didnt know the ass was this good

was seeing this girl a few years back, and she was a stunner,she had long get black hair, beautiful face, class a tits and an amazing ass. But we had nothing in common, conversation was like talking to a wall, and the sex was, well it wasnt great, so i decided to give her the ould heave ho. I invited her around to my flat this nite to give her the news, and what is she wearing but a white t shirt, practically welded to her tits, and a pair of whitewashed jeans glued to her, well fuck me i thought maybe i'll wait till tomorrow to give her the news.

So we had a couple of beers and smoked a couple of doobies and she was getting hotter looking by the minute, i knew i was gonna nail this one last time and then i'd give her the bad news in the morning, she went to the toilet and when she was gone i slipped a porno into the dvd player(i thought well if she doesnt like it then she'll storm out the door never to be seen again i'll have a wank and go off to bed happy win win), when she came back she asked whats this i just said it was something to make the nites less lonely when i was single, oh she replied, she sat back on the couch beside me and continued to watch it in silence for about 20 mins, and one scene a guy had this big titted woman and he was eating her pussy, then he started licking her ass hole, my girlfriend slowly dropped her right hand to her crotch and started rubbing herself, we have a winner i thought to myself. Now i had eatin her pussy before but it never seemed to have really got her off but i never tried lickin her ass. I started to touch my shaft gently, then she suddenly pulled my hand out of the way, pulled down my track suit bottoms and gobbled down my cock, like propper deep throating, she'd never even given me a half hearted blow job, now hear she is gagging on it, she even pulled my leg over her head so as to face fuck her this went on for i dont know how long and i came deep in her throat, wow. she said next time cum on my tits. My cum hadnt settled in her tummy when i was goin to town on her pussy, lickin up and down side to side getting my tongue right in, she was sapping wet, and groaning intensely, i started lickin up and down again, and right down as far as her ass hole, and this just sent her crazy, i ate that ass hole right up and she was nearly coming to orgasm, then she said i want you in me now so i placed my knob at her pussy, she grabbed my throbbing shaft and said no, in my ass, and she directed my knob in, now i had never done anal b4, and wow, it was so tite, she groaned so deeply as i entered her tite hole and it felt class, the deeper i went the deeper her groan, she loved it the nasty bitch, i trust inside her deeper and deeper it was so tite, i held her ankles together above my head, she pulled on her nipples and rubbed her clit as she approached orgasm with each trust from me and rub on her clit and twist of her nipples she was getting closer to orgasm, she began to scream out an orgasm, her body trembled and tightened up she squirt a little on my stomach i pulled my cock out of her ass and wanked myself off on her tits, for a guy that was only after making a deposit half an hour previous i still had a massive load in me, i came all over those big tits and then she sucked my cock clean. now this is a side i had never seen of this girl before, we tried everything after that, let me just say she was a freak, and then 6mnyhs later, you never guess what, i got the its me not you speech, would you believe it eh but hey it was a good 6mnths.

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2 years ago
Damn. Got me taking notes!
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