Another bar-room blow job / fuck story..

The year was 2005 and I was living in Corpus Christi Texas.. I found and was fond of a little hole in the wall bar called Smileys. It was a gay bar / straight bar. Basically, the bar could be anything you wanted it to be. Many there of all sexual orientations including straight. Although, I'm straight I did enjoy drinking there and talking to the cross-dressers. They're a trip... However, this one night it was a 19 year old cute goth type straight chic wearing a plaid mini-skirt. I had noticed her checking me out and thought she may be into older guys with grey hair ( I was 40 at the time ) She was so cute.. She stood at a petite 5' 3" with shoulder length dirty blonde hair and had nice full lips / Gwenn Stefani big brown eyes.. She was def mixed latino with white bl**d in her.. Cute perky tits and a firm, but small ass.. Again, very cute.. I walked on over and started joking with her. She started to giggle and I had a feeling I might be hitting her comic bone.. We talked a litle more and thats when she told me she was out of money and wanted a coke.. I said, sure... I'll get you a coke, but what are you going to do for me? She just laughed and said nothing.. Because its 18 and up club and the bar was sort of blind to giving drinks to minors at the time.... I assumed she wanted a rum-coke and went ahead and bought her one.. She went off mingling and would keep coming back to me as I sat at the bar. I guess she sensed a certain comfort around me. She asked for another and obliged her. Then another and I obliged her again.. It started getting late by now and again she was sitting next to me. We were clicking great and flirting. She was really buzzing... One thing about South Texas, its sort of still a place where anything goes. At least it was back in 2005.... I told her, I'll be right back, I have to go pee... Thats when she asked if she could watch.. I said, sure... I got up and was surprised when she followed me. I thought she was joking???? By now there was only about 10 people at the bar and it was late. I opened the door to the bathroom and she was right behind me. I stepped to the urinal with this giggling 19 year old right beside me as I pulled my cock out.. I laughed and looked at her as her eyes peered down at my dick.. Then, it was like she came under a cock trance and she reached out and grabbed me and held me as I peed.. Thats when I asked, you like that? She sort of mumbled in a soft quiet voice, as she stared with big school girl eyes, UH-HUH... I finished pee'ing and then I just continued to look ahead. I figured, I'll let her lead. She started stroking me really slowly and my dick got really hard, really quick.. She smiled and looked in my eyes. At that time, it seemed like I was the only guy in the world and her the only girl in the world. I pulled her to me and our wet lips darkened each others. Are tongues clashed and whipped at each other. She was a great kisser and a very wet kisser, just the kind I like. She continued stroking me and playing with my old man balls ( compared to her age ) At that time, we stopped kissing and stared at each other. She turned around and headed for the door. I thought she was leaving ( this sucks ) but she went and clicked the lock on the bathroom door.. Yes, a lock on the bathroom door in a sometime gay bar?? ( Anything and everyhting can happen in S Texas ) She came back to me and asked if she could kiss me down there.. I played hard to get for a second and finially said, sure... She got down on her school girl knees and slowly kissed me up and down.. It was quite obvious she was inexperienced on how to give a good BJ.. But it was fine, because she was just to cute. She licked and kissed at my cock the best she could.. After a few minutes of that, I asked her if I could kiss her again. She came up at me and we wet kisssed again.. I slowly reached and started feeling her perky breasts. Her nipples were so tight and firm so I pulled her shirt up and sucked them.. She gently and quietly moaned.. Mmmm, I then reached down and under her skirt I found her in a set of cotton panties that were soaked.. I played with her clit as she rubbed and stroked my dick.. The heavy breathing started as we kissed and enjoyed each other... Thats when I spied the bathroom sink as a good place for her to lean as I fuck her from behind. I slowly waltz'd her near by and like clock-work as I turned her, her 2 hands reached for the sink as she leaned. When I seen her do that, I knew she was mine. I knew she wouldnt say no.. Instead of lifting her skirt, I pulled it down and asked her to remove a foot.. She leaned and I looked down at a beautiful pink pussy with hints of chocolate brown on medium sized symetrical lips. Mmm, I'll never forget that and how wet she was... I gently rubbed my cock head at it and I tingled and tingled.. My cock would have thanked me if it could have. Soon enough, I thrust into her and she moaned loudly.. She was tight and she felt me.. I said, you ok??? Her reply, fuck me. fuck me, baby.. I give it to her again.. She moaned louder.. I kept going and she kept moaning louder and louder.. I fucked her hard for about 5 minutes until I couldnt control myself and let fourth my hot cum.. It filled her up and ooozed onto the floor. She loved every inch of me... It had been awhile since I had a piece that looked that good... What a night that was and I'll never forget it.. My son Domenic is 6 years old now and it resulted in the birth of my one and only c***d. XXXXXXXX is a real douche bag now, but we had fun times while they were good. I played and I paid, and continue to pay.. Its all good.
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2 years ago
my bro brad would've pulled out and came in her hair
3 years ago
Great story bro