and he assured me he would go as slow as I needed and that he would stop anytime I asked him to. That only made me want to please him that much more, and I grabbed a condom and lube off the table, stretched the rubber over his wet glistening cock and poured a huge amount of lube in my hand and coated that monster as much as I could. I placed my hand on the back of the couch, got on my knees and stuck my tight ass in the air. Closing my eyes and praying for the strength to see it through, I felt him pull the back of my thong down and slide a long thin finger into my waiting hole. Rotating it around 3 or 4 times, to open me a little, he pulled his finger out and i felt this tremendous pressure as he placed the tip of that baseball bat sized cock at my tiny opening. I pushed back slightly and could feel him start to press into me. It felt like he was trying to fuck a brick wall, he pushed and pushed, gently, but insistently and it just did not seem to be able to gain entrance. I was about to tell him that I just couldn’t, when I suddenly began to feel myself opening up. He slid slowly in, and the pain was indescribable as my tiny hole stretched open to allow the huge invader inside. About this time the floodgates opened up, and it seemed like my ass pulled his entire length into me in one huge motion. OMG!!!! I can’t even tell you how it felt, it hurt, it felt good, and I knew he was feeling even more pleasure than I was. I moved slightly forward as he withdrew, and then pushed back against him to engulf his cock. This told him all he needed to know, and he began to fuck me. Slowly at first, but his full length in and out with each stroke. All I could do now was hold the back of the couch and let him do with me as he wished. He had me by the hips and was sawing that gigantic hunk of cock in and out of me like a piston. Faster and harder he fucked, until I started to moan uncontrollably and cum dribbled out of my cock from the pressure his cock was putting in my belly. He grunted incredibly loud and buried himself completely inside me and I could feel the pulsations in his cock as he unloaded into the condom deep inside my body. He asked if he could take a picture of me, and I said he could, but I did not want to see how gaped open my ass was. He got his phone, i heard the shutter click. I turned around and kissed him, went to the bathroom, dressed and got ready to leave. He said he had my number and would be calling again. When I got home I had a text thanking me for not running when he pulled out his monster. He said very few stay.
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2 months ago
As I read this I got harder and harder thinking about that BBC pushing into my tight virgin ass.
3 months ago
would luv to hear more.. did he ever get back to you???
5 months ago
I want his number!
7 months ago
Thank you for sharing. You are a lucky girl
1 year ago
I wonder how Big It Was? I imagine like 13 to 15 inches!
1 year ago
Sounds like he gave you a good fucking and after having that cock most other men could not match up.
2 years ago
Wow that was so hot erotic and sexy I'm still cumming all over myself
2 years ago
hot story.. wow.. i am out of breath just reading it
2 years ago
Great story. And I know its true cause I had that cocked in my Ase too.
2 years ago
wow great story! thanks for sharing!